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  1. I am against any kind of censorship, to me the fault isn't the game who is influencing people, the fault is on the people being influenced.
  2. Thanks, yea I myself really like the Orchish Proverb (except for the last line, I think I'll be shortening that sometime). I dug up to more poems, (to bad I can't add them to the poll) Meat Cutters They come to work, To slaughter and kill, Everyday, even when ill, To end lives for pigs and cows, They make pork for sows. They leave from work, and wash their bloody hands, they stain the towel strands, only late at night, they leave death’s cold sight. They dream at night, Nightmares stained with blood, Guts thrown into mud, Of better places to work, Of hands clean of smell of pork. They awake in the morning, To go slaughter animal, Go to work as normal, And do what’s got to be done, For their wife, daughter and son. The Irish Father I toil and toil, the dirt is in my nails, Hard tough soil, the harsh wind wails, The burning cold within me, is the sign that death has left. Through frost and snow, I still work alone, For the pain I know, is a deafening tone, The burning cold within me, is the mark that it has missed. Death’s cold spear, is life’s main cost, The final tear, is for he whom I lost, The burning cold within me, is from my own son’s death.
  3. Wow, I've always found fireworks boring but man, I take my hats off to those!!!! Brilliant!
  4. Well, for school (once Xmas break is over) I will need a poem for Language Arts. Luckily there was no subject or criteria it needs to meet, and I asked my teacher if I could use a poem I had written before in my youth (3-4 years ago, ). She said I could, well today I found myself with a hard choice of what to choose, fortunently I wrote many poems back then (must have had a lot of time in my hands) and now I need your opinion to choose which one is better... All I Know Sand kicked over the dunes, A scream; that of a thousand tunes, All I know is that when she fell She went to a better place than hell. Yes- she they had taken, And my pain and anger they have awakened. With a flash of a sword, two lay dead Another fell like a board, to the rats they were fed! But why Sarah!? Why Sarah!? Because my eyes could not see, the soldiers behind her and me? They killed without a sound, and when I glanced around: It was too late, to save her from her fate. All I know is that when she fell she went to a better place than hell. No, the name Sarah has no special meaning, just is a cool name Every One Every journey begins sometime, begins somewhere. Every person has a home, has a choice. Every word owns a mind, owns a voice. Every thought pumps some blood, from heart to vein. Every friendship is a treasured memory, a colored stain. Every fire brings some heat, brings some silence. Every land suffers war, must suffer violence. Every truth ends some fight, ends some strife. Every light burn some darkness, burns some life. Every star shines like hope, shines so bright. Every sword yields it’s glory, yields it’s might. Every mystery lives it’s shadows, lives on forever. Every story must come to an end, but will be forgotten never. Farewell Gone I am Back I’ll be Each other again we’ll see I don't think this one will work, but my teacher never did give a size limit or requirement Beyond the ocean’s mystery From the calm eye of a storm, to the depths of the ocean‘s core. From the strong brutal waves that cliffs resist, to the shear power of a current to strong to be held upon a sandy shore. Always behind lies memory and ahead lies more mist. Where an empire of eternal greatness that not man himself could create, The infinite horizon bending water and air, to the quiet peaceful floor. From shark to dolphin, from plant to fish, life still prevails, still conquers more. And to the dirges of darkness and the stillness of air above, it all relies on fate. From minds yet to be born there is a thing yet to be found a name, From minds of men alive there are secrets yet to unveil. Either from dark to light or from failure to glory, it all is the same, Men for now and always will go to farther shores, another ocean sail. From the shells upon a cool current invading the morning beaches, to the darkness of depths unknown, man cannot be satisfied, Knowledge, of things yet not seen, is to man as blood is to