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  1. This is possibly due to the fact that your gfx chip doesn't support 1920x1080 at 24 bit. You may want to try setting more memory to the integrated gfx to support that resolution, you can usually do it entering the BIOS (the memory added to the gfx chip will get subtracted by the main memory).
  2. tuan kuranes, can you give some details on how did you measure performance improvement with your patches posted on trac? Also, to ease review and eventual integration I think it would be better to provide a separate patch for every different improvement. Thanks for your work anyway .
  3. Hi Malcom, the hero button looks really nice, do you plan on doing other contributions to the game?
  4. Just a note that alpha13 is included in Debian sid, Ubuntu 13.04 (released a couple of days ago), and, since today, in Ubuntu 12.10 in the backport repository.
  5. Adding a donation link inside the game would also be nice (maybe also add a pop-up reminder after 10th run or something).
  6. Great! There is also a ticket for this: http://trac.wildfiregames.com/ticket/698 Also related: http://trac.wildfiregames.com/ticket/1532
  7. This looks an error from the nvidia graphics hardware. Try searching google with the error, there are a lot of similar problems reported by other users with tips on how to fix it.
  8. A bit unrelated, but using zoom and FOV together can give an interesting effect, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dolly_zoom .
  9. It would be nice to try to include at least 3 items every release from the GamePerformance page. Alpha 14 already has 1 .
  10. This is already supported in 0 A.D.. SVN keeps the files but the official releases use a public.zip (with no compression so to be able to compress it more in the installer) file with all the file packaged in it.
  11. I have to say that I somewhat agree on the abundance of content and rules in 0 A.D.. This may please experienced users but many random users (including me which I rarely play) can find the game has a slow learning curve. I mean I still don't understand what the diplomacy is needed for, as well other little things, like the need to press SHIFT to continue building a wall (to me it should continue by default and finish it with the right click). No surprise I read this on IRC some day ago:
  12. Thanks Erik and welcome Michael Maybe you could summarize on how the funds for the previous two campaigns were used to incentive a third campaign.
  13. I wrote a man page based on readme.txt, see #492, it is used by Debian, but it's not yet in official 0 A.D..
  14. In a related news Wesnoth 1.11.2 added Micro AI that can be used for campaign and scenario. Maybe something like that could eventually be done on 0 A.D..
  15. There is already a ticket for this: #1852.
  16. But Windows 8 also support OpenGL right? So the port would be needed only for selling it through the store? If so it looks a lot of work for little benefit.
  17. Porting to Android should be easier, and it is probably a more common platform than Windows RT which currently doesn't looks very popular.
  18. fabio

    defense mod

    While playing I noticed the farm auto-rebuild, but I thought this was a feature of vanilla 0 A.D. merged without me noticing . I agree that the ungarrison and guard/escort patches should be merged in official 0 A.D..
  19. There are already two open tickets (#1756, #930) with pathfinder performance improvements. Before attempting to mod the current pathfinder those two will probably need to be finished and applied.
  20. It looks that, after all, SpiderMonkey will get a big speed boost with the new OdinMonkey compiler (based on asm.js). It was merged for Firefox 22, so it will be also in next round of SpiderMonkey with mozjs24 (expected November 2013). EDIT: used proper link for asm.js
  21. I added the GamePerformance wiki page. Feel free to fix and improve it!
  22. fabio

    defense mod

    It works now, and it's it's really fun to play ! I loose at 27' when they send me some rams. I am not a good player, I suppose that an experienced player could do much better than me. Maybe you could add a couple of other messages to please users before the first attach, something like "our spies revealed military activity at the (civ name) camp" and "our spies detected an army leaving from the (civ name) camp toward our base, they will be in our territory in (x) minutes", or something. I also have to say that performance it was good, never went down to 10 fps. It would be nice to have this integrated in the official game since it's something different and funnier to play than the usual AI.
  23. See also here and following posts.
  24. fabio

    defense mod

    I am not able to run it, I get a lot of errors on current SVN. Put it here: $ ls trunk/binaries/data/mods/defense/ defense.zip Run with: ./0ad -mod=defense I get this:
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