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  1. I translate with google translate! anyway yes, it is different from the positioning of the direction with arrow, but it is another way still valid, you can position the formation with the shape you want by moving the pointer as you press, nice
  2. it works ! is there any key to see the single units selected as in the red bar of the previous post? and also there is the possibility to position the troops as you want with an arrow type image?
  3. the bar that in the red zone shows the single selected units and in the green zone makes the quick group that I now know thanks to Dakara in 0ad is done with Ctrl + 1 etc ...
  4. Can I suggest to add to the game 0ad the features of empire earth? Something like the bar under empire earth which shows all the selected characters and you can save them in groups that you select with one click, also you can place the troops with an arrow to indicate the direction (useful things in the course of the game), also the editor allows you to make micro movies to introduce the game !? among other things I bought it in gog and I have a crash problem on Linux with wine 6.2, someone has it and solved it? working I recommend it to combine it with 0AD and age of empire game video https://youtu.be/W7DWNE0ytBc , https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UuvbcH8WITI
  5. I changed some faces and divided the various pieces! changed texture, more than that I don't know what to do Troy2.tar.gz
  6. I tried to create the Troy horse in lowpoly, but I can't create a decent texture with blender and krita (also because I am not very skilled in blender); you can modify it as you like if it serves the game, otherwise it was an exercise for me. Troy.blend
  7. a discover message says the download pope has no FIle release.PC Linux Kde Neon user
  8. I practice a little both Krita and Blender in Gnu / Linux and I was wondering if there is the possibility to see the animated files that you use in the game to study them a little, is it possible? I would study them to improve not only the modeling but above all the animation; I do the best I can do and put the basic bones, like only the arms the legs without those other bones that I have seen in the videos exploit the reverse animation, those few animations that I did penetrate the ground xD
  9. Given that the official campaign is struggling to be present, why not add an unofficial user campaign button to import user campaigns into the game (not individual maps but campaigns)? especially because the map editor is included in the game, just add the "create campaign" option where you can import the map files saved as a campaign submenu (if not already there), this could increase the visibility of the game as not everyone likes to drop online or individually with the random map .BUG: In the flatpack package, the map editor, 0ad version 0.0.23, does not start
  10. http://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Knights_and_Merchants I must say that there are many strategy games where many are looking at only the soldiers and the story! But frankly, at the level of civilian characters are knights and merchants the best! very similar to the saga of settlers: the characters who are all unemployed leave until they take up a construction job, these jobs are related to each other, there is the 'farmer who sends wheat to the mill to be used by the bakery for bread that can cucinareil go to a restaurant or tavern, and so on. OAD + in my opinion would be nice if riders used the system for the city and merchants, as well as various building constructions anchedelle roads to facilitate the travel of different quality and perhaps also an interesting thing in the game and that if they do not eat there will be deaths of soldiers or the people ... I would add that the unemployed for too long lose loyalty cells become crazy and put to destroy the houses or stealing food ... for the characters would put civilians only an indication of fidelity (or circle or line) to the government and life . The nice thing about the game of strategy and that you should not distract too much and then to build houses, etc. ... would appear as characters or soprai selected commands or demolish and then build the list of buildings without using the bar that bump with the option to hide where you put it and that I would only fixed settings such as training of soldiers in the second created the rank of troops and the various info and economy etc. ... trust I would make her appear automatically only if there is maybe u alarm threshold from which to choose to experience, while the radar would do with a level of transparency (I seem to be much cleaner commands). For another day the soldiers will tell you how well I would see them
  11. Per me va benissimo una discussione generali per varie lingue ! avente una tendina tipo Other style che indirizza la lingua in Topic Title la lingua tipo [ ITA] [sPA] [FRA] e cosi via ... ci vorrebbe un moderatore per ogni lingua o un collegamento per voi a google traslate e simili ! meglio però che le lingue non si mischino in un post
  12. I try to gather the minimum number ...?
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