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  1. Gamespy, I get GameSpy Daily every day. It decides which demos I download, which trailers I watch. Which reviews I read. I like it because when it doesn't have much info, it still gives me links to other gaming sites with their screenshots and reviews. But in the magazine realm, which I only buy when I see in the shelves, my decision is stuck between PC Gamer and Electronic Gaming Monthly. But I guess Electronic because it's more general and gives me more info on console games.
  2. Well, more than a week is up since last time I posted a ETH poll, so here's a new one... I will prolly, instead of doing another movie review, put up another poll because I'm tired of movie reviews (they're more work). But this review is because I've had a disscussion with a RL friend of mine who doesn't like GameSpy (my vote) so I decided it'd be cool to see where ppl learn of events in the Gaming World. If you don't use any, then just don't vote (or for the one you would most likely use). I know, the list is pretty narrow because I tried to squish sites and magazines into one poll, so you'll just have to deal with other. Of course, explanation would be cool, and if you vote other could you state which. Like a magazine from another country I have no way to put in there...
  3. I'm gonna guess 800Mhz-1.2Ghz and 256Mb-512Mb for minimum... But that's just me guessing, not sure why.
  4. I liked Tale of Minothar a lot, though I never trully played it but I still liked what I played. Oh yea, Minas Dragon was pretty good. I thought it was too dirty looking (if it's the one I remember) but it was still very well made. another acomplishment Klass helped me remember is: Gladiator, it got a 1.4, ppl hated it, I agreed with them but I still managed to get 1600 downloads! It tells you just how much a good title does for a scn... Tribes of War, my best scn is still 200 downloads away from beating my worse scn. (I kinda wish I never released it) The other is that Silent Howl was finished within 6 hours on a day I faked sick to miss school (I don't encourage my behaviours, but I don't hide from them. And I'm the best of my class so I don't feel guilty) But I thought the spark to finish a scenario in so short time was a pretty big acomplishment for me. The Elven Tales has been in development for almost 1 year, but it would prolly take me a week if I really worked on it like I did on Howl.
  5. I can't speak from experience, but I think cheez's strategy looks promising. Instead of stopping at once (unless you lock yourself in a file cabinet for 2 months) you could try lowering your addiction, maybe when you're down to 1-2 cigaretts a day (if you can get there) it might be easier to stop. But I don't know, either way good luck. (there is always a light at the end of the tunnel, but it's either the opening or a train)
  6. The nova isn't mentioned in the books, but lighting, fire, light are all 'spells' Gandalf uses during the 60 ? years of The Hobbit and LotR.
  7. I designed "Clans of War" which got me 5/5 in map design, and later I improved the map design as well as the whole scn with "Tribes of War" which got into Best of AoK. I designed "Silent Howl" which a lot of ppl liked, even if it didn't get the best reviews. I designed "The Fall of the Roman Empire" which was overall a failure as a scenario, but my first historical scenario and I liked it. Not released, but I've developed/semi-developed two scenarios: "The Hunter's Tale" had an amazing depth to the point I had made. Characters were upgraded as the player chosee by buying HP and attack upgrades with stone which was awared based on fighting. Everything had something unique to it. Every building could be entered, and upon entering the inside is described. Overall, I did not even finish 1/12 of the map, but had close to 400 triggers. You can tell why I gave it up Also, it was based on a mod and ppl don't like scns based on mods. The other is still under slow development "The Elven Tales" which is a pretty classic fantasy RPG for AoK (so far all my scns are for AoK) but a fairly high quality one. But whether I will ever finish it or not, I don't know. It's still pretty ambitious, specially since my designing fire for AoK has died down.
  8. It can be used for cutscenes and controlled enviroments. But yes, units would be able to walk through it I'm sure. I already expressed some of the my thoughts, and I will repeat that I love the Marllorns! I was afraid for TLA because so far all the towers are epic master pieces, and I feared the flet would be a tree-house (which was the only way I saw it) but this is a great idea. I love it... beginning to seep too much into TLA stuff so I'll leave it at this
  9. Yea, I know what you mean. But the question is: If Tolkien was so against commericialism, then would be be against TLA. I know, we're at a lesser level and we're more accurate to his work so he might have been ok with what we're doing.
  10. Ok, I have a question that maybe someone can solve: But why can't Neo control and bend the rules of the Training Area of the Maravigian? How different from the matrix code could it be that Neo could not learn it and manipulate it? Wouldn't he notice the difference in the code (if he noticed Smith's unqiue code)?
  11. But, think of it this way. If it wasn't for commericalization of his books, you would most likely not know about ME. Thus, maybe the movies may forge a new Adam somewhere, he who find interest in the books and thus tends to like the books more and turns into your views, even if at first he was a movie fan. Of course there's the other 95% of the fans who won't
  12. www.troymovie.com Peter Jackson!!! That's who we thank for this movie, it's what he did with LotR that caused major companies to finance war movies like this one and the other Troy movie. Just as the Wachowski brothers creation caused many to follow in their footsteps, let's hope those who follow in PJ footsteps leave amazing classics! And this goes to the ppl who would know, but to me that legion of ships seems too big? Is it historically accurate or just enhanced for visual power?