leaches, From lands not walked, to seas not disturbed, man has always been mystified. And at the brink of discovery, at the threshold of wisdom, for some untold reason, Man turns to a new crater to explore or a new danger to face, From questions of death and others of life man will always want to know what is the next season, But to me it appears he wishes to ask more than to answer an unknown face. Orchish Proverb Burn your skin, eat your eye. Kill your kin, curse the sky. Smash your brain, drink your blood. Let it rain, until the flood. Crack your bone, rip your ear. Die alone, but never, never fall to fear. This was done before I read Tolkien, and I have the WarCraft orcs in mind Seasons Shining grasses in the windy summer prairie, sunlight striking air. Chirp of bird, Laugh of children now made merry. Smiles kids now wear. Bright blue skies bending over marveled eyes, Dances in moonlit nights, Songs through the dying day, Knowing what awaits, remembering morning May. Golden sun now shining, the first chilling leaf will fall, Warning showers of yellow fire, green not found at all. At dusk the first frozen tear shall shed, and the sun shall tire. Through the Gates of Winter passes time still proud and tall. Though hard and testing is the time, Lands have found calm and peace. Warmth has wandered and Sun’s about to sway, Snowy owl flight now takes. Kids hide under covers, nature’s turn to play. Shelter beaver makes, Over white covered rivers, across frozen lakes, Soon the fog will part, ‘cause winter’s bout to cease. But at last morrow’s come, Sun has breached the eastern heaven, Sound of rivers flowing, Sun’s strikes the cold, and the deer come into sight. Life again is growing, Laughter takes place of quiet, green takes place of white. Love cracks the remaining ice, Happiness, even to the smallest mice. Though not burned the Gates have been shut until the sun grows weary. But for now the times are merry. To Give or not to Give Give a shield to the weak; And he may not return it for more than a week. Give a hammer to the toiler; And he might break your own boiler. Give a sword to the just; And you may still not gain his trust. Give a knife to the sly; And it might penetrate your own eye. Give a spear to the harsh; And he may kill you in an empty marsh. But give a pen to a writer, And he can defeat the greatest fighter. Invictus Out of the night that covers me, Black as the Pit from pole to pole, I think whatever gods may be For my unconquerable soul. In the fell clutch of circumstance I have not winced nor cried aloud. Under the bludgeonings of chance My head is bloody, but unbowed. Beyond this place of wrath and tears Looms but the Horror of the shade, And yet the menace of the years Finds, and shall find, me unafraid. It matters not how strait the gate, How charged with punishments the scroll, I am the master of my fate: I am the captain of my soul. Okay, this isn't mine but it's my favorite poem of all and I wanted to bring attention to it!!!! Wow, reading these I remember spending weeks on them... can't imagine having so much time on my hands, those must have been good days
  5. Call one of them Nazgul, or both of them... Or No-Name, that's a cool name. (ok, I suggest don't take my suggestions seriously)
  6. Any other votes, it's becoming apparant the time will need to be extended...
  7. So far: Tolkien Calendar for 2004 with illustrations by Ted Nasmith (new ones, with the dead army!!!!) 5 movie tickets (which I plan to use to get 5 seeings of the RotK) A cube thing with colors but on a key chain 10$ 15$ Skin Bracer After Shave Chocolates "The Complete Guide to Middle-Earth" by Robert Foster !!!!!!! Call of Duty !!!!!!!!!! Need for Speed Underground !!!!!!!!!!!! Jelly Beans 4 Shirts $50 and a IOU for a 512mb usb pen drive!!!!!
  8. I'm here, though I wasn't quite part of those threads
  9. How does a blond kill a bird? She throws it off a cliff. Sorry to sticking to blond jokes, but couldn't think of any other (and they're funny)
  10. The 7 minute scene of the death of Saruman (I assume still inside Orthanc) will be in the extended edition, so it's not a total loss.
  11. Just keeping it alive, and to make sure everyone know that all movies and games are open for an award. While I would prefer if newer movies were chosen, you can go back to your favorite one... and each person can name up to three nominees.
