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  1. I vote for Xbox for, the reasons is the following beautiful bulleted list: Elf's Bulleted List: * Power and Graphics are Superior * A high quality list of good games (even if not an extensive one) * Xbox Live is the best online service * It's not a cheap system, it's a quality one * Style, the green and black is so awesome * Hardrive, no necessity for memory cards * Nice controllers (when you get used to them) * Headphones and Broadband (no 'will-do's) * High-definition and Surround Sound compatible * Microsoft, they have money
  2. I know GBA is not exactly the same, but it is an option and game developers really treat it with respect (to my anguish because I hate them) but tell me which you think is best and why. YES, I am bringing up an old debate, especially because Xbox Live is picking up and PS2 is really pushing the race for online as well.
  3. Well, I must say when it comes to the living room part of the house my technology knowledge really falls (still above the average person I think, but at least there are a lot more experts than me) But, well, a friend of mine got himself a 50" Projection TV. He hooked it up and it seems blurry to me (he ignores it, after spending 1500 $ or + it's hard to accept something is wrong, I know the feeling). But anyway, I have a chance to get a really good deal on a 42" Projection TV ($ 200-300) but the fact is: What are the advantages, why does it seem blurry for my friend. Is there anyone with any experience so that I know what to check when I get a chance to see if this TV is what I want? I mean, I know Plasma TVs are much better than anything, but that comes with a price. Now I have a feeling there's a huge difference between HD and Projection, and just want to know what should I do or check up on?
  4. - Get work done in time. - Play games and watch movies without losing time - Go places I'm not supposed to - Probably steal, or manipulate stuff so I'm making money easier (I know stealing is bad, prolly just use it to get myself a good job) - Sleep - Learn new skills - Write some books
  5. After watching 6 trailers, I got to say this has nothing on Half Life 2... Don't get me wrong, this is a great game but in moving video it does not compare to HL2 (imo). The physics are limited, they have models reactions and stuff but not to the degree HL2 takes it. But I do like the concept of this game, and will most likely buy it. Though the trailers seemed quite empty, perhaps that will add to the freakiness and nervousness...
  6. Read all HP books, they're much better than the movies IMO
  7. where can I get this physics demo, I wanna watch it!!!!!!!!
  8. Well, the reason instant kills don't exist is because HP is there to represent the unit fighting. After all you don't take turns to hit each other in battle, you block/dodge and try to live. So once we can calculate the blocking and dodging and overall fighting as well as where on the body it hits the unit (cuts the shoulder or throat) then instant kill will get closer to being implemented. That's my thoughts, I just don't think it can be well implemented yet... at least not by us.
  9. Well, it seems this community is not big enough to support a whole forum for gaming, but I guess it can't hurt to work from here until the day comes. So, does anyone here play War3 on battle.net much? My account is ElfTheHunter (surprise!)
  10. Yep, those do look good. I'd say they are shooting for different things: HL2 is going for physics and interactivity while this seems to be going for stunning pictures and open-ended? But really, I wouldn't rule out (graphically) Doom 3 out. Anyway, thanks for alerting me to this, I had never heard of it (or I heard, never saw anything to get me interested)
  11. It works... Had almost my whole school 'learning' things from me until someone who knew the same or more about computers challenge me, I wasn't able to keep a straight face. I'll think of some.
  12. Copyright costs 20 bucks, unless you mean buying licenses to base game on other works, but that's prolly not what I would do.
  13. Yea, and that would not justify the work to get another forum running. Even though I hate to say so, we should wait...
  14. My idea has been taken: Start a game developer company, publisher and developer all-in-one so there's no pushing to meet deadlines. Full Alienware (or custom if employee requests) rigs for desks. A 'research' center for studying other games. And it would be open 24/7 for employees to come in and do work whenver they feel like it. There would be daily meetings where things were decided (if someone can't make it his say in the subject is lost) and each employee would be in responsible for a certain amount of hours at work and attending at least 3 meetings a week. For the rest it'd be open ended. Also, I would try not publicize my games until 3-4 months before release, in order to not promise things my developers couldn't deliver. Now, I have a question: They say that making a game can cost multi-million dollar budget, right? Well, where does it go. Employees only? I guess, 2-3 years of 50-100 grand a year for employeess, maybe that's where it all goes.
