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  1. Hi. Feel free to contribute in any way. I was planning to make For Honour and Glory to be modbase for additionall extensins. Simply, GUI interface and 2 civilistions would be made and if anyone missed some nation, he could use what was already done and add another nation. Therefore no there are no tasks assigned to people, but rather freelance nature is applied. Abadu wanted to do research and he did a great one. So the same to you. Do you want to contribute? No problem. Find task you are best in and do whatever you wish. We rely more on common sense and expect none will make Elven faction wit
  2. Don't forget that ODF and to some extent even "Open"XML are XML.
  3. But in real life could be counters defeated by units they were counter to.
  4. 1) Poland was conquered, not taken over. 2) It wasn't conquered by Germans themselves but with cooperation with Soviets.
  5. Although off the scope of 0AD, I'd vote to put this one among the articles (although separated to some "extras" section).
  6. Poland was actually never taken over by Germany. It was German vassal, but that was King of Bohemia, Hungary and France as well. English King (from title Duke of Normandy) was vassal of French king for some time.
  7. Definitely not in Asia Minor. Asia Minor was badly depopulated during conflict between East Rome and Persians after Maurices assassination. Turks didn't come here until 11. century.
  8. Got an idea. What if units with high rank gathered at same rate as normal units, but when gathering, their rank would decrease? There would be no need for balancing and it would be players choice to find balance between gathering army of noobs and high ranking army, but without resources. Simple and effective IMHO.
  9. You mean partitioning of Poland? It wasn't taken over by Germans. At least not only. On 24 October 1795 their representatives signed a treaty, dividing the remaining territories of the Commonwealth between their three countries.
  10. But we were discussing Renaissance period. Not middle ages. And no, I wouldn't buy new expensive weapons if those I already have can equal them or are even better. I'd invest into economy, training and better weapons, not nicer or hype. Few defeats would anybody teach a lesson. Firearms were effective, if not, why would knights decline from domination? Knights could defeat pikemen easily. Why would all armies throw away precious armour? No, as I said, firearms were effective and didn't come up with stylish uniforms. It was also evolution. You had to make your units easily recognizable to preve
  11. Actually, I read, that Emperror Heraclius invaded Persian empire in cooperation with Turks. But that is perhaps off the scope of 0AD part II.
  12. What would be purpose of citisen soldiers then? If some units will not see fighting, thay will be same as villagers in AoK except offering more resistance to rusher.
  13. Trebuchets are also very accurate. If you have 5-10 of them, not only you can erase city in no time, but can use them perfectly for turtling. However, Siege Engineers give +1 range, and therefore it is crucial tech. It really is pain to play with civ which doesn't have this tech. I remember how my brother gave up when playing as Turk against me playing Britons. He simply couldn't find way how to deal with my trebuchets. He couldn't destroy my wall, because it was protected by trebuchets, I had some 6-7 of them and therefore his trebs were destroyed before managed to unpack. His artillery could
  14. You mean BfME I or II. These are far from AoK style and I am not sure if 0AD engine could handle so large numbers of units when it is planned for ~1 GHz CPUs. I mean, it most probably could handle such numbers of units, but 1 GHz CPU couldn't.
  15. I didn't spot anything revolutionary in RoN except Parthian tactics skill for horse archers. I didn't write it right, RoN wasn't crippled, but papper-rock-scissors system sucked badly. Also, its time frame was too long and therefore not all periods were covered appropriatelly. I've found ridiculous for Aztecs to have Knights and Germans having Tiger (which looked like T-55) at the beginning of WWII (in tutorial) to name just few errors. AoK wasn't perfect, but I enjoyed it far more than RoN.
  16. But in military there is no pop limit at ~200. It does make sense in Cossacks ot Total Wart games, but not in AoK type games. You'll have to select your units by selection box or double click anyway. And does it make difference sending somewhere 3 men instead of one? Either they are scouting, or will be soon killed anyway. I tried RoN. Not bad game, but I've seen no advantage in more men in one squad. However it was its paper-rock-scissors style, which crippled it.
  17. Why do you think, that it is more realistic? I have neve seen 3 guys being bound together by invisible rope.
  18. Sorry, but frankly, would anybody play it? There would be poor variety of units and therefore there would be no tactic and it would become boring.
  19. Actually, Byzantines is quite new name. It was introduced in ~19. century by French historians as symbol of decadence. Basileia Romaika was correct name for Byzantine Empire and Emperror was Basileios ton Romaion until end of its days. Actually, there were quite many similarities between East and West Roman Empire. For example Excoubitai (Excubitores) were revival of Praetorian Guard and fought in same manner as old Legion with same structure. As Empire started to be under strong pressure from all sides, it had to adapt to changing warfare. One of results was introduction of Cataphract, under
  20. No way forgetting Husaria I'm Czech, and Czechs and Polish are brethen with very good relations for ages (with some missunderstandings, but still just few). But this is middle ages mod. Rennaisance is off the scope.
  21. I know. For working purposes we use english names.
  22. Right youare. But imagine, having 1000 units in single battle on each side would need strong CPU and almost none would be able to play it. In total War games, you don't see all units from same distance, therefore LOD (Level of Detail - units far away can be represented by simple sprites instead of use of fully detailed models) can be used to save resources. In 0AD you'll see all units from same distance and therefore in full details. That is why pop limit was implemented. Because LOD cannot. Developers of 0AD are't ugly people eager to annoy players. They just wan't owners of older PCs to be a
  23. Nope. That one in the school was Radeon. Intel GPUs are great. Can't match Nvidia or Ati, but provide enough power for playing decent games and accelerate Compiz Fusion pretty well.
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