  12. Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring Directed by Peter Jackson Ian McKellen, Viggo Mortensen, Orlando Bloom, Elijah Wood Trailer (not figured in final score) – 10 The Fellowship of the Ring had two great trailers. The first one was one where they begin over the river Anduin and is more Dark Rider and Fear oriented, it did very well. But the true star of the trailers is the second one. Much longer, it begins with Gandalf saying that in the lands of Middle-Earth legend tells of the Dark Lord Sauron and ends with his “You Shall Not Pass”. This trailer is amazing, if it’s not the best, it’s one of them. Watch Ability – 10 Every scene, every battle, every dialogue line is captivating. Even for someone who is not a fan of the books. But, it is a long movie, and not easy to watch many times. This is perhaps the only flaw with this movie, but we all know I’m going to give it a 10 either way. Genre Quality – 10 What can I say, there’s no doubt there are no better fantasy movies. Even if you compare the quality of this with any movie it will seem superior. Never have I seen so much detail in costumes, armor, weapons, environments or any other part of a movie. There’s no question that this movie is higher quality that any other movie I have ever seen! You heard me Originality – 10 What Peter Jackson did has never before been done, anywhere. Not just him, New Line Cinema deserves credit as well since they took on a very risky project, gave it a large sum of money and gave it in charge of yet undiscovered film-maker genius. Professor Tolkien’s novel has never before been translated this successfully, for that I give this a 10. Acting – 10 I love the acting of every character in the movie. Ian McKellen does an amazing job of bringing Gandalf to life, even under so much prosthetics. Elijah Wood manages to make every expression of his face unique, the camera strays on him for more reasons than him being Frodo. And Orlando Bloom gives us amazing scenes; silent yet awesomely expressive. But the stage goes to Mortensen, who pushes the movies’ view of Aragorn into our minds with pure passion and force. Brilliant! Plot/Story – 10 What can I say? As a movie plot, is it flawless. And as an adaptation of the books, it does a near perfect job. There is only one problem, one corruption of Tolkien’s first book, which can easily be ignored and helps the actual movie. I give it a 10. Music/Songs – 10 Perhaps the best part of the movie is the Howard Shore’s beautiful soundtrack. Shire music is excellent, evil is chilling, Lothlorien is the essence of night and resting… The music in Lord of the Rings is brilliant, there’s just no questioning it. It deserved its Oscar. I give it a 10. Overall – 10 +: Great Music +: Amazing Acting +: Awesome Quality +: Based on Tolkien Yep, this is my idea of perfect. If there’s something better than this, I will see it. Perfect. Perfect. Perfect. Perfect. Kudos to Mr. Jackson, and everyone involved. This is a classic, and will remain a classic. Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers Directed by Peter Jackson Ian McKellen, Viggo Mortensen, Elijah Wood, Andy Serkis Trailer (not figured in final score) – 10 The trailer which featured the Summer Overture music from Requiem for a Dream simply is my favorite trailer. I still keep the file and watch now and then, that tells me this is a great trailer. Brilliant trailer, the best ever IMO. Watch Ability – 10 This is definently a much more fun movie than Fellowship, and I can give it a 10 without any worries, I know it deserves it. The battle is amazing, the tension climbs and there’s nothing that would hurt this score. I give it a triumphant 10!. Genre Quality – 10 We have never seen such quality, not even Fellowship of the Ring matches the detail of Rohan and Edoras and the Rohirrim. The battle is superb, the cutting between Frodo and Sam to Merry and Pippin to Helm’s Deep is amazing. I think none deserve a better score than this. Originality – 10 What Peter Jackson did has never before been done, anywhere. Not just him, New Line Cinema deserves credit as well since they took on a very risky project, gave it a large sum of money and gave it in charge of yet undiscovered film-maker genius. Professor Tolkien’s novel has never before been translated this successfully, for that I give this a 10. Acting – 10 Ok, does Gollum ring a bell? The acting achievement in this movie is Gollum, amazing. For