  15. I like stuff they make, I don't like them (they make me look bad!)
  16. BTW, I know very little of the history of the time, so you are prolly more aware of the times than me
  17. Oh, there actually is going to be a war? I thought it was just they didn't like each other, sort of a hostile spirit, no action... not sure my idea would work at all in this situation.
  18. Depending on the company (no matter how nice the exterior) you might still go nuts, it might makes you nuts faster.
  19. I would arrange for my queen to take a 'vacatation' somwhere safe but far off. Don't want any chance of a rebellion in my own house. I would tell no advisor of mine of my plans for her vacation, she and everyone else will just think that I really think she should go to . No, not saying kill her, saying actually send her on a vacation. Then I would meet with the Spartan embassador. I would tell him that I have done nothing against him, that the economic alliance I would agree on with Athens is because this way I know more of what's going on. If Athens decided to act against Sparta, they would know through me. But I would also warn him, that any secret act he would plan against Athens he should not tell me for I would be bound by contract to warn Athens. So I would suggest to him that he keep any secret aggressive acts towards Athens to himself, and involve me not. I would say he still has my complete alliance against any other nation. And would again reassure him that any act on Athen's behave towards him that I became known of I would tell him. I would be true to my word. Then I would meet with the Athen embassador. I would tell him that I greatly wish for a economic alliance and peace between our nations, but can not break the loyal duties of honor I shared with Spata. But I would tell him that being Sparta's ally and his ally, I would know of any evil act Sparta meant to cause towards Athens, and I would thus warn him of it. But on the other hand, under the same alliance with Sparta, I would be forced to tell them any malicious act Athens had planned against them. Then I would comfort him, by saying that if Athens meant to act against Sparta, I must only not know about it and they will not know. They would have complete peace with me and if war shall rise between both nations I would help neither unless our relationship has proven more true than that of mine and Sparta, then I shall side with Athens. But I would again promise that I would no betray Athens, if anything I would be neutral to both. I would be true to my word. Then I would give the people an offer, I would redirect a fair amount of my gold (money) towards educating three people from the village. These three men would be elected from the people by the people, and then would be educated in the arts of ruling an empire for 3-5 years. At the end of these years, they would become my advisors and share much power over some of the empire, but not enough to threaten mine. Then upon my death, they might be given more power depending on how they utulize their time in power. Hopefully, this would ease all sides, not enough to consider it total peace, but enough to delay any conflict.
  20. Well, it would be a forum where ppl could schedule multiplayer game sessions for other games like Halo, AoM, War3... they could even orginize tournaments somehow. This gives possibility for WFG clans and tribes for multiplayer games. This would prolly not be a WFG led forum, mostly individual scheduling and events. Anyway, it be like I go on, say that I'm planning a Halo game on so so date and time, then I get to play against ppl from this community. Anyway, just vote to say if you'd be interetested or not in such a forum...
  21. Ok, let's see (I over load myself almost all the time and underwork myself as well) * Finish sentence outline for Research Paper (on copyright debate) and then I want to actually finish my rough draft for it. * Respond and post on these fine forums, reply and check e-mail. (in progress) * Finish math homework. * Being my section of the DD for TLA. * Go on MSN to see if any TLA-related ppl are on, don't have time to idly chat * Go get applications to a few gas stations and stores (wal-mart, target...) * Get a game of War3 in or Halo. * Check out Dungeons & Dragons The Temple for Elemental Evil demo I downloaded. * Work on my "The Elven Tales" scenario * Watch 24 on TV From that, I'll prolly get 3-4 of them, just my tendency to overestimate myself :-(
  22. Yea, but he only asked processing and ram so I guessed on those.
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