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  1. Huh. I see. I assumed it was like the Intel integrated graphics.
  2. Integrated graphics will still be using the VRAM no? Aside from the onboarding buffer (which your dedicated card will also use)? I don't think the current ram bus allows to not tank GPU performance while using system ram. You should be fine as long as you are not buying an Intel and it can push 4ghz on a single core.
  3. Can you abstract it a bit and make it part of rmgen/math.js? And submit a patch of course. (code.wildfiregames.com is fine by me). It can be reviewed more easily and committed (at least to the one I commit to).
  4. Get used to it dude. You are gonna have to go through the same thing when you finish your thesis. Literally everyone in academia is skeptical of everything. Assume it's wrong until proven correct.
  5. General comment on the flood fill algorithm. When testing reachability, there is no reason to not stop once a connection has been established. Edit: disregard the comments below. You are already using a stack it seems. ~~Keeping that in mind, for most cases, using a stack (the data structure) might lead to a connection being found faster than if you were using a queue. If you visualise your algorithm, you would see the fill expanding like a diamond (actually a square oriented diagonally). If you were using a stack, the fill would be expanding line by line. Vertical lines going across the whole area. The probability of hitting the target is much higher. Especially if the target is an area rather than a point. Basically, last in first out instead of first in fast out. But implementing a stack is more complex than a queue.~~
  6. density_placer.js Submit it to upstream if you think that's worth having there. I am not sure I have much use for that now.
  7. You don't really need the pathfinder to do that. You just need to flood fill for non mountain tileclasses and see if your two points are connected. But you have to use the underlying storage of tileclasses for optimal performance. But this should not be that slow since the N in O(N^2) would remain in acceptable values. For nicer mountains, I suggest using fractal generation. More specifically, subdivision generation. The concept is rather simple. Split into half, add height, repeat. The only issue might be that there just aren't enough vertices in 0ad terrain. I might have some code to throw your way which I used to generate some screenshot worthy maps with regards to more natural looking forests.Will post if I managed to find it.
  8. What about PBR? I am not sure if it's really worth it. In RTS games, you can't really see the details. And more simpler code from certain points of view. But most importantly, if a gltf migration is planned, that's something to think about since it's kinda centered on PBR.
  9. > What is nowadays the possibility to have lightning / storms during a match? >> Not possible yet. @vladislavbelov worked on something but didn't release anything usable. I guess I should have quoted the relevant part. That was my bad. But yes, any plans in the graphics area of stuff going on? If I may suggest something, do what STK did and get the graphics engine of open source code and maintain it as a fork.
  10. With the hardware you want to support, the lack of deferred shading (or just forward+), the use of alpha preventing a reasonable deferred rendering system, and all around archaic rendering system compared to today I am really not sure if dynamic lighting "works". I guess completely ignoring shadows casted would make it simpler. Aproper implementation of dynamic lighting is pretty straightforward. But in this 20 year old system, it's just too much work. Without instancing, dynamic lights in a forward system will fry cards. So many fragments per pass. And it scales with number of lights too.
  11. Not honoring this request within 30 days is literally illegal per GDPR laws. A full name is personal data and the subject is within his right to erase it. The nickname is also identifiable information and he is within right to rectify it. "[information must be provided to the individual without delay, and at the latest, within one month of receipt of the request.]" Meaning that Wildfire Games is already in violation of EU GDPR since this request was filed early May. Honestly very disappointing that this was not taken care of.
  12. [Something about being mandated by law to release source and well wishes to anyone trying to merge stuff]
  13. Not necessarily. Since the kernel over commits memory, there are specific circumstances where it might not lag at all. OOM kill is the best case scenario. Without logs, cant really say I suppose.
  14. 0AD most likely starved system memory plus swap so the Kernel sent a Kill(9) signal to the process terminating it. And yes, the Kernel only does this in the most dire of cases. One of these three should help figure out why. The first one is the most likely. I am not sure to be honest. dmesg -T| grep -E -i -B100 'killed process' /var/log/kern.log /var/log/messages Good luck fixing that.
  15. The game works with UDP. It relies on STUN for traversing NATs. Unfortunately, STUN cannot traverse all NATs. And with current trends on IPv4 exhaustion rates and IPv6 adoption rates, you can expect more and more NATs to emerge. i. e, I expect the problem to get worse.
  16. Typical bureaucracy. Nobody wants it, but what can ya do... There is a whole section of the forum behind curtains, the same thing. Noble goals.
  17. There are solutions utilizing the current system. It offers theoretical ways to work around, but nothing practical. Not all of them involve dedicated hosting. > Bigger problem connected with this is that there is no way currently to punish if host of the game leaves without resigning as he is the one sending results to the servers. If he exists (without resign), closes application, kills process, shutdowns computer, disconnects from internet on purpose, there is no way how to send that results to servers. Both players report to Echelon in the current system.There are plenty of ways to punish the host.
  18. `sudo apt install 0ad` after `sudo apt update` upgrade might use the priority list and pick the one in universe or backports or something.
  19. Just to clarify, the problem is the spamming?
  20. Any chance you upgraded your PC? I recall someone uploading a patch. Not sure if it was committed. Regardless, you would have to wait for A24 I suppose.
  21. Genie engine definitely saw upgrades. Good UI, excellent renderer. They took a while, but it probably met the mark. A warm color scheme is a good thing. There is a reason why movies with billion dollar budgets went for it. People like those. Its easier on the eyes and the majority, consciously or not, find it more aesthetically pleasing. Same reason why most find paintings of an autumn landscape more pleasing than a winter one (at least from what I observed, or rather what my friend who is an artist has observed).
  22. Yes. It doesn’t allow corporates to profit from the works of an irrelevant dev. Apparently, FOSS is corporate bootlicking according to this article. The same people also make a fuss when a tech giant like Google implements an abusive policy. You built the infrastructure for them, what did you expect?
  23. Too bad they didnt do something in the modern era. AoE3 died (way more players than 0AD still) because of the xp and card system. That homecity thing was a mess.
  24. Which part of those are cartoony? I genuinely like it.
  25. (Lots of aoe hate here, huh? Single handedly saving the classic rts genre from dying. And their game is alright.)
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