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  1. I haven't been able to install Visual C++ on my computer. I have a Windows XP Home Edition computer. Here is a screenshot of the error message I receive each time I try to install the program: What is wrong? Everything seems to download fine, but when it starts installing I get this error after a few seconds. I have searched online for solutions, but I have found nothing. Has anyone else run into this problem? Thanks.
  2. I would guess the leaves are a "forest floor" texture similar to AoM. But I don't know, thats just my guess.
  3. Here is my attempt. Its a sun shield but something about it didn't turn out right and I didn't know what to do...but here it is anyway! I feel like the colors aren't matched quite right. Any thoughts on it? I made it in only 5 minutes or so lol so be as harsh as you want.
  4. From what I hear the art department is pretty much done with everything, but the coding is taking more time. Which is understandable.
  5. Maybe it will count your vote as a member then if it knows you voted on that computer before. Idk
  6. I think the limitations are good, it makes the expansion of land more important. Very good articles, I loved it!
  7. Ok great. That will make things alot easier, I wont need to redo every single walk animation etc. Thanks!
  8. So then would I be able to create a new humanoid model and apply the animations of another humanoid model to it?
  9. In aom it was very difficult to animate new models because one would have to start from scratch-the bones were not included with the .brg models. I was wondering, in 0ad will there be bones included so animation can be easier? Thanks.
  10. Thank you I know all about modelling programs. I am not looking for a texturing program just some site or something that can help me texture better.
  11. I have been wanting to improve my awful texturing skills (can hardly call it skill actually) and I was hoping that somebody here could point me in the right direction to find good tutorials on creating textures for this type of game or for aom/aoe. There are many that teach how to make textures but none consider models really. I use gimp, and if anyone could show me good tutorials that will make me better at texturing cloth, armor, leather, belts, etc. for 0ad and games of the same sort I would appreciate it. Thank you!
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