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  1. This one will blow your mind!!!! It's nothing like the old NFS!!!! PS: Make sure the display options have blurr and light trails on, or else you'll lose a lot of the effect (if you don't like it then of course feel free to remove it)
  2. I finally successfully downloaded the 20 min HL2 demo video (tried 4 previous times but either comp froze, stand by or some other reason the download stopped) and I'm amazed!!! The engine is awesome, the characters are amazing... Before that video all I had seen was screenshots of the game, that video is amazing.
  3. It's the single best racing game I've played (just downloaded the demo). Amazing graphics, great gameplay and the most thrilling speed drive ever!!! The only thing it's missing is ultimate high-speed crashes, not bumps that car manufactors force EA to make (though there are non-lincense cars in there, those should show damage!)
  4. I agree also, not that the ending was bad, just that it could be a lot better... I think ending it was a mistake , I mean, we loved The Matrix and it had no definite end (though a fairly similar one), we like Reloaded (most of us) because it left us to speculate about the ending. Revolutions is like the final bullet to put a loving pet to rest (bad analogy)
  5. I should get a sig up *goes off and thinks of a cool sig*
  6. Just in so you guys don't have to go searching for news on their forums and stuff (like I did ) Season 1 concludes with Episode 19, and supposedly they are currently working on Season 2.
  7. I disagree, let's look it up: Wisdom - The ability to discern or judge what is true, right, or lasting; insight. Common sense; good judgment: “It is a characteristic of wisdom not to do desperate things” (Henry David Thoreau). The sum of learning through the ages; knowledge: “In those homely sayings was couched the collective wisdom of generations” (Maya Angelou). Wise teachings of the ancient sages. A wise outlook, plan, or course of action. Wisdom Bible. Wisdom of Solomon. (I do agree knowledge might be more appropriate for some of the part of my reply, but I see wisdom as a knowledge gained through experience)
  8. Einstein, I was kidding of course... I think that intelligence (as I interpret the word) can NOT be defined, because it's how well you handle wisdom. And everyone has a different amount of wisdom (what you know) and intelligence is the management of this wisdom, how well you gain new wisdom, how well you remember old wisdom and so forth, and this cannot be accuratly calculated.
  9. Depends on the user, if I'm looking for a particular post I usually look by avatar or username color. But normally I just check the username.
  10. Yes, I agree. The story is better in the first two movies, though there's something in the plot for the third movie that made me want to give it a 10, I can't really identify easily. But what shined in the third film was not the Matrix story, but the Revolutions plot (if that makes any sense )
  11. PS: It's supposed to be ETH Ultimatium #1, since there will be at least one other, when another certain movie comes out in december
  12. Ok, I am making another poll and my first venture into Film Reviews. I decided to review all three Matrixes, but since we all know reviews are merely an individual's opinion, I decided the poll would be a way to gain your opinion. Once there's 10 votes, I'll collect a Community Rating by average. Then again after the next 10 votes and so on. If you want to rate the other two movies, feel free. The Matrxi Revolutions -= Community Rating - [6.2] =- Anyway, let me explain my rating rules: Watch Ability - How much fun was it? Can you watch it again? Will it still be cool? Genre Quality - If it's an action movie, how good was the action? Originality - Is it just the same things or is it a cool new not-tried before idea? Acting - How is the acting, the human driven aspect? Not just Actors, but the very characters as well. Plot/Story - Is the story good, twists or consisntency? Very well, those are the catagories I finally decided on. The rating itself is 1-10 for each catagory, then I averaged the final score. Keep in mind that all the following are my opinions alone. The Matrix Written and Directed by the Wachowski Brothers Keanu Reeves, Laurence Fishburne, Carrie-Ann Moss, Hugo Weaving Watch Ability – 9 The Matrix is extremely fun to watch. I know very few people who have seen it and did not want to see it again. It is not the most enjoyable movie in the world, for, it is deep and not a ‘light’ movie even though it feels so at first glance. This was extremely tough for me; I wanted to score it a 10 but just couldn’t. Genre Quality – 10 The Matrix is a multi-genre film. It could be classified most easily as Action, and it exceeds in that area above almost all others. It can be classified as Drama, and it fairs well there too, though not as much. I have decided that I will simply qualify it as Sci-Fi and there it exceeds beyond any expectation. The idea is unique and represented better than in any other of its kind. As a Sci-Fi Action movie, The Matrix gets a 10 without a doubt. Originality – 10 Sure, the idea was not original. But no movie to date has represented the idea in a more amazing and intriguing way. It can not be doubted, what the Wachowski brothers did was a peace of popular and intellectual genius. This category gets a 10, again without a doubt. Acting – 9 This was hard to decide, but this category does not