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  1. I think it becomes too big when there are so many new threads open, that the ones you just made the day before are several pages into the archives.
  2. Welcome, it's good to have "older" members to bring some experience and connectons to the community that seems to be dominated by young kids who are usually better at playing games than making them.
  3. I haven't played any of the newer fps. I think the latest one I have played is Moh Allied Assault. That is pretty sad considering fps are my favorite type of game. Everything seems to be pointing out that I need a new computer.
  4. I think this was mostly meant as a joke. You guys are taking it kind of seriously. I don't think domating them would sway them one way or another anyway.
  5. I'll donate all my currency for your old computer when you get a new one.. lol jk
  6. You'll still be posting on the forums won't you? You're just giving up moderating right?
  7. Yeah, I had alot of fun with that back when it came out.
  8. lol.. my computer is less than a quarter that fast. I need a new computer.
  9. What kind of development teams are these? Are they for all the games that are in the heavengames network? I am not really familiar any of these. I was more in the HL mod community.
  10. In the donation statistics I think we need a section for poorest members so we can give donations.
  11. We give it to him and he gives it our to the poor among us. I expect a weekly update how many donations you get and how much you give away.
  12. I would say all of the above but since that is not an option I say plot/story because that is where you start from.
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