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  1. A recommendation: please try and treat each other with respect. Bash the game all you want, but please hold back when it comes to other people. Calling someone sweet cheeks is not necessarily over the border, but it's getting close, so please don't go any further.
  2. I'll leave it to the programmers to say anything definitive, but those two quotes seem to conflict =) It would probably help them solve the issue/find what's the cause if you would include the systeminfo.txt file (see https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/GameDataPaths for more info on how to find it).
  3. Those weren't new civilizations though, just existing ones polished and released to the public. Not saying that there wasn't any work done on them, just that most of the work had already been done. Not sure that has to have all that much relevance to decisions made now as release cycles are longer, but in either case I would suggest not judging what to do based on past process, but on what end result is wanted.
  4. It should just be enough to include the link and the forum software should take care of it automatically. I guess it doesn't work for unlisted videos though.
  5. Looks like a very good start to me Not a hotkey specific one, but there is an Atlas Manual here: https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/Atlas_Manual feel free to help out with improving it as you get more comfortable with using Atlas.
  6. If one wants to read that sentence carefully it can be understood as just be related to work posted in the art development forum. And the icons can be understood as something other than work in this context (as they were not posted as work done for the project, but as references of what you are capable of doing). Either way, the text is mostly so we have some way to show that people are responsible for the things they post to abide by the license.
  7. It will probably be easier for people to give you the answers you are looking for if you describe a bit more what it is you are trying to get out of it/for what purpose. Do you want to create a mod? Do you want to understand what the classes means in gameplay? Etc. Otherwise there is a bit of a risk that you will get answers which are correct, but which doesn't help you in the specific area you are interested in.
  8. It's probably nice as inspiration, but they make it really hard to find information on what they mean by free/what you can do with the assets. The only thing that I could find that was relevant was a mention in the FAQs that images made from the scans could not be sold, and that goes against the CC-BY-SA license which doesn't limit the ability to resell the art.
  9. I could ban you immediately after that, but I don't think that would be constructive. I do have to ask you whether you actually want to participate in these forums, or for that matter play 0 A.D.? Because you give the impression of someone who doesn't really want to be here, but just be somewhere where you can get some attention. I'll gladly give you attention if you give me a good reason to, but right now it seems like all you want to do is take away attention and energy from people who are here because they want to be here, and because they want to see 0 A.D. finished and improved. And if that is all you are here for please leave.
  10. I don't recall deleting a thread, but there are other moderators who might have done that. In either case, that's another issue, and honestly we would probably benefit from being harsher - the forums have had quite a lot of annoying and rude posts lately.
  11. If you have a separate issue with me or moderators in general that belongs in another thread. In this thread I deleted your post because you were basically calling spyrth stupid, without having any arguments other than "go read my first post".
  12. For being rude and at the same time not having a real point, so there was no reason to excuse bad behaviour. It would be good if you used your original account for that matter.
  13. I have to admit that I personally haven't tested it, but as far as I know and have understood it from others there is a difference. If you thought there wasn't, fine, one can't know everything, but to strongly suggest that others are wrong when you don't know for sure... Maybe worth slowing down a few seconds and think about the fact that you might be wrong, will make these conversations a lot nicer both for you and everyone else.
  14. Then resign It's not that people don't want to play ranked matches to the bitter end that's the issue, it's when people quit them (which does suggest that, either willingly or by mistake, they don't want the loss to affect their score).
  15. If you are playing a rated game it has an effect on other people/related to other matches, and then you can't just do as you please. Personally I'm not sure rated games should allow for settings to be changed at all if you were to take it completely serious. But that's probably taking things too far. Applying some rules to rated games is needed though, otherwise it doesn't make sense at all.
  16. Possibly, but just an idea: maybe politely explaining your point and then patiently wait for a proper reply would be more effective in giving you the result you want than screaming incoherent, misspelled, and generally unrelated things And demanding things to be done quickly rarely works. In either case, maybe explain why you were playing a rated game in the first place? What was your motivation?
  17. What if you could slow down just a little bit? Have you thought about that? So you just have to think/do things a tiny bit slower and you would get a better result. And then you wouldn't have to wait days to get unbanned, since you would have had explained what you expected of your opponent (or for that matter had taken the time to make sure the settings were not set for a ranked game so you could implement the rules you wanted). And according to user1 elexis asked you for an explanation in the lobby already, but perhaps you read through things so fast that you missed that? I know that I'm a bit extreme, but seeing the amount of typos in your replies here does suggest to me that it might indeed be beneficial for you to slow down a bit (Especially since a couple of days really isn't that long. I guess you are young and have plenty of free time, but at least for me there can easily go days without me having time to play games at all, so it's a matter of perspective as well )
  18. Please do realize that people do have a life outside of 0 A.D. and might not always be able to reply immediately. You might complain after 24 hours, fine, but after 1 hour? That's just not realistic to expect.
  19. There's also the question of why you didn't play a non-ranked match if you want to enforce specific rules?
  20. What resolution are you using? If I recall correctly DE has a higher minimum resolution than vanilla.
  21. As far as I can tell it's HH:MM:SS, no idea what the final numbers mean though.
  22. It should be about 1 and a half hour left (from when I'm writing this) before it's over according to the time mentioned in the ban message.
  23. That's one way to look at it, I prefer to look at it as an easy way to add to the conversation without having to clutter up the forum with a lot of posts with three or four letter words (and I'm not talking about bad words here, just things like yes, ok, lol).
  24. You can just wait until the ban is over, if it feels like you're waiting a long time, maybe remember that next time you are about to do something that might be questionable Take a few seconds to think about whether or not to do something, might be annoying to spend a little while thinking about something, but seconds or even minutes is nothing compared to hours
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