just mean the individual acting of the actors but the overall actor driven performances which the movie and it’s situation allow the actor to give and I must say, that while it stands above average it just cannot receive a perfect 10, but there is no question this category is of high quality and to most, even to me, it performs smoothly and in the most amazing ways. It gets a 9 with the wish of a 10. Plot/Story – 10 This is perhaps one of the strongest aspects of The Matrix. The story is so complex and brilliantly told that it captivates and satisfies you upon the first viewing, yet it still amazes and draws you in on following viewings. The Matrix is one of the few films that has enough story in its plot to still show you things after the first viewing. This is rare, and much appreciated and deserves a 10! Overall – 9.6 Some may think I was too harsh, and they may be right. It has been out for 4 years, and to still (without a fresh viewing) get this score from me is an accomplishment few can boats about, The Matrix can and does. This is not a good movie, it’s a great one. Actually, it’s one of the Greatest! The Matrix Reloaded Written and Directed by the Wachowski Brothers Keanu Reeves, Laurence Fishburne, Carrie-Ann Moss, Hugo Weaving Watch Ability – 10 This movie excels in this area above The Matrix. The movie had more coolness to it than most, even most of the greatest. I think this is a very possible contender (in my books) for the most re-watch able movie ever. Great job, deserves a 10! Genre Quality – 9 This is hard, it definitely is one of the best Action movies of all time. But it pays almost too much attention to Action and slightly less to Sci-Fi and other areas. True, it does not fail those areas, but it does not exceed. Again, I hate giving this category a 9 but I just don’t think it can carry a 10. Originality – 8 This, to me, is no question. The Matrix Reloaded gave the public what they wanted at the time, more of the Matrix, but even though I think that helped the movie, I won’t bend the rules. It lacked the originality and unique feeling of the first, and I can’t give it anything above 8. Acting – 9 This, again, offers great acting on part of the actors, but the characters feel bland. They carry less human emotion than I would like, to benefit the movie or not is not my concern. But it does give the actors more chance to perform even if it gives the characters less to perform with. This is a hard area to judge, the movie gives acting a great potential but also limits it with constricted characters. It serves the movie, but there’s room for improvement. Plot/Story – 10 Again, while at first it feels less capable than The Matrix, it allows you to find new things in the story with each viewing. This is hard to judge, especially because it is not confined to one story. But by itself, the plot stands strong, consistent and the story runs deep enough to please most. But it is dense and hard to understand, but the very fact that it remains so long in your mind as it did in mine, deserves nothing less than a 10. Overall – 9.2 The movie is very good, among the greatest, but only after lengthy consideration. So, as a film, it has potential but does not fully use it. But none-the-less, it gives the viewer what he wants but does not give much extra. The Matrix Revolutions Written and Directed by the Wachowski Brothers Keanu Reeves, Laurence Fishburne, Carrie-Ann Moss, Hugo Weaving Watch Ability – 9 This movie, is without a doubt (in my mind) a great movie, it’s fun and really cool, but extremely heavy and not an easy load to watch multiple times. Of course, I have not yet had the chance to see it again so much of this category is speculation. But I do not think it will be as amazing the second time I see. Though I give thumbs up to the Zion battle. I give it a 9. Genre Quality – 8 A weird jumble of romance, inspiration, emotion, action and despair all bundled in a nice Sci-Fi wrapper. It takes good, but does not settle down easy. This movie is one of the few that has left me feeling like I just left a roller-coaster. It satisfies, though during parts fails. I give it a 8. Originality – 10 Well, the Wachowski brothers have managed to poke at the limits again. While the success of this new unique way may be debatable, it cannot be denied that there is a big change between this movie and the other two. I think it deserves a 10 with some minor suspicion. Acting – 9 This time, Revolutions allow the characters more expressive performances but the effect is not as good. Indeed, it feels like the characters were meant to be constraint, and now that they are not it feels too weird to stick. At times, the characters seem really out of place, as if the door was opened too much. I think it still deserves a 9, though it does less well than the other two movies. Plot/Story – 10 This is a weird part of the movie, the story is definitely intriguing. Things make some sense, but not enough for a single viewing to be enough. There are definitely secrets that will keep the mind turning the movie over to find answers. And the plot, manages to openly announce upcoming twists and yet not fail. I knew what was going to happen, but still wanted to know how it happened. I really enjoyed the experience! I give it a 10! Overall – 9.2 This movie is a nice change of pace, even if it follows a shaky path. Overall, it’s good but mostly because it attempts to achieve through a newer route. It is a satisfying end, but not amazing beyond expectation.
