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  1. Welcome and I knew you were always around and still are....how ya been hon? Hope life is treating you good.
  2. Happy Easter to all my friends here at WFG.
  3. @Tim yw honey. Then get his permission, but Most of all.............Get your Mom to see a Doctor, their testimony holds up In court hon, not just one for depression, but also a pshychiatrist, why he would help her get through this without tons of stress! This will hold up honey
  4. Cat's not in WFG, BUT tim is very dear to me and I can fight to lol......so Timbo is ALL of ours When I said to record it, I DID say make sure it is Legal, I also said, get her under a Doctors supervision for the Stress she is under due to this........His testimony could blow them out of the water, I should know! Most of all though Tim just be there for her and as Rod said, be a good son to her. If you need me, just whistle hon
  5. Been through this so here is my advice: Record the conversations.......also show up out of the blue and act like you are surprized, if you see something, get a Doc for the stress she is under, check the contract out very closely........Harrassment IS not tolerated by any one. With the harrassment you have a very damaging case against the other 3.........Lawyers know whats best. You be there for your Mom and let her know how much you love her, many little hugs out of the blue mean lots to us, when this is happening.....Hang in there Tim hon, it will be ok
  6. Have fun hon, go to the slots between midnight and 5 AM, the best time to win on them lol.
  7. Welcome to the forums Jerry, bout time lol. Nah Brian, we are just coming over to visit.
  8. Yesss Welcome KB. Hope you and DA have fun.
  9. Breakfast in bed, is the Best present us Moms can get.........try that one Tim
  10. Maybe Shogun just needs a huge hug Anyways Glad you all liked it so far and Cheezy and Q.......Peace and Harmony are good, no matter what time of the year, come see us Cheezy and everyone else.....we love ya
  11. 1.) James Bond World Is Not Enough 2.) Terminator II 3.) Under Seige I & II 4.) You've Got Mail 5.) Scent of a Woman 6.) Terminator III Rise of the Machines 7.) James Bond Die Another Day 8.) Anger Management 9.) Immortal Beloved 10.) The Rock These are all my favorites, some I had to leave odd, but these I enjoy fully
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