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  1. I don't think that the current gaul buildings are too far different than what you have posted. Also remember that the artists like to make their mark with stylistic choices that are probably not always accurate 100%. I think it would help them if you maybe did a presentation of each gaul building in the game and show what you would change about each one to make it better. For the lether armor, that looks great. Good idea. Nice reference.
  2. The trees would not disappear until the foundation is started being built. So, placing a bunch of foundations in the enemy's tree groves would not work to remove his trees. Besides, remember that you can only place foundations within your own territory (with a few special exceptions). Or just do what I suggest. lol Yes, but we want units to be able to walk through forests. Also, this removes possibility of doing cool things with barbarians in forests.
  3. Instead how about this? Make trees fully passable (might help cut down on pathfinding lags too?), but allow buildings to be built over trees (the trees disappear like a dead animal would disappear). Celts, Iberians, and Mauryan civs get some kind of fighting or movement bonus in trees (or both or either: Celts and Iberians fighting bonus, Mauryans movement bonus). Can maybe do this with an aura if you make "groves" of trees be 1 object (so you don't have thousands of auras at once, just some dozens). I do some of this in my mod.
  4. I just want to mention that the great tech tree by s0600204 now includes Delenda Est. So, you can now see some of the changes that the mod makes to the core game. http://s06eye.co.uk/0ad/techtree-v2/?mod[]=delenda_est The tech tree leaves some stuff out, but it give good idea what to expect.
  5. A enhancement idea would be to adjust the time cost in a building's tooltip with the number of builders you are selected. So if ou select 1 ptolemy builder to build a house, the tooltip would show 80 seconds to build the house. But if you have 10 builders selected the tooltip would show 20 seconds (or whatever it would be).
  6. 40 sword cavalry costs a lot of money. They should be able to take down building pretty fast. If you've let the enemy get to your civ center with 40 sword cavalry unopposed, then you deserve to lose that civ center. The balance is all kind of screwed up right now with units, but 40 melee cavalry quickly destroying a civ center is not imbalanced itself. It should be easier for, say, spear infantry to kill those cavalry though. With hard counters removed this is difficult right now.
  7. hi tau, what does your extended unitAI patch do? Does it just alter line 5070 or do other things too? Changing line 5070 did work to fix that queued gathering problem. Thanks.
  8. I think it should be bigger than the regular Rome храм, but smaller than a wonder.
  9. Error in game, SVN. ERROR: Error creating SimpleDateFormat: U_INTERNAL_PROGRAM_ERROR ERROR: Error creating calendar: U_INTERNAL_PROGRAM_ERROR
  10. Hello s0600204! Thanks for adding my mod! All of the building icons don't seem to be showing up. Is there something I can change to fix that for you? I like how your project can support more than 3 ages. Good job on that. Would be very useful for a mod that has a lot more ages (like a Rise of Nations).
  11. The repository is a working one. The mod is at version 0.0.1 after all. Noted.
  12. Oh, that must be a copy-paste error. Thanks for noticeing.
  13. Thanks. That did the trick. Not sure what happened either. I did not pewrsonally or intentionally change the order of initialisation.
  14. I don't remember changing anything like that though. So, I am confuse. I have not (consciously) changed when skirmisher units are initialised.
  15. I get this with latest AI (I have mod delenda est installed): WARNING: PlayerID 1 | Petra baseManager 1 problem with accessIndex 2 while metadata access is undefinedIt's possible I have changed a template in some way to hurt the AI's performance. What could this change be?
  16. The only ranged units you can garrison in a tower are infantry.
  17. I think it was originallyy meant to only hve ranged infantry add arrows: <BuildingAI> <DefaultArrowCount>1</DefaultArrowCount> <GarrisonArrowMultiplier>1</GarrisonArrowMultiplier> <GarrisonArrowClasses>Infantry Ranged</GarrisonArrowClasses> </BuildingAI>Otherwise you only need "Infantry" there. The classes list here do not work like other lists.
  18. The alpha 17 changes really are very very bad. Removing hard counters was a mistake and there are numerous bad decisions like the one pointed out in this thread. Spearmen get pierce attack, and to make them counter cavalry cavalry must have low pierce armor, right? But ranged units have pierce attack too. Ranged units are supposed to be countered by cavalry, but instead slaughter cavalry like hot knife through butter. And then you have a basic unit like swordsman who costs 3 different resources, food, wood, and iron. You have champion units (see Seleucid silver shield for example) who cost HUGE amounts of 3 resources too. You will have post after post of people trying to defend their decisions (the balancing branch people who basically have thrown the game's design into disarray), so it is very clear that they do not intend to change direction. It is good to experiment, but you should know when the experiment is a failure. The truth is the game's health just now relies on modding to fix game's balance.
