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  1. Well, it looks OK. Question is, whether we should accurately represent civs or whether to follow the way AoK went when you start with few and weak units and with ages come elite units.
  2. Imagine that you are one of developers of 0AD. You have vacation, you want rest, enjoy some pub visits with friends and probably you also have to study because exams at uni are approaching. And of course there is non profit project which takes lot of your time for several years but gives nothing back except gained skills which may be useful once. Which activity you'd choose first? Actually, not many volunteer projects of such size get so far. Only few old community members are still active. Requests for another pictures don't motivate guys about 0AD. But displaying support and appreciation doe
  3. I never called them naked men with clubs and spears. I know about their advanced medicine, architecture and society. I was speaking clearly about military which was no match to that of European armies. No metal, no horses, no wheel, no gunpowder, no navy. If there was battle to happen between Spanish and Indians in open field in 1 : 1 in numbers, would you bet your money on Indians? I wouldn't at all. Yes, Indians could have some bought or captured guns or other equipment, but that was all.
  4. La Noche Triste? In fact, it was supposed to kill them all. Fact, that they could escape means something. Also, loss of 600 men meant significant loss. Such casualty is nothing worth mentioning for Aztecs. Yes. Artillery and gunpowder guns did work. As well as metal weapons. OK. Epidemies did kill many people. However Spanish military was still superior to that of natives. And many battles proven it.
  5. Hi. I was still there. Less active hough. My studies ended. I'm now employed by Novell and working on SuSE Linux. My collegue is one of the 5 most important persons in KDE development. Aztecs killed their enemies. Sooner or later. In fact, when Spanish arrived, they just were in progress of great conquest. And this can't happen when you are weak. They just didn't know metal. I wanted to point out, that Indians didn't reach technological level comparable to Europeans. They weren't able to make own guns or cannons. They had to buy or capture it. And this is quite uncertain source of weapons You
  6. Sorry? I don't really believe, that Spanish Conquistadors, who swept away Indians even though they were small in numbers were just militia. And if so, that would mean that Indians were really weak. I think, that making Indians as trainable local Auxiliary troops would be sufficient.
  7. Actually, although I don't like AoE3 much, I find depicting of natives here as quite accurate if you mean those trainable local auxiliary troops. Regular infantry is always better than irregulars. They receive proper training, have higher discipline and morale. Military training is not only about aiming gun at enemy and pressing trigger. The only disadvantage of colonial armies was small number of soldiers who could still inflict terrible casualties to overwhelming force of native indians. How do you represent this? Will you gice indians pop limit 200 and to Spanish 50? Or will you make miss
  8. Well, I know that simply soldiers, who came to conquer New World were called Conquerors - Conquistadors. That is why I have said "perhaps also". Mostly I recall them as those depicted in AoK. It can be same to word "Knight". Knight can fight on foot with fellow companions side by side, knight doesn't have to fight at all (as today are people still knighted), but generally, when you imagine knight, it is heavy cavalryman. Same to Conquistador. Not every man could have horse, but ideally, he would have one. And also, he would have some pistol, too. BTW: Sorry for OT, but why are Hastati called s
  9. H.Balck, thank you for explanation. Any plans to add Rodelero (sword and buckler), Tercio Pikeman and perhaps also Conquistador (horseman with full armour, without horse barding and with handgun)?
  10. There is one word missing in your text. "IMHO".
  11. I downloaded lot of porn from one Romanian. Could that be you? He was pretty fast.
  12. I disagree. There is no rule what is faster and what is not. Direct downloads rely on server, torrents on seeders. I have here two torrents which are darn slow. Also, torrents have disadvantage, that you can end up at some percents and can't proceed further because the one who has remaining chunks is away. I did hang up for pretty long time with torrent at 97%. I don't remember if I managed to get it eventually or gave up.
  13. That is not fault. Anyone else would do the same. His plans aren't surprising.
  14. So you chose stronger but smaller number and were beaten. Also Mythos rectifies this a lot. Sorry, but only excellent commander or super units x Peasants can win 1:10. There are only rare exceptions. Also, Alamo was fortress, wasn't it. That is really difference than battle in open field
  15. But if you have svn repository, you most probably have it on some server. If you commit to svn, you use command svn ci -m "Comment" And "Comment" could be exported to rss automaticall. I don't find this that impossible.
  16. Battles aren't decided by soldiers, but by generals. Good commander can harden even green troops and if he uses them wisely, numbers and skills of his own soldiers don't matter that much.
  17. I must say that it is great. Few details I spotted, West Europeans didn't use composite recurved bow AFAIK. And strings on bows and xbows should be straight, not curved. Also, Later Equites IMHO didn't use this kind of helmet. These were probably used by Macedonians. But other than that, it is great. How was it done? In 3D modeler and then rendered?
  18. RSS of revision log doesn't seem to be updated for some time. Where is the problem?
  19. Excellent. I'll try to do packages for openSUSE when it is available. Little advertisement on website of Czech Linux community won't hurt, too. BTW, I like revision log. I put atom to my RSS reader. Thank you for that.
  20. But it wouldn't be 0AD we are anticipating. When you do something for fun, outcome is different than when you do it as duty. Also, commercial games are forced to be done ASAP and so contain many flaws (not that doing software for fun makes flawless software, but ...) with which are these barely playable. Also, interest in historical accuracy is often sacrificed to money.
  21. How can I understand "Updated public SVN logger"? There will be public svn repository? Will 0AD be OSS?
  22. Spartans weren't the only ones. Yeniceri were even more hardcore.
  23. Soldiery itself is hardcore. Imagine yourself in position of Hoplite in first line who knows that fellow behind him is waiting for his death so he can replace him. Same with modern warfare. Imagine average expected length of existence of tank (and so his crew) or any other field weapon. Also, being Russian soldier in WW2 was really hardcore. "Didn't you get weapon? Rob nearest corpse." It wasn't applied through whole war, but hardcore anyway? But 1 killed German on 9 killed Russians says everything.
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