  13. Ok, to those who are accustomed to Halo (played it once) or are not, I really suggest you check this web series out. It's amazing, now each episode is 2-3 minutes long so this might apply to those with fast connections or lengthy times of boredom. I prefer not to give anything away, just go to http://www.redvsblue.com/bloodgulch.shtml and download episode 1. Now, there is hard language (not sure that's a term for it) but it's really funny and one of my favorite series, even though it's not official and on TV Classic RvB quotes: "Now, what kind of animal has tusks?" "A Walrus!"
  14. Can't talk about Gamestar, but following the news and stuff on Valve website and Gamepsy (which I get daily so I knew about the leak on the day it was discovered, and written in Gamespy). But as far as I've been informed, Valve reported that someone hacked into the developers' network and stole parts of the Source code. There were reports of this 'hacker' anomiosly (he's not an idiot) posting that he did it because Valve had lied initially about the Sep release date. He also, in these posts (don't know where) claimed he had at least a third of the source code. Valve confimed that a third of the source code is likely the amount that got leaked, but I myself am not sure the guy posting this stuff is really the guy who did it. AFAIK there were very few game elements leaked (models, levels and AI would most likely be incomplete or not original with the leaked source code). And valve had the said that they were not worried about copies of the game made from the leaked material but rather multiplayer cheat programs made for complete copies based on leaked material. But I haven't heard much about it in almost 2-3 weeks so much of this may be obsolete. I also am very hard up to trust news sources, even gaming news sources like Gamespy PS: I realize I should prolly have read the links you showed me before replying...
  15. I didn't like it, too hard the scenarios and some of the minor choices they made which I did not respect (how they handled fog of war, chinese bomb ppl) but the main reason is the multi-period game style, just annoys me a lot. I didn't like EE either. I liked AoM but didn't play it enough to say that without a bit of worry I'm saying something wrong. The campaign was too easy was one big mistake at the least. The only new generation RTS which I can honestly say I loved was WarCraft 3, beaitful but not the old school RTS most AoK fans like...
  16. Holy crap! That was a blow, I never like EE and never frequented EEH, but the fact they actually just cut it I can feel the pain. Specially without warning, I guess I better go and download any of my scenarios from AoKH, just in case... Really sad...
  17. Anything with game developing. Level Designer, Game Designer, Programmer (still gotta learn) or even Game Reviewer. And an alternative career (in case game developer doesn't work out, or both if possible) is writting. Novels, screenplays - books.
  18. Well here's one: Though if it's small groups (1-3) I can pull it off quite well and my mom and knwon ones are surprised to know I was uncorfortable. But if it's large groups it's apparant from my first word (or before).
  19. Hey, if you guys play and want some extra company (if you guys wanna go mano-a-mano then it's ok) tell me and I'll try to come on I once played against this guy who was getting stuff like 45-50 kills a game with 5-10 deaths!!! Amazing... I do agree that's a nice ratio 30-10, I usually get equal or double-normal. PS: Getting back on topic, I won a Falcon Design according to a pop up on HG!!! And also I've won most Student of the Quarter awards back in my old school (new school doesn't have them )
  20. I was not downplaying your skills, I was upplaying my skills (thought not lying)
  21. That I remember... Titanic as well (lived in Brazil and didn't get to see many movies in theater)
  22. Any chance of being put into the spotlight, specially during interactive plays where they choose ppl from the audience, I try to avoid those as much as possible but school thinks it's funny I hate attention of any sort, even meeting new ppl.
  23. HAHAHA!!! j/k http://www.geocities.com/elfthehunter/iqtest.JPG What's a common score, like where does 126 lie in the range of scores... I'm assuming Einstein prolly had 127 PS: Anyone who can't see image and doesn't want to go to the page, I got 126.
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