  19. Started adding information for the civs. Some ideas I got from talking to Prod, some other ideas are expanded from the wfg wiki, and still more can be found in discussion on this very board. The specific bonuses and changes for each civ. Changes from vanilla 0 A.D. or additions will have an asterisk (*). Athenians Team Bonuses: - "Trade Alliances": Sea Trade +33% trade profit over ‘international’ routes between allies. NOT IMPLEMENTED. Civ Bonuses: - "Trademasters": Merchant Ships available at Village Phase.- "Double Harbor": The Carthaginian Shipyard is larger and has double the health of other shipyards, but costs 50% more.- "Mercenary Army": The Carthaginians have access to 3 different structures which can train mercenaries, who cost no population room. Special Buildings:- Celtic Embassy: Train Celtic mercenaries. Research improvements for these mercenaries.- Iberian Embassy: Train Iberian mercenaries. Research improvements for these mercenaries.- Italiote Embassy: Train Italian mercenaries. Research improvements for these mercenaries. Notable Technologies:- "Triple Walls of Carthage": Stone Walls 3x health, 2x build time, +50% cost.*- "Colonization": Civic Centers, Houses, and Temples -20% build time.- "Exploration": Ships and Traders +25% vision range.- "Numidian Mahouts": War Elephants +20% speed.*- "State-Issued Armor": Extra armor for temple champions.*- "Sacred Arsenal": Temple champions -20 metal cost.*Gauls Team Bonuses: - "The Silk Road": Land Traders +25% speed for allies.* NOT IMPLEMENTED. Civ Bonuses: - "A Hundred Nations": +10% Population Cap bonus (e.g., 330 instead of 300).- "Royal Road of Susa": Land Traders +25% Profitability per trip. Special Buildings:- Apadana: Train Persian heroes and Anusiya ("Immortals") champion infantry. Research additional special technologies.- Cavalry Stables: Train cavalry units and research cavalry upgrades. Notable Technologies:- "Hall of One Hundred Columns": All structures +25% health, but also +10% build time.*- "Nisean War Horses": Cavalry units +20% health, but also +10% train time.- "Immortals": Anusiya -50% train time, but also -10% health.- "Cyrus Cylinder" ("Human Rights"): Support Units -25% train time.* PLANNED: +50% Loyalty for support units and buildings.- "Equine Transports": Triremes unlock the ability to train cavalry units.- "Archery Tradition": Archer units +10% faster firing rate, train time reduced -25%, but health reduced -10%.- "Elephant Roundup": Unlocks training War Elephants at the Fortress.* PLANNED: Unlock ability to corral wild elephants. Future Wish List:- Toggle ability at the Apadana between Satrapy Tribute (a trickle of free resources) or Immortals (a stream of free Anusiya).Ptolemies Team Bonuses: - "Peloponnesian League": Allies can train Spartiate champion infantry. NOT IMPLEMENTED. Civ Bonuses: - "Othismos": Spartans can make use of the Phalanx formation without researching a technology. NOT IMPLEMENTED: TECHS UNLOCKING FORMATIONS.- "Laws of Lycurgus": Infantry rank promotion upgrades cost no resources, except time.*- "Spartan Womanhood": Spartan women cannot be captured (CAPTURING NOT IMPLEMENTED) and they can build Defense Towers and Palisades.- "Hellenization": Building a Theatron special building increases territory effect for all buildings +20%. Civ Penalties:- "A Wall of Men": Spartans cannot build Stone Walls for defense.- "Underdogs": The maximum population cap is reduced -10% for Sparta. Special Buildings:- Syssition: Train Spartan heroes and Spartiate champion infantry. Research additional military technologies.- Theatron: Build one to unleash the "Hellenization" bonus. Notable Technologies:- "Tyrtean Paeans": All units +10% walk speed.*- "The Agoge": Barracks +5 Population Cap and +1000 Health.- "Feminine Mystique": Female Citizens +50% Health, +2 Attack.* Future Wish List:- Needs some coding, but I would like to make the "Othismos"tech give Hoplites and Spartiates a minor "pushing" or "trample" effect.
  20. I actually saw what you did in your patch! Figured out why you did that and agreed. I lowered it to 0.5 in my mod. Would also make more sense too if the buildings caught fire when damaged, so the sheep would want to evacuate. loll Another bad behavior: I cannot double-click and select all the sheep. This also happens with units propped on a Fortress or wall. EDIT: Okay, I tried in the sheep template to put roamdistance to 0 and this is what I get: ERROR: CXeromyces: Parse error: (null):0: Extra element FeedTimeMax in interleaveERROR: CXeromyces: Parse error: gaia/fauna_sheep:1: Element UnitAI failed to validate contentERROR: RelaxNGValidator: Validation failedERROR: Failed to validate entity template 'gaia/fauna_sheep'ERROR: Failed to load entity template 'gaia/fauna_sheep'So, I think the solution is to somehow flag the domestic animals to turn off roaming when garrisoned. I can't "hack" this behavior unfortunetly.
  21. Maybe similar. But the rings start out beneath the sheep, and then the rings wander away from the sheep as it is playing its walking animation (obviously stuck in place at the prop point).
  22. This was a success by inserting Mimo's UnitAI code by hand. However, there is now weird behavior of the sheep "wandering" in place and their selection circles wandering around the map. lol, Aura and Animal garrisoning now work (see the extra food on the top left). UnitAI.zip
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