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  1. Running A23 with Autociv and Any-IP which I need to play with my fiancé. I did download some new mods just to check them out and the interesting thing is that when these new mods are downloaded but disabled, these errors will still get triggered. I didn't delete them one by one and retest each time to find the culprit but it's not the two I mentioned already or DE. Could have been one or more of the following. Tech Tree Borg Special Builders Tower Defense Millennium AD I will try later to add these one by one and see what the cause is but for now I have just deleted these las
  2. I believe this is something with the "Tech Tree" mod.
  3. Played with SQUIDDER THE KING and he ended the host without resigning after getting demolished. Was a ranked game
  4. Anyone else have any problems connecting to host on a LAN? 20595 port forwarding message but it's forwarded.
  5. I need to get a new Macbook soon and with the anticipation of Apple's ARM based SoCs, it got me wondering if Wildfire Games has already planned for what is likely to be a greater industry shift to ARM. Do you foresee any issues transitioning or do you expect any great financial expenditures in this area?
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