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  1. I'm usually a lone wolf, doing my own thing, but if I am for some reason in a group it depends on the current leadership position, if the leader is good I'll follow his orders, if he isn't or does something that I think is wrong I'd be willing to lead (but it's not my first choice to lead)
  2. ummm.... Jackson hands down. Many believe he isn't really alive and they are using machines to have him move... nah, if that was the case they could apply better make-up I guess.
  3. I don't think running's a sport, it's an activity or excersize. To watch I would vote soccer, but to do I nulled my vote
  4. From the movies my pick for swords would be Theoden's and then Eomer's. Just facinating engravings in the hilt!
  5. Sticking with my previous choice, but the celtic spartha is pretty cool
  6. I went with broad, but it would be nice to see a pic.
  7. I saw it a long time ago, the first preview gave very little to the storyline, but these latter ones are great. I planned to see it anyway... Talking about previews, anyone see the Troy preview, or one of the most interesting previews I seen in a long time: Resident Evil __ (forget the name they have, genesis?)
  8. 17 here... what should have done is made 6-7 polls... each rangind 10 years (11-20 in one, 21-30 in the other and so on... then you get an exact age count)
  9. Yes, I one of my great ancestors is Elurin, who was the son of Dior. Elurin and his brother were lost but not killed in the assault of their father's kingdom. And Dior himself was the grandson of of Thingol, which makes me descendant to the greatest High King of the Sindar! Ok, sorry, just kidding around. In truth I have no idea if I'm related to any royalty.
  10. LIST * Call of Duty (PC Game) * Rise of Nations (PC Game) * Need for Speed Underground (PC Game) * Max Payne 2 (PC Game) * 30"-60" HDTV widescreen TV * 18"-19" LCD Monitor * Tickets for Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (paying for 13 tickets is beginning to sound annoying, so some help in christmas would be nice) * 0 A.D. or TLA Tech Demos
  11. I went for Brit, but I prefer Jennifer Aniston or Angelina Jolie (but they weren't on the list )
  12. Yea I like the show a lot, but it's latter seasons I think have lost some quality. I hold it up to Seinfeld, though Seinfeld is more original.
  13. My friend said it was a japanese symbol for tree. wonder if they are the same.
  14. Oh, sounds and other distraction while watching a movie. Everything from plants or people close to the screen, people eating chips with their mouth open!!!
  15. Team Killing in multiplayer games! MSN handle names that give me no way to know who's talking to me People who complain to you about something that is completly unrealted to you and you have no way of possibily doing anything to help them. People who say that fantasy and computer games are just a waste of time.
  16. It is about tactics to those who deal with them, in the game you play a private, there would be no tactics on your part.
  17. Hey, that's a good idea. If like, once the games were done you could choose which model and we could like base stats on forum currency or just make them up, that would be a awesome prize!!!
  18. How about multiple contests like a Writting Contest, a Art Contest and all stuff for other areas. Tehn everyone has a fair chance to win.
  19. Imagine this scenario, it'd be a funny one: Academy Awards, five actresses are running for Best Actress. Let's say Julia Roberts and Hale Berry (just thinking of names). The presenter opens the note and says "And the winner is... Julia Roberts". The music starts, the camera focuses on Roberts and as she gets up to the steps the presenter says "Just kidding, it really is Hale Berry". I think that would make highlights of the show
  20. Ok, not that weird... I was imagining you sitting in a dark room, headphones on, computer off... that's would be weird
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