  13. Another thing may I note, is that neither thing must be FULLY adopted. Comprises are a great thing. Let's say, that since 0 AD units have 4 levels (or is it more? less?) then once they reach a good level, then this new feature kicks in. you can even have it smooth in from never at level 1, 1/10000 in level 2, 1/1000 in level 3 and 1/100 in level 4. This way, at the beginning of the gameplay a usual RTS concept is shown because we don't want to scare off ppl, then once they understand the game well, they realize new things are becoming apparant, and hopefully like them Not saying it should be done, just that it could... And I agree that this should be considered but not so much it slows down development (or if the team has already disscussed it)
  14. I watch (get ready...) X-Play (The only gaming show I know, need to watch it) Angel (old reruns, since I've only watched the later episodes) Samurai Jack (except stupid Cartoon Network got rid of it!!!) 24 (I don't watch it that much, but I saw a few episodes and it got me interested) Smallville (The one of the teenage Superman, it's pretty good) Friends (Tradition, though it's less funny than the earlier ones) Seinfeld (Great show, watch it whenever I can) Scare Tactics (Now that it's over, friday nights aren't as exciting) Alias (I don't watch it as much as I'd like, really like it though) That 70's Show (The new generation of top sitcom, after Seinfeld and Friends) South Park (Hilarious, I thought it was stupid before I watched it) Daily Show with Jon Steward (One of the greatest shows ever!) and as soon as it begins showing... The Shield!!!!!! PS - another show I really like but I can never remember to watch it is Combat on the History Channel (the one where they teach mediaval combat).
  15. "'pre-rendered CGI movies'" And in that area, only Squaresoft can outdo Blizzard (maybe Pixar too)
  16. Oh, this didn't happen to me but I saw it happen to my friend. We were going to go play soccer, and one of the lightposts had 3-4 wires attached to the ground to support it during windy days. Well, one of my friends, as we ran to the soccer field ran straight into one of the diagonal wires. It got him in the neck and he flipped upside down and landed face down. Looked like it really hurt, I'm pretty sure he didn't play the soccer game (can't remember though)
  17. Classic Quote #2 (to keep this alive as much as possible ) -=MAY BE OFFENSIVE TO SOME=- Church "Rookie, you stay here. Me and Tucker will head through the teleporter, we'll cut him off at the pass." Caboose "Right" Church "Tucker, you ready? Let's go." Tucker "There's no way I'm going through that thing!" Church "Tucker, we don't have time for this. Why would they give us a teleporter if it doesn't work?" Tucker "I don't know! Why would they gives us a tank that no one can drive?" Church "We already tested the teleporter, remember?" Tucker "We threw rocks through it!" Church "Yea, and so what? The rocks came out the other side didn't they?" Tucker "Yea, but they were all hot and covered with black stuff!" Church "Oh, then I guess that's what this is all about then? You're afraid of a little black stuff." Tucker "Yes, I am. I am afraid of black stuff." Church "Tucker, I almost hate to do this to you." *pulls out gun* Tucker "You wouldn't!" Church "Well, I look at it this way: Either A we got through there and get the flag back or B we stay here and I get to kill you. Either way, I win." Tucker "For the record, I want to know, rocks aren't people." Church "Dully noted, now get in there" Tucker "CRAAP... Alright, 1, 2..." *goes through teleporter* *silence* Caboose "Huh... he didn't come out the other side..." Church "Yeaa... I've decided, I've decided I'm not going to use the teleporter..."
  18. PS - Will you be reviewing WarCraft III. (feels like no one here has played it, since it's always ignored when examples of good games are given, or bad games)
  19. TLA's level 4 archers will have a 1% chance of instant kills. Representing Bard killing Smaug.
  20. I also loved AoM. I think there's no better RTS engine out there right now (and no, not even Empire). Reason is that the BANG! engine seems to fit, and makes sense. It's like the Halo engine, the physics and the way it works look good and effective. But I do have a few complaints - The single player was WAY top easy, I didn't finish it, but on the 9th scenario I should have faced some challenge. I finally just gave up. Overall I think AoM had the Reloaded syndrome. It was high quality, but people were expecting something so much more that it dissapointed more than it failed itself.
  21. Oh ohh, my turn! I'll list these as in more horrifying (at the time): #4 - I was riding my bicicle around this building, the sidewalks between building and grass were really narrow, and I scrapped a chunk of my pinky (or thumb) off when I scrapped against the wall. #3 - I don't remember the accident, but somehow my toe got hurt and it hurt for 2+ months afterwards. I think I broke it, just at the time I thought it was really bad if you broke something and didn't get a cast (I was like 7) #2 - I was riding my bike in town, made a corner and a motorcycle came at me. I dodged the left and he did too, then I went to the right and he did it too and we hit. I ended up just getting up and going home, but liter of Coke I was carrying got a hole in the bottle! And the next day I was really sore. #1 - Back in my dad's farm in Brazil he made silage. He used these huge cement... huh, bunkers I guess you can call them. But anyway, they have these long ramps that go down to the bottom of the bunker/hole about 10-20 ft long. I and the other kids would get our bikes and go down it at full speed, stopping near the end of the bunker. Well, I slipped on a bit of dirt or grass and fell. Slid down and scrapped my knee really bad (there were bits of flesh hanging out which added to the horror more than to the pain) and my *those round bones on your feet* got scrapped down to the bone which also made it look horrible and terrified me. Good times! To look back on at least
  22. Feels the power of DA!!! (District Attorney or Dark Angel, u choose)
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