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  1. smurf protection is good, but this would be a pain for newbies.
  2. When a Chinese player plays against the AI, what does this mean for the AI?
  3. Not in this case, but it could be an additional option / mod
  4. Rams are not overpowered anymore, in A23 they have been. They cant harm soldiers and can easily be destroyed by sword units
  5. Whoa! Being the highest rated active German player cant be that bad then, right? xD
  6. Sergiu has made 0ad videos 5 years ago, and 8 years ago ;-)
  7. I suggest to add another option for team games: "auto-share" It means that every team has team resources, players dont have their own resources anymore if they are in a team. If a player gets a resource, this will be added to the team resources. If a player spends a resource, it needs to taken from the team resources, as the player doesn't have his own resources anymore. Example: 4v4 with low resources (300). So each team starts with 1200 resources of each kind. Some players might be quicker and queue up a huge batch immediately so there will be less resources for the others than usual, but this is just how it works. Could be fun. The fun would be that you dont need to send resources to teammates and you dont need to ask them for resources. Just spend and gather resources, and maybe leave some of the resources for your teammates ; ) First of all this would be problematic with diplomacy mode, so I suggest to first of all make the options incompatible (the game is either diplomacy or auto-share or none of them.) It could be also realized by a mod in order to be realized more early, but mods are very problematic for multiplayer if they change the gameplay (which leads to incompability with the main game)
  8. Agis could get a 100% attack speed bonus for himself. So he is twice as strong as other infantry heroes again like in A23, and a super funny raiding unit
  9. Carthage is not in Europe, its in Africa ;-)
  10. Because the devs messed it up. In A23 Agis had double health and Chandragupta could train champion archers, but then the devs changed the game and forgot about this
  11. It could also reduce them: Only the host can be a "quitter". People will prefer playing with trusted hosts. Hosts will have a big audience so its not good for the reputation to quit such a match.
  12. It's possible to measure map sizes with the help of a unit (if there are no obstacles): Velocity is in "meters" per second.
  13. As each 0AD player knows, female armor looked exactly like this:
  14. Actually its good that the Seles have this bonus as they are not very strong. It can also be a weakness: If you lose your hero you have to rebuild a cc sometimes. Sele? Ok, makes sense. But ptol? No. Nobody needs to play macedonians in that case and Ptols are already OP Or both.
  15. Last alpha which was compatible has been 23.
  16. Or make it possible to select hostile units so you can see how many they are. It should also be possible to select much more units than 200. If units overlap there is less lag
  17. Mainland balanced is a very good map, but I suggest to create a variation called balanced plainland which has no cliffs at all. Even better, no height differences at all, it should be perfectly plain, thats why it is called plainland. The balance could be even improved by making the map rotational symmetrical, so every player has the same starting conditions as every other player (if you divide balanced mainland into 8 "pieces of cakes", each piece looks different. If you would divide balanced plainland into 8 pieces of cake, they would all look the same, which creates an excellent balance)
  18. Maybe because there are so many smurfs so its hard to ban them all, and because not enough people report them?
  19. The spearmen are as durable as rank 1 pikemen (if you use sparta team bonus and armor hero). The rank 2 units also rise rather quickly to rank 3 which makes them even more tanky. I remember that the costs of the army camp had been an issue in A23. That you can build it in hostile and neutral territory is also a big advantage. And I wish that we wont see them Yes, maybe remove one of the units. But in a way that only one unlock tech is needed. Seleucids need 2 unlock techs too, maybe that could be changed as well.
  20. I agree. Sorry, devs, but thats bad game design. At the other hand its good that unlocking spear cav champs also unlocks archer cav champs. Disagree. Army camps cost less metal and train rank 2 units. Unlocking champions is cheaper now and allows Rome to be quite a force with its cavalry champions. Try to cure your depressed mood with mods? Lol
  21. @vinme This thread might be the right for you
  22. I'd suggest that this technology doesnt need the 3 traders to be researched. Its such a high requirement that you rarely see the tech researched
  23. Yes. The lower the spread, the higher is the accuracy This is what happens to ranged units. They also get 25% more health per rank. Melee units also get this health bonus but also 20% or 25% more attack. Addionally +1 pierce and hack armor. All units lose like 29% gather speed per rank.
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