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  1. I believe so, then may be it should be genericorspecificnames or generic_specific_names in the similar lines. It seems my naming sense is bad.
  2. I think it would be best to change the option name to "showgenericnames" from "howToShowNames" in the above patch
  3. I know but I need a initial review of the patch http://trac.wildfiregames.com/ticket/2375
  4. Index: source/tools/atlas/AtlasUI/ActorEditor/ActorEditor.cpp===================================================================--- source/tools/atlas/AtlasUI/ActorEditor/ActorEditor.cpp (revision 14579)+++ source/tools/atlas/AtlasUI/ActorEditor/ActorEditor.cpp (working copy)@@ -178,10 +178,10 @@ // new format doesn't store the entire path) #define THING1(out,outname, in,inname, prefix) \ wxASSERT( wxString(in["Object"][inname]).StartsWith(_T(prefix)) ); \- out.add(outname, wxString(in["Object"][inname]).Mid(wxString(_T(prefix)).Length()))+
  5. I think I found a fix for this, I might need to add wc_str() or wchar_str() functions I will post a fix soon.
  6. latest svn version. I am using archlinux WxWigets 3.0-2 (wxgtk-3.0-2)
  7. ActorEditor.cpp ../../../source/tools/atlas/AtlasUI/ActorEditor/ActorEditor.cpp: In function 'AtObj ConvertToLatestFormat(AtObj)': ../../../source/tools/atlas/AtlasUI/ActorEditor/ActorEditor.cpp:181:86: error: no matching function for call to 'AtObj::add(const char [9], wxString)' out.add(outname, wxString(in["Object"][inname]).Mid(wxString(_T(prefix)).Length())) ^ ../../../source/tools/atlas/AtlasUI/ActorEditor/ActorEditor.cpp:188:4: note: in expansion of macro 'THING1' THING1(actor,"material", in,"M
  8. just waiting for the naval ai to be in place, because that's one of the must have features for our AI to handle naval maps or maps with water bodies like lakes.
  9. I think the moving some part of the AI code to C++ is in consideration. might have to wait for beta 16 or 17 for it
  10. so webkit cant be considered due to licensing and v8 re-engineering takes a lot a of time and effort
  11. Its fixed after the mesa 9.2.1 installation
  12. Its now in testing branch for the archlinux, it will come out soon *yaaaay* I think we need to do the convert stuff, every now and then for the png's as we get new graphic assets from time to time.....
  13. Well, It seems I have to wait for mesa 9.2.1 for the fix
  14. raised https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=70130 with mesa nouveau
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