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  1. Triplicarius, Actually that's something I've been adding to my proposal just today! Besides using a GA approach to actually generate the bots, I'm going to use machine learning/data mining to analyse the list of chromosomes I generate and their associated fitness. Perhaps I can identify patterns as to which genes produce the greatest fitness - which means the community will have a clear insight as to which factors of the AI effect gameplay the most.
  2. Hi Jubalbarca, Well, at this stage I am still working on my proposal - still have to get into the nitty gritty of things (provided the proposal gets accepted - but I'm cautiously optimistic!). I'm thinking, off-hand, around 100 generations with 52 AIs each generation, which compete against each other and the standard AI in a tournament. Of course, there's still a lot to be discovered. My idea is as follows: Generate a random seed of bots - let's go with 52 for now. Using the command line, get the bots to play each other (four at a time) and get the winners to compete. Choose the top ten. Have them mutate, cross-over, transpose etc... to get another 40. Go to 2. Until 100 generations have been generated.Of course a lot of this depends on how fast I can run the simulation. Is there a setting for game speed beyond insane? Sorry if this sounds like a basic question, but as I said I'm still in proposal stage. Thanks for the interest!
  3. Thanks sanderd17 for your quick reply, much appreciated. Will try it out now!
  4. Hey guys, I'm going to be starting an M.Sc. in AI soon and I am toying with the idea of doing some work on the 0ad AI as my dissertation, using genetic programming. Basically, the idea is to start with a good bot, and serialize all the hard-coded values (delays, priorities, number of units etc...) into a chromosome/genotype. I'll then use genetic algorithms to generate a number of new bots (i.e. with different configurations) and test them out against each other. The best percentile will spawn a new breed of bots, and each generation competes with the previous one so better bots keep emerging (hopefully!) I've downloaded the source and had a look around, especially the AI scripts. It would be really helpful if someone would kindly answer the following questions. Is it possible to create a game where two AI bots play each other, without a human player? Does the game log actions somewhere, or can this be enabled?For now that's all. I'm sure I'll have more questions - at this point I'm still analysing whether this is feasible. Thanks so much.
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