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  1. Wow, it's been a while since I was over at TLA, but I still see a few names I recognize. Glad to know 0AD is still alive and well, prospering even! Downloading the alpha as I type But I wanted to come do some self promotion too, or just a chance to show old friends what I've been up to: http://www.indiegogo.com/nimble It's a webseries I'm working on (as Cinematographer), and we're looking for funding to finish it, so I'm trying to get the word out. You can watch the entire first episode at http://www.nimbleseries.com If you guys could simply tell your friends about it (if you like it of course - not going to ask you to be disingenuous) and I'd love to just hear feedback and general thoughts on it How have things been over here?
  2. Wow, it pays to keep checking out the site every now and then!! Even though I had played a version of the engine, and seen the screenshots, I was still blown away to see it all in motion, with so much detail. Obviously somethings were missing or off (lumbertracks, splashing water, etc) but those the tiniest flaws and almost dissapear when compared to the video in it's entirety!! I specially like the close fighting and sense of battle lines! Amazing guys, keep up the good work!
  3. First, the forums look different... instead of subforum being divided and seperated into colums they simply drag across the page... overall different look, but maybe that was intended. This very post window is differnt, lacking some tools along the top... Second, every time I return I have to log in. I don't think remember me is working... Third, sometimes there's a bit of art missing. I took a shot to show you where it is: http://www.haloism.net/images/wfgproblems.JPG
  4. Yes, the engine of DoF is amazing. When will you guys have a working demo (public)?
  5. Thanks for the replies guys... I have enough (along with some e-mails) This helps a lot, and I assume you guys don't mind being used in a report?
  6. I'm from Mars... and my name is Gordon Freeman, but some know me by Master Chief. Ok, how about: I've lost a 50 dollar bill once, didn't tell anyone cause it wasn't the first time I had lost cash.
  7. For my Institutions and Traditions Class my instructor has asked me to conduct interviews about Divorce and Marriage and when I mentioned the possibility of getting interviews from off-US he found it quite interesting... So if you wanna help me out, you can take the interviews below (either reply in this forum, PM me, or E-mail me at elfthehunter@gmail.com depending on how much privacy you want). IF YOU HAVE BEEN MARRIED FOR 10 YEARS OR LONGER (If married for less than 10 years, feel free to answer but mention how many years of marriage) Name: Location: 1.) What is the most important aspect of marriage? 2.) What is the single most important attribute in a partner that leads to a successful marriage? 3.) Do you typically argue? About what topics? 4.) Tipically how are conflicts settled? 5.) What advice would you give for young couples? IF YOU HAVE DIVORCED AT LEAST ONCE Name: Location: 1.) What is the most important aspect of marriage? 2.) What would you do different? (Before or during the marriage) 3.) What advice would you give for young couples? 4.) What led to the divorce? 5.) What did you tipically argue about? IF YOU HAVE NEVER BEEN MARRIED Name: Location: 1.) Do you plan on getting married? 2.) About what age do you plan to get married? 3.) What are the motives that you want to get married for? 4.) Have you had positive or negative experiences with marriage? 5.) If you got married, do you plan to stay married for life?
  8. I find it hilarious, they have these sort of things about everything. I read one where they referred to Tolkien as a cult, asking if your child is often reading a Demonic Bible called Silmarillion They are all pretty hilarious
  9. As of last semester I had a 4.00, but I think it'll slip this semester.
  10. Ignore them, as Adam said. Violence leads to trouble, and it seems trouble is what you are trying to avoid. As for the language, I stand firmly behind Adam that it is not needed here, but I have my own personal opinions about censorship and expression. But I agree, it's not appropriate for this forum.
  11. If you read it from the bottom up, then you get them all right. Yay, I'm qualified.
  12. Well, sure it works. But, if registered at the copyright office there is no need to show proof of ownership. While to be honest I don't really know the details involved in showing proof of ownership, but I do believe it requires some time and dedication (even if you have clear evidence like the mailed letter) since others can still challenge the evidence as falsified (and that means some form of investigation which might end up costing you some money). And I believe that if you provide a sealed letter against someone who might have it registered there is automatically an investigation. So it works, but registering still has its value.
  13. Technically, any original piece of art, as soon as it is created is copyrighted. But, many people put the symbol there to announce it's copyrighted so that others do not take credit for it. While it is legally copyrighted from creation, it doesn't stop people from stealing it and taking credit (but if you hire lawyers and bring a case against them, with proof it was your creation, then you'd most likely win). But the proper way to do it, is to register at the copyright office and that way, there's record of it belonging to you and if someone steals it you don't have to go through all the hastle of proving its yours. At least that's as much as I understand.
  14. Yay to the Orion Awards, screw Spike TV!!!! (this message is brought to you by ElfTheHunter, founder of the Orion Awards)
  15. @Black Op: Mars is a location, Elf is not But I would like to change my vote to Doriath, Menegroth, Luthien's Chambers ps, sorry for the off-topicness
  16. Dnas is hanging out in AOMH, I think he's working on the AoM LotR mod/campaign.
  17. @BlackOp, I assume you changed your sig from what you had (but it's hilarious right now, the counter strike joke). Did you have to look it up, the black speech verse? Just so you know... I don't But I didn't know the Turkey origin either
  18. I have a inhuman and sick bond with my computer, it's like the unbilical cord... it cannot be severed, I would die! It's the same with coke/pepsi, it's all I drink, I can't remember the last time I've had water. Thirsty, drink a coke! It'll kill me one day, I'm sure of it, but at least I'll die happy
  19. Gotta agree with Aldaron, that is pretty nasty, specially since it feels like it was done in the little of a room, which makes it all that more real Very nice pic btw... if you did yourself, tell me you killed it first
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