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  1. Authoritarian regimes usually last for three to four successors before being reformed. Same as Gorbachev, someone would reform away to a more moderate socio-economic model. Collapse of the system as a whole is unlikely as that would need a significant loss in living quality like one induced by economic collapse. Also, the country is not exactly Orwellian as most media would claim. Asia as a whole aside from a few exceptions has a very collectivist outlook on society, and individualism is not really a thing in most places to the degree of places like the US. So, Chinese and most Asians don't really see a problem by a missing laissez-faire capitalistic mode. The Soviet Union was much more fragmented with different cultures that have different outlooks on society. The Kulaks were basically living a "Little House on the Prairie" kind of a lifestyle.
  2. I guess this is the actual study. https://advances.sciencemag.org/content/5/10/eaay5478 . Sensationalized, but if the whole arsenal is detonated, then yes, that is likely. But 250 nukes with 100+ kilotons is not a limited exchange. I am not sure if armed and ready to go missiles exceeds a few dozens. The authors equalized estimated war heads with weapons. Couldn't find the billion figure, but nuclear induced cooling would probably kill a lot I guess. And who knows, maybe people are actually dumb enough. Posadism was an unironical thing too.
  3. A 100 conventional wars will kill a whole lot more people than a localized nuclear exchange. If Islamabad and New Delhi got vaporized, the world will be shocked, but it would eventually move on. No nation would be dumb enough to pick a side and risk getting annihilated for pointless wars. We still got some time for the truly desperate resource wars, which on the other hand would be an incredible firework show when viewed from space.
  4. It also conveniently ignores post nuclear warfare. Weapons of mass destruction enforces global peace through the premise of mutually assured destruction. The world has never seen more peaceful times relatively speaking. Proponents of nuclear disarmament are incredibly naive to even suggest that the world will be a better place without nukes and where conventional warfare is a viable option again. There won't ever be a war between major nations again until missile shields are developed.
  5. Some of you have never lived under authoritarianism and it shows.
  6. I haven't taken a close look at it, but from an in game perspective, not really. I guess that's a bluefin but compared to human models, those are kinda out of proportion. Although, at this point, this is nothing more than nitpicking. Also might be because I see most species up close quite often so irregularities are amplified.
  7. I meant more as in all current maps depicts relevant locations and all maps currently featuring tuna are geographically inaccurate.
  8. A jumping tuna is more likely than a stationary tuna given that they need to swim continuously at quite high speeds to literally survive. The model doesn't look like a tuna, so might as well just rename it to generic fish. Especially considering that none of the civs live somewhere close to where Tuna fisheries is aside from Maurya and Kushite. That is of course assuming the objection is due to realism.
  9. In the coming decades, without tapping into the largest biomass on this planet, there is literally no chance of feeding everyone. Eating insects won't be a choice then, just the grain of a desertified world. Is it alarmist when someone points at a broken bridge while on the train several miles down the track? Gaze into the future. The green house effect doesn't care about feelings.
  10. The trade mechanics of AoE3 is pretty different. There is a route along which NPC traders travel. Depending on the upgrade, from stagecoach to locomotives. You have to build trade posts along the route in slots and when the trader reaches it, resources will be deposited. Somewhat hard to get right in random maps in a balanced way. It's a forced mechanic in AoE3, but some years ago, I thought of making specific maps with that gimmick using triggers. The proof of concept is here.
  11. I don't disagree with that. Just that those are symptoms and not the cause. I think that modern consumerism is by design unsustainable. Corruption and the like are just part of the race to the bottom.
  12. This is part of the problem. You can't point to a boogeyman as the source of all evil when the point and purpose of it all stems from your demands and the incentive to fulfill it. Rampant consumerism demands more, and opportunists will cater to every demand. No one burns oil for the sake of burning oil and no one cuts down trees for the sake of cutting down trees. Big oil was big oil because people want cars and lights. Why did Pennsylvania oil became a necessity in the first place and why did it become so big to the point of building entire nations from scratch. Most green house emissions are done in the name of consumers. 15% of emissions causing climate change are solely due to our desire to eat meat. Don't get me wrong, I am personally part of the problem and will not go vegan to save the planet and I doubt most would do so. That same line of thinking dominates all corners of rampant consumerism. But if it helps us sleep at night, sure, let's clear our hands off blame and point at someone else instead.
