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  1. (Edited the title cash-->crash + put the crash report inside a spoiler.)
  2. Sure, could you suggest a title for that thread?
  3. I'm assuming they registered for the in-game lobby? Are they using the same network to connect?
  4. @implodedok Any idea what's behind this?/Something we can do? From a quick googling all I can see are things on the server, but which should affect all users I would presume, and this is the first time I've seen this
  5. Or rather try @Stan`'s updated bundle, but feel free to at least click the Torrent link to see if it works for you now or if we need to investigate further
  6. Hello. Thanks for your report, please try again now. (For anyone interested my guess is that we/I missed changing http to https in the URL, and most browsers/OSs aren't as strict about it, which would explain why it works mostly, but didn't this time. Might also have been some temporary thing with the server, but in either case probably good to update the URLs =) )
  7. 100% In practice I guess the correct answer is less than that since the icons for the existing pre-made ones can be redone (and maybe could be different from theme to theme, not sure), and a future update could change the system, but in general we can use or not use as much or as little as we want of it. As for what to use or not, I don't think I should make the decision, but I want to add my opinion: I personally like the possibility to show that I agree or appreciate something without having to take up unnecessary space or go off-topic. I do think that it should be limited to positive reactions though, for negative reactions to have a positive effect (if all you get is "I dislike this" you are unable to change or explain whatever it was that caused the reaction, so all the reaction would lead to would be to make the receiver sad) they need to be expressed in greater detail (preferably phrased more politely than "I dislike this" as well for that matter), so my preference is to keep it to positive or at the most neutral reactions. All reactions are neutral or positive in terms of how they affect the "reputation" (i.e. the little number next to the plus symbol underneath your user group and avatar), but it's of course up for debate how they affect the one receiving them, so I wouldn't say it has to be the way things are now.
  8. The end result is amazing though So it certainly paid off.
  9. I just tested, you need to write something in the "Say something about this video", then you can click share and it will upload it.
  10. @Beise I can't find any specific attachment related permissions, so could you please try and attach some image to one of the pages you are editing? Otherwise please let me know and tell me your Trac user name and I will give you some more permissions.
  11. Maybe you have some old cached version of the page in your browser? Either way, the images do not work no, I don't think there's a point in just re-uploading the images and updating the page, better to recreate the images with new pictures. I don't really know who's able to figure out what's going on with the [[TranslatedPages]] macro though, it really should exist, but maybe it's been deleted for some reason way back. @Ykkrosh would know, but I don't know if he's possible to contact anymore. I've lost the access details for the server after I got myself a new computer, so I can't check myself. @Itms or @implodedok should at least know how to do that =) I guess I should ask Jan for the details again. Actually this is on the Trac server, and I wouldn't have the access to that directly as things have been at least.
  12. It's not possible to use in the game (the license on the 3D model forbids commercial use, but the 0 A.D. license allows it), but could perhaps be useful for inspiration.
  13. I vote in favor. Better to take care of it now than wait and risk more issues/higher costs.
  14. If you have issues getting a texture in the game one good thing in general to check is whether or not the width/height is a power of two (i.e. 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 512, etc). I think it's ok if the width and height aren't the same, though that's not really useful for map textures as they should tile in both axes anyway =)
  15. In your mod, create an XML file, similar to binaries/data/mods/public/art/terrains/grass/grass1.xml and put it in folders with the same names, but in your mod, i.e. NAMEOFYOURMOD/art/terrains/grass/ , but pointing to the new grass texture you have created (and put in NAMEOFYOURMOD/art/textures/terrain/types/ ). As can be seen in the grass1.xml file you do not need to put the entire path to where the image is located, but just the types/ and the filename. (I guess you could use a different file structure, but to make things easier for yourself it's probably best to follow the existing one.) Please see https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/Modding_Guide for more information on how to create your mod. When you have created the texture file, just open up Atlas and it should be there, ready for you to use. If not go through the steps and see if there's something missing, maybe you spelled the filename differently in the XML compared to the actual file etc.
  16. Are you sure it downloaