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  1. I get the theory behind it of course. Merely remarking the absurdity of the solution.
  2. Seems like you don't need to host to incur the wrath of the DoS gods.
  3. Basic enterprise grade hardware can withstand a DoS. A DDoS on the other hand, while expensive to launch is also expensive to mitigate, which is why you rent virtual servers on the cloud. The previous thread regarding this topic has somehow been locked down now, I am not sure if its global or just for me, but I can't reply to that in my own discretion now. I would want to be once again the bearer of bad news, but I no longer care and its getting old at this point.
  4. There are two functions exposed to JS in the lobby. You can use these functions. See, https://github.com/0ad/0ad/blob/d15248f72db6116fec09fe11b50f55a39aba5917/source/lobby/scripting/JSInterface_Lobby.h#L44 void SendRegisterGame(ScriptInterface::CmptPrivate* pCmptPrivate, JS::HandleValue data); void SendUnregisterGame(ScriptInterface::CmptPrivate* pCmptPrivate);
  5. From your graphs, it looks like the router is being overloaded with packets, not necessarily bandwidth. A million tiny packets on a home router would still starve it. All this need in an interface to do. Alternatively, proxy the requests done through the lobby. That way, the DDoSer would need to connect to the host before he can get a public IP. Basically, don't advertise public IPs, just relay them to the actual host when they want to connect.
  6. There is nothing that can fix losing 90% of one sex and the gene pool that goes along with it. That's just extinction.
  7. I doubt home routers will have that capability. I would assume who ever does this would know how to to actually knock out a router. DoS detection is a complex problem. Usually, DoS attacks starve out the end host, not the hardware in between. Home routers with limited memory aren't hard to starve unfortunately. Find where it comes from, find what it sends, null route all trafic that match the both criteria. You aren't running a server, you can safely block out entire regions.
  8. See if the game shows up on the LAN discovery menu, maybe the IP is wrong. Regardless, rather than going through the public network, playing in your LAN would be better. Menu -> Join Game -> Search LAN for Games.
  9. I made that mod and posted it on this forum sometime in 2018. Performance was alright, nothing intensive was needed to be done. I am not sure whether defining quadrants will be an issue. What I did was take the relative rotation of two entities in attack, translate for attack direction if needed and just take the circle quadrants based on angles. I recall having to revise it to only take the relative rotation of attacked and the attack, because missile attacks can have vastly different attacker and attack orientation depending on projectile speed.
  10. Can't even do that. Replays have nothing but commands. There is pretty much zero uses for these replays. Unless of course, 0AD itself is bugged and DoSing clients.
  11. Not really. You cannot have spaces in a URL. It should be encoded as %20, but browsers today display it as a space. If you open the browser console, the requests themselves still use %20 and you can see it as such.
  12. Changing the terrain from a grid to a polygon map or something similar will allow for some remarkable art. If you can make it in blender, you can make it in Atlas kinda thing. Even allow for importing actual meshes to Atlas. Fun to think about, not fun to implement. Basically involves overhauling the entire terrain renderer.
  13. None of them are well known for their amazing UI/UX. I find it unnecessarily verbose and lengthy. And in my entire life, I have never found anyone who got confused by AM/PM. But by my own logic, I should be arguing for 24 hours. And I fail to see how moving from one arbitrary standard to another improves things. That's the point of locales. It's completely subjective. So the best thing to do is just have the default be the industry standard, which is also what all software and operating systems use out of the box. And maybe ask IPB devs to implement locales how everyone else does it. Regardless, this is not a hill I am gonna die on. I am pretty confident I can parse out dates in any locale.
  14. Given that en-us is the default in most cases and most of the world uses mostly American English these days, just keep en-us. And I don't believe there is anyone not knowing how to interpret the AM/PM notation. It's not hard, teaching them is easier than messing with locales.
  15. Your snark-o-meter is malfunctioning. While I am not one to hold back in actual arguments, I went for the most neutral thing possible in that reply. Regardless, he takes pride in being the uncaring bada$$ who says whatever is on his mind unaplogetically as he mentioned in this thread. Don't dish out what you can't take.
  16. Isn't there only one interpretation of that though? Can it ever refer to anything but half past midnight?
  17. Its not quite as pretty as "everyone's taking a break". But i have no stake in any of that discussion, so lets just leave it be.
  18. You never fail to disappoint me. Sometimes, I see something and I am like, surely this is peak. Alright, you are the victim here. You words are somewhat more meaningful lol.
  19. I look for two things in a project. Engagement from users and engagement from devs. If said project is meant to amount to anything, devs need to take the thing seriously. The cruel reality of the this endeavour is that this is neither easy nor fun. If everyone is looking for something fun to do, I guess that makes a lot of sense. Noone is tackling the big issues. Noone wants to go through hell for N months for fun. "We are doing this for fun" makes for a good tagline. But when things amount to something, it's no longer fun, it's work. Most projects aren't abandoned because there isn't usage. Most are abandoned because something someone did for fun became useful, others found it useful, and it became an actual thing that demanded a lot more than fun, which the maintainer couldn't offer. I don't have authority to dictate how people should act or feel. But that attitude wouldn't really deliver what the users of the software expects. Maybe that's alright. Maybe this codebase is a tech demo for people to code on and having an end product 0AD, the RTS game built by the community for the community, is just a byproduct. It's not about what people want to see. It's about what people expect to get and what you can offer.
  20. Ok this is just getting unprofessional from devs now... 1. Imagine if someone with a rather pricy internet connection is on the recieving end. 2. This is actively ruining the multiplayer experience from what I can tell. 3. Thread was made in September 13 and no one with a blue nick has even bothered replying here. At least implement a central relaying proxy so people don't have to expose their public IPs. I will reply to my own post as well because I literally know the response. "This is an unpaid volunteer project"
  21. All of them are from the United States from my lookup. Some behind Cloudflare. The last one from an ISP that usually host servers. Seychelles has some blocks close to that last IP, but it doesn't own that specific range.
  22. Well, of course, nobody owes anyone anything. That is a two way road though. When the answer to everything is being an unpaid volunteer project, it says a lot more than what I presume you even intended to. That statement pretty much says, "we are out of our depth here, don't expect much from us, this is an inherent aspect of the project we can't ever change, deal with it or move on". The message isn't something current and potential users and contributors like to hear. And most of the time, they will choose the latter and just move on because well, seems like it will all be a heathen effort. And truthfully, people don't owe usage of the software being developed as much as they presumably aren't entitled to criticism because we are all altruistic here. And at that point, then what? development for development's sake? the means becomes the ends? That last statement may seem hyperbolic, but that's exactly what I am seeing here now. "It's an unpaid volunteer project. Take your entitlement elsewhere". Sure, but then what?
  23. This part is not entirely true. Its the same argument people and companies were using against open source for years. Its just a bunch of dudes working during their nights. It wont go faster than a snail. But time and time again, it has been proven to be wrong, because those same people deliver. With all the complaining, the burnout, the turnover, things still move forward. And its kinda disappointing to see this from a FOSS point of view because the principle behind the movement is being contradicted and we are to believe community development is a dead end. I guess you yourself believe we are marching towards oblivion. I have said my interpretation of why that's not the case here, but alas, they were neither constructive nor on topic and were removed.
  24. Seems like mom didn't gave enough attention as a child.
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