  13. Honestly, based on historical precedence, I think the most likely outcome would be that we just look the other way and when on the brink of extinction, we just accept more than half the population as collateral damage, geoengineer what's left to something livable and just carry on. Couldn't deal with a virus, what hope is there for climate change. Especially when it's a case of slow boiling frogs. I am almost curious to see it unfold. Personally, I am stoic enough to not worry about it, but interesting times ahead. I am lucky/unlucky to be born at the start of the millennia, so basically a front row ticket.
  14. On the bright side, I will be underwater before the truly apocalyptic stuff goes down. Good luck, you will probably need it in 50 years if you don't end up dying in the resource wars first.
  15. Its not entirely useless. Even if you manage to do the NAT traversal, the ports still need to be opened. I am not sure if 0AD STUN use a TURN server too. If there is no such thing, (I assume you are behind a symmetrical NAT since it failed even after you used STUN), its pretty much impossible to have an e2e session. ISPs should just commit to ipv6 and do away with NATs.
  16. Tangentially related since this has nothing do with 64 bit builds, but wdbg code is written in a really old win api and has not been updated since it was written more than a decade ago. Better ways to get a backtrace are now available in the win api. Someone should really refactor those early 2000's code.
  17. I think it's not possible. Ninja doesn't support those. I personally didn't try using it with anything besides vs2019 with win10 toolkits, so I am not too familiar with that, but I recall reading something like that, not entirely sure.
  18. None of the potential causes I can think of sounds particularly hard to fix. Then again, I have no clue as to which of them actually caused the bug, or if it is even one of them. No interest in finding out either. A laughing reaction might fit the most since the message of doom and gloom isn't as serious when you start debugging. However, at this point when this seems to be the norm and smooth releases doesn't seem to exist anymore, it might be worth it to consider the reasons why this is the case. Removing a singular oddly specific map script might sound like an attractive option, but people making that choice is the reason for this mess right now. Release with the bug, or fix it. Just don't bury it.
  19. Non deterministic execution with a seeded psuedo rng. Good luck to the lucky soul who is going to fix that.
  20. I think this already happens naturally. ELO inflation is a thing. When I started to play three alpha versions ago, the second on the leaderboard was 1800 something. I don't know the exact rate.
  21. Yes, its pretty much the same thing to be fair, except that visual studio plays nicely with vcpkg, in that it tries to emulate a /usr/lib/. What other approach is there for Win? For certain libraries like nvtt, one would need to patch the portfile too. Painful, but its the least painful way I have found.
  22. That's not surprising. Download counts are no where near active user counts. For the true user count, you would need telemetry, but who cares, this isn't corporate software.
  23. https://github.com/microsoft/vcpkg I suggest devs to drop third party libraries and just rely on vcpkg aside from SM and FCollada.
  24. There is no such thing as physics. Projectiles themselves are delayed damage handlers working with rather straightforward linear transformations. There are purely visual actors accompanying them, but by all means, as far as game logic is concerned, they don't do anything. Actual ballistics, and projectiles as entities dealing damage on collision is an interesting concept. None of the math will be extremely complex, so maybe an experiment for modders. I don't think several hundred projectiles would be that big of a performance concern even for JS mods since projectile paths would be approximated. Also, while on the topic of ships and realism, there is also this, I don't know where the code is though.
  25. First of all, even if your Radeon card isn't used, and integrated graphics is being used, the OpenGL version provided by " IntelĀ® HD Graphics 4600" is 4.3. The integrated graphics can run the game. At least, in the case of the card that's used, the driver has issues and the fallback is used hence, the OpenGL version being 1, and the driver name not being reported as neither Intel nor Radeon. Check your drivers. The game should run on either of your cards without errors.
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