Gollum alone I would give it a 10, but everyone does well. I really loved Eowyn and Grima’s characters, they did an amazing job. I can’t give a single complaint, which means it deserves a 10. Plot/Story – 9 Finally, a flaw in Two Towers. Two big changes from the book, which in my opinion are the only flaws in the whole movie. One is Galahdrim elves showing up at Helm’s Deep and the corruption of Faramir’s character. And while some of you may think that I should treat Faramir as a new character, and not base it on the books, but even so Faramir’s change of mind at Osgiliath is not explained. Music/Songs – 10 Does it get any better than the Rohan theme? I think not, it’s brilliant. Helm’s Deep is perfect. Howard Shore is the man, I really love the Marching of the Ents bit. The music is flawless, it’s amazing. I give it a 10. Overall – 9.9 +: Great Music +: Amazing Acting +: Awesome Quality - : Flawed Interpretation Even though I can’t give it a perfect score, you must realize I loved this movie. I find watching this movie a lot easier than Fellowship of the Rings. But I can’t ignore the less than perfect interpretation of the movie. Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King Directed by Peter Jackson Ian McKellen, Viggo Mortensen, Elijah Wood, Sean Astin Trailer (not figured in final score) – 10 The trailer was good, but not perfect. It seemed to lack a defining identity to it that the other two trailers had. I was really hoping this was not the only trailer for Return of the King, but it was. I did however love the final 10-20 seconds of the trailer, beautiful. It deserves a 10. Watch Ability – 10 I really thought of lowering this category due to the last 20 minutes of the film which are really slow and hurt the movie, but looking back at Shelob, and the Battle at the Pellenor Fields and Legolas’ scene I just can’t. This movie was awesome, at least certain scenes, and I fear that when it comes out on DVD I shall be enthralled by it for at least some weeks. Genre Quality – 9 Yes, the battles were great. Yes, it was a fitting end for the trilogy, but some choices force me to lower the score for quality. The parts after the battle and Cirith Ungol seem rushed, with Modor being displayed in a almost comical view (such as the orcs just sitting around inside Mordor, and the spotlight Eye). And, those ‘false endings’ near the end only alert us that it’s been three hours and we’re tired. Though certain themes are just seeping with it. The battle at the Pellenor fields was flawless except for the dead army and does it get any better than Eowyn and the WitchKing? I regret to give this a 9, but that’s what I think it deserves. Originality – 10 What Peter Jackson did has never before been done, anywhere. Not just him, New Line Cinema deserves credit as well since they took on a very risky project, gave it a large sum of money and gave it in charge of yet undiscovered film-maker genius. Professor Tolkien’s novel has never before been translated this successfully, for that I give this a 10. Acting – 10 It succeeds! Even though Denethor seems a bit flawed, he still does a good job. I applaud Sam and Faramir the most, Faramir was brilliant in the scene with his father. The hobbits did a good job as well. Aragorn’s character did not seem the same, and not there quite as much as I’d like but they all did a great job. Plot/Story – 9 What can I say, it did well as a movie plot, but there were so many changes from the book that I can’t ignore it. Dead Army showing up at Pellenor Fields, and all of Sam and Frodo’s trip across Mordor practically ignored. It still was a decent interpretation of the books, but far from perfect. Music/Songs – 10 The Minas Tirith theme was great, but even more interesting to me was the singing. Pippins and Aragorns. I think that’s very fitting with Middle-Earth, since singing was greatly practiced and an essential part of the world. I was really pleased with the music in this film, though for most of the film I thought it lacked it. Now I know where it lacked, was lacking for a reason. The music was great. Overall – 9.8 +: Awesome Action +: Great Music - : A Bit Odd At Parts - : Flawed Interpretation I myself was quite disappointed with the final installment of Peter Jackson’s trilogy. Don’t get me wrong, It was great. But perhaps I was expecting more, anyway, I think it’s the lesser movie of the three and a fitting, but still (to me) disappointing end.
