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  1. Indeed. While their CPUs are top-notch, AMD cant seem to get a good graphics driver out. (I dont know if that is really the case now). Both intel and nvidia got decent drivers though. *drivers for linux. I am sure their cards work nicely on windows
  2. That 2.8GHz is the max single core perf. But usually it’s just 1.5GHz. Apparently, given the right scenarios, it would reach 2.8GHz. I wouldn’t assume that for most practical usages, it would exceed 1.5GHz.
  3. If only dev A could submit a proposal and dev B and C test and review it quickly allowing dev A to commit the thing within a reasonable amount of time.
  4. AoE3’s combat system was awesome. Well, so was the timeframe. Destroying buildings by hitting it with a sword is just plain ridiculous. But as I have posted before, missing animation, else I would have changed it to a more AoE3-like way.
  5. Dawn of Man is a cool game, but feels like a different subgenre to me.
  6. Its as if the GPL is not a permissive and truly free license.
  7. Out of curiosity, what did the commit that broke DE's gamesetup added?
  8. Not really broken. Just that literally no work was done in the area.
  9. If I might suggest something, you might wanna look into that commit which added the manager thing. In this case, this is just a missed rounding as opposed to an actual error. *just to clarify, I am not saying that its what caused the problem. Just saying that its a possibility. I dont care enough to go through commit logs lol.
  10. Better than when spear cavalry does not get promoted due to a lack of 0.000000003 xp (not sure if I got the numbers of 0s correctly).
  11. I just looked up the current specification, and the hardware can fully support es 3.2 and vulkan1.1 . Since I have been thinking of getting the new one, I might try getting this to work there.
  12. I dont think the pi supports anything higher than 2. At least not on hardware. Maybe it’s just emulation from the mesa side.
  13. Ptolemies are the best civ. Bordering on being overpowered late game. With the merc hero, mercs are crazy cheap. Plus, there is a fixed cost tech which literally promotes your whole army to rank 2. When I stopped playing multiplayer, the whole meta kinda revolved around them.
  14. Not a solution unfortunately. On my end, it doesn't really run out of memory even without increasing the runtime size. But it still takes a while to generate. But like I said, its bad design. On top of that, its highly cpu unfriendly. _Lots_ of cache misses, and those are expensive. Good enough for a workaround I guess. But why such a large size though? The largest map size in AoE2 was apparently 256
  15. The server sends a compressed state of the entire simulation. And all the commands from the point the rejoin was requested. While the rejoined client is executing those commands, the game would be locked in the current step. What you are asking of is actually very simple. Conceptually at least. (Assuming the AI serializes all it needs). All the prerequisite code is already present. None of the state changing math is floating point btw. It’s all fixed point. So, just integer operations. Since you seem to be somewhat interested in engine design, I suggest reading up on the lockstep architecture. It’s not entirely the best engine design today, but it came from a time when bandwidth was rather precious.
  16. https://code.wildfiregames.com/source/0ad/browse/ps/trunk/source/graphics/MapGenerator.cpp$43 Just change that line to something higher. That won't add the scaling with the sizes part though.
  17. I just changed it to scale with the actual map size. Thanks for bringing it up.
  18. Not unless you patch engine code and recompile it yourself. Certain maps sized 512 takes over 6 minutes to generate. So, if your 2048 sized map doesn't run out of memory, you would still have to wait for an eternity. Unfortunately, the 0AD map generation system has a terrible design problem. And fixing it is taking a lot longer than one first imagined.
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