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  1. I know it's still Greek, but Daedalus has to at least get a shout-out...
  2. I just downloaded and ran it, and I am absolutely stunned at how gorgeous everything looks. Great job team!
  3. YEAH! After 0 A.D., let's make a WWI game!
  4. ok, well it was just a thought I really am looking forward to playing it...
  5. Here's a few cavalry related ideas: I really like the idea of cavalry dismounting, which has already been brought up several times. I also think that the riderless horses should run back to the nearest (or player selected) stable and wait for their masters there. Then the horseless riders could call them back when they wanted to ride again. When cavalry units are near death, say with 10-15% health left, there could be a 50% chance of their horses dying before they do, and they would become injured "dismounted cavalry" (or just standard infantry, whatever works). The total population would also go down by one, of course, as half of the two-point cavalry just died. This would heighten realism and could make things more interesting in the heat of battle. Another idea expanding on this is to have the "dismounted cavalry" retain their earned rank. That way, if they could escape the battle and make it back to the stable, the player could pay one population point and have them re-mounted, turning them into the original cavalry, with the rank they had when they fell off their horse.
  6. I really enjoyed how in C&C 3, the player had the option of which style and difficulty the enemy had. (e.g. Hard Steamroller , Brutal Rusher , Medium Turtler , etc.) It made skirmishes much more interesting and replayable.
  7. how about: "'ello... uh... can i have your liver?" (Monty Python)
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