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  1. I breathe, eat and live GAMES. Of course, not totally weird but just to add to this post I'll be listing (FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME) all games in my collection with ratings of how much I enjoy/enjoyed them, get ready: in order they are put in my cd case Computer 1 Halo: Combat Evolved (5) 2 Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind (4) 3 Age of Empires II: The Conquerors Expansion (5) 4 Savage: The Battle for Newerth (4) 5 PlanetSide (4) 6 WarCraft III: Reign of Chaos (5) 7 Total Annihilation (2) 8 Return to Castle Wolfenstein (3) 9 Dungeon Siege (3) 10 Age of Mythology (4) 11 WarCraft II: Battle.net Edition (2) 12 Age of Empires (2) 13 StarCraft: Brood War (4) 14 Moon Project (1) 15 The Elder Scrolls III: Tribunal (3) 16 Tropico (3) 17 Starship Troopers (0) 18 Trespasser (4) 19 Carnivores (3) 20 Giants: Citizen Kabuto (3) 21 Carnivores: Ice Age (4) 22 Carnivores 2 (4) 23 Heavy Metal: FAKK 2 (4) 24 Deus Ex (4) 25 EverQuest: The Ruins of Kunark (5) 26 Dark Age of Camelot (3) 27 Asheron's Call: Dark Majesty (2) 28 Asheron's Call (2) 29 Madden NFL 2001 (0) 30 Half-Life (4) 31 Half-Life: Blue Shift (4) 32 Half-Life: Counter Strike (4) 33 Half-Life: Team Fortress (3) 34 Sacrifice (4) 35 Half-Life: Opposing Forces (3) 36 EverQuest: The Scars of Velious (5) 37 Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force (3) 38 Praetorians (4) 39 Empire Earth (3) 40 StarCraft (4) 41 Unreal II: The Awakening (4) 42 Age of Empires II: Age of Kings (5) 43 Black & White (2) 44 WarCraft III: The Frozen Throne (5) 45 Diablo (2) 46 Diablo: Hellfire (2) 47 Diablo II (3) 48 Diablo II: Lord of Destruction (3) Xbox 49 Halo: Combat Evolved (5) 50 Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind (4) 51 Time Splitters 2 (3) 52 Turok: Evolution (3) 53 Splinter Cell (4) PlayStation 2 54 Grand Theft Auto III (5) 55 Grand Turismo 3: A-Spec (5) PC Demos 56 Medal of Honor: Breakthrough (4) 57 Empires Demo SP (2) 58 War of the Ring (3) 59 Call of Duty Dawnville (5) 60 Need for Speed Underground (5) 61 Temple of Elemental Evil (4) 62 Max Payne 2 (4) Not all of them are installed, but before I reformatted by comp they were
  2. OHHHH!!!! Ford GT 90!!! That would be my true dream car...!
  3. I luckily haven't read it, only seen a play on it, didn't think I'd like it either. Ok, the book I least liked (watch this, it'll be funny): The Silmarillion j/k of course Umm... that's actually hard to think of, Halo: The Fall of Reach maybe. If not that I'll stick with the Thesaurus (which sounds like a dinosaur name)
  4. Hugs!!! Three ways to annoying or be funny with hugs!!! 1.) Hug a tree in a public place and keep saying "I love you honey!" 2.) Hug random strangers, specially kids because you get their parents mad. 3.) Hug someone for very long before letting go.
  5. And it doesn't belong in this poll since it's not out yet... (and I haven't ever heard of it)
  6. Do you sit in the dark with headphones on with nothing playing??? Or do you listen to stuff with the headphones on?
  7. I don't know, maybe a special status for the winners that allows them to enter private forums? maybe not... Or having their website being in WFG linked sections? A + in reputation and 1000 currency
  8. Learn programming to a beyond human degree so that John Camrack will seem like a pre-school student
  9. The gun and driving can be done at once... but it'd be cool to just run them down But make sure not to run over trees head on since they can get you stuck, like that guy who decided to take a joyride in a tank in ?California?
  10. haha ha haha haha ... don't make me mad! (from Red vs Blue)
  11. Well, dunno if this is unique, I thought it was until a few weeks ago, but whenever watching a trailer for a movie I get shivers when it's really good, so far this 'skill' (I guess considering it that is what makes me weird ) has failed me in a ration of 1 out of 10... I can care less about some stuff which most ppl find most important: Friends opinions, clothes, cars, looks and other teenager stuff. Another thing ppl find a bit weird about me: I work on this game project, and I'm not getting paid
  12. Exactly my first choice. Indeed, that's the car I would pick over every other single car. (unless I got a really more expensive car and sell it ). Not sure when my obsession with Eclipses began, but I like it because that's a car I may actually own in my life time.