  13. Well, it's December 17, 13 days to New Years... So I will begin my 3rd Orion Awards ceremony/show. How will this work? All Forumers are welcome and encouraged to participate. You vote and votes will be known only to you and me and I promise I won't tell anyone. I'm going to give it until New Years before I put together the Orion Nomination List. So, for those who don't know what Orion Awards are they are like the oscars but based on majority rather than critics. As a forumer who wants to participate you must only do one of the following (numbers represent which ones I would prefer to be tried first): 1. Send an e-mail to pshshmac@hutchtel.net or elfthehunter@tla.wildfiregames.com or elfthehunter@yahoo.com 2. PM me using the forums 3. Reply to this topic with your votes If you send an e-mail, include your name (forum name) and in subject put Orion Awards. Each forumer can name up to 3 nominees for each catagory but don't have to nominate all, just not more than 3 to a catagory. All movies and games can be voted on, of all times, as long as it has not won an Orion Award before (none have since until now Orion Awards were for AoK Scenarios). Don't base your votes on comments and reviews, but on your own preference. Here's a list of catagories for movies: BEST MUSIC IN A MOVIE BEST PROPS IN A MOVIE BEST SPECIAL EFFECTS IN A MOVIE BEST STORYLINE IN A MOVIE BEST CHARACTER IN A MOVIE 1ST BEST ACTOR (female or male) 2ND BEST ACTOR (female or male) 3RD BEST ACTOR (female or male) BEST DIRECTOR BEST ANIMATED MOVIE BEST COMEDY MOVIE BEST SCI-FI MOVIE BEST ACTION MOVIE BEST DRAMA MOVIE BEST FILM And here's the game catagories: BEST CINEMATICS IN A GAME MOST ADDICTING GAME BEST GRAPHICS IN A GAME BEST MOD FOR A GAME BEST STORY IN A GAME BEST AI IN A GAME BEST MULTIPLAYER IN A GAME BEST EXPANSION TO A GAME BEST MMO GAME (massive multiplayer online) BEST STRATEGY GAME BEST RPG GAME BEST FPS GAME BEST RACING GAME BEST SPORTS GAME BEST FIGHTING GAME BEST XBOX GAME BEST GAMECUBE GAME BEST PLAYSTATION 2 GAME BEST GAME If you think a catagory is missing, request that it be added and I will consider adding it. Anyway, let's see if WFG community will like it as much as AoK HG's did elf
  14. Ok, I don't have the best car in the world, a old 88 chev cavalier. But for this christmas my dad offered me $200 to put towards making the sound system better in my car, well, to make it better I'll need one. from scratch! I don't have radio and the speakers I do have probably don't work... So what I'm asking is: What can I get for $200, can I get a good sound system? With subs and speakers and cd player or do I need more. If I can what should I be getting, what stuff... I know nothing about this area so I'm basically walking in dark.
  15. I agree with you Adam, though not sure if Sadam admitting to it is proof, after all I don't know under what conditions he would admit to it. With the magnitude of this kind I would not put past the government to get the answers they want out of him.
  16. I think it's good that we captured him, but it reminds me Osama still has not been captured To me that is more important, he scares me more than Sadam.
  17. I voted for Disease/Pain, mainly because of Pain. I find myself in many many situations pondering if it would hurt. I guess if an Alian approaches me (those from the Alien movies) I would try my best to force him to kill me quickly because I hate the idea of pain. That's what scares me about wars, being left somewhere with your guts spilt out!!! And doesn't have to be really real pain, just something that looks like it should hurt! Like electric chair or something! Argh! Oh, one thing I forgot to put there was water/drowing, I guess that's actually my worse fear... oh well, too late now. But from those the ones I can say I do not fear are: Heights (bit nervous but don't fear), Closed Spaces (again, nervous uncomfortable but no real fear), Flying, Crime/Violence (not much anyway)...
  18. Ok, I know those are only a few too list. But if you have one that's not on there you can just pick from those or null your vote and state your fear. I tried to come up with broad catagories, so that if someone is afraid of Aliens he could choose Animals/Creatures. Anyway, feel free to express all your fears, I promise I will remember them if we ever meet
  19. 1.) The Return of the King (let's hope) 2.) The Fellowship of the Ring 3.) The Two Towers 4.) Braveheart 5.) The Last Samurai 6.) Gladiator 7.) The Matrix 8.) Spider-Man 9.) The Matrix Reloaded 10.) Saving Private Ryan or 8 Mile Well, as far as I can remember... there's many many movies!!!
  20. Yea, voted math Only subject I'm more comfortable with (as in I understand it and can face it, the others are too shaky and I don't feel 'at home')
  21. The kind of roles Tim Roth plays, either that of the guy in the director's chair
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