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  1. Well, that's amazing for I was thinking about the SAME possibility. Say: you choose AI on medium difficulty with deffensive style, which means AI will always be 30% faster in producing units and 30% outnumbers your units, but in a way suit your gameplay pace; on hard level 50%, on very hard 100%; on insane 200% to no cap. The point is we got to use some tactics to get an upper hand. FG in Rise & Fall, units can't attack city walls except siege weapons, so I keep building walls after gaining ground and save the cavary to take out the siege weapons; or I just build two paralelling walls on critical points to force AIs' troops to pack up,and shoot them up. Even that eight out of ten I lost. Anyway I was impressed by their numbers wave after wave.
  2. Is there a "miss chance" in the upgrade system for units? I mean units on higher level not only become deadlier but have a higher chance of survival. F.G. units on L2 have a 10% chance dodge the strikes or bolts afflicted by enemies, and 20% on L3...and so on. This can make the outcome of a fight more unpredictable and units with EX much more valuable, not to mention adding a lot of fun to the gameplay. But if you guy prefer WC3 style just forget it. Thanks!
  3. I really appreaciate the spirit of MrBlack103, and he got the point, that's why the technology is still moving forward. In this case, since AI is not going to be as smart as human brains, I would like to put the fun of the gameplay in the first place. There is no doubt dev team will try their hardest to come up with a decent AI to compete with human brains, but 1) the game is designed to play MP on the net, you should feel good only if you beat some guy not AI; 2) I would like to see the game come out as soon as possible, so there is no need to bother with AIs cheating or not, just give them what they need to crush opponents. All I want is an opt to let AI cheat, that means others can check the opt off if they don't like it. Think about AOE, one of the best game ever, just because I can't find a human opponent, I have to let it go because AI sucks and there is no way I can do about it. It is not modder-friendly. I don't like to see that happens to this game, because it looks so promising. BTW, I saw this game trailer on youtube, nice work! Tho still can't believe it's gonna be free?!!
  4. I was wondering if I couldn't secure somebody on the net for MP, is AI really good as an opt? I mean does AI in game form a formation or just flood your base with odds and bits and sit tight after gold runs out like in AOE. I do like to help AI cheat, as heavily as possible, so I hope there are some opts on the main manu to give AIs bonus like 2X~10X resources collected. And let AI amass a huge army as fast as possible before they come in for a fight. The toughest AI I come across is one in Rise & Fall, man you got to check it out especially on the empiror level, it comes in formation with 64 and doesn't bother with resources at all, and attack me with a sea of hordes at short interval to the end of the game. So the gameplay time will last very long because I have to build wall asap after my men gain several inches forwards, or I would be pushed back very soon for AI comes back at me with more men. Besides you can set the pop cap up to 5000, that is what I call epic in RTS. Thank you!
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