  13. Hey John, that's some nice info there... didn't know almost anything of that. How's reverie doing? Haven't been able to log on to the forums... I know MS is losing money on the Xbox, but it can't be that much or else why are they still are pushing for game developers to work for the Xbox? And then there's Xbox 2 which is in development, I assume they might try to fix some of the mistakes (in their opinion) they made on the first one? Anyway, glad this poll worked out, nice discussion
  14. In Halo, when ppl rush for banshes/tanks/ghosts/warthogs at the beginning of the game, and someone beats you to it throw a sticky grenade on the back. It works really well on warthogs since there's three ppl. I've never done it, but I've had it done to me and I knwo for a fact it pisses people off.
  15. A PC doesn't cost as much? Mine ran me around 1800 (of course, I went for the maximum, but I don't think I could get it for lower than 800) Consoles cost less than 200 bucks, so I must be missing something. Unless it's a joke, in which I just made myself a fool
  16. me too, also, they have Strategy games!!! Don't even talk to me about strategy games on consoles, I hate them with a passion!!!!!!!!!
  17. That's a good point, but you'd have to be careful, they might make you see a doctor if you never sleep. You'd be considered a insomniac but without the negative side-effects, unless you chose exactly when and planned it out so that people wouldn't notice...
  18. Well, it's a 'Next-Generation' console poll so... I actually think the PC is the better platform hands-down but the truth is, by neglecting another platform I would really be missing out on a lot of games (specially since I can't rent PC games). So that's the reason why I'd like a GC, only because I want to be able to play games that come out for it.
  19. I'm assuming some things work, or else computers and about everything you need won't... Anyway, I was figuring that computers/electricity/cars all worked. And if the silence got to you, just unstop it. @Black Op: So when are you shipping us these watches?
  20. Yea, I don't use it either, but I decided to give Xbox an extra plus I agree, if GC satisfies, it definently has a better price. I do think the closest is Master Chieft (halo) but in that case let me ask you this: What is PS mascots? And is there a good GC Mario game (I really don't know). Ok, two question to you: 1.) You like the Ninento limits you from playing those games on PC, forcing you to buy GC? 2.) What is this amazing GC game selection? I see nothing special except for maybe Viewtiful Joe (actually makes me want to get a GC) and Metroid Prime... I actually own a Xbox and PS2, and I really am beginning to want a GC (Joe is about 70% of the reason) but need to get a job first...
  21. 1.) I'm not talking about game specific to Xboxs, but games for Xbox in general: Halo Morrowind Crimson Skies MechAssault Amped 2 Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Dead or Alive 3 Coming out - Halo 2 Fable B.C. Deus Ex 2 All next-generation console games (those made for GC, Xbox, PS2) have the better version for Xbox (including better graphics and extra levels) Xbox is the most likely system to get PC games ported too. 2.) Well, I personally hate the gamecube controllers so that can't be argued. 3.) Well, ok, I'll give you that. But let's compare full list: Xbox, $179 with hard drive, four controller ports, and two free games. Xbox Live, $50 and let's go online with headset PS2, $179 with no hard drive, two controller ports, can play DVDs without extra acessories. PS2 Network Adapter, $40 and let's go online without a headset GC, $99 with no hard drive, four controller ports, can't play DVD at all. GC has no online capabilties. So basically, GC is cheaper, but then a GBA must be much better than a GC since it's cheaper. 4.) Hey, that's only so that it won't fly out the window in a hurricane... ok, you get this one. But not as big as a PC. 5.) Uh... ok, got me again. I think it worked, on my part at least. ps: ok, Xbox live start kit (the one I talked about) gives a 1 of the service, I don't know the price beyond that. PS2 Adapter, does it need a price for the service? I don't know
  22. I just finished reading every peice of interview/article/preview I could find on Stalker, I watched all trailers I could remember and I have a slightly different view from my earlier post: It look great, the technology behind it looks way less that other FPS that will be coming out but the concept and depth is much more. I mean, I didn't know about Chernobyl so that is a nice feature I hadn't noticed. Overall, I can say I've been waiting a long time for a game like this, complete freedom yet the world is not custom fit for you, you have to adapt. The only other game I thought gave me this, was Tresspasser (which I don't care what ppl think, is an awesome game). It felt like you were there, more of a simulation than a game, which I hope this will turn out to be. One thing, have you heard a release period (I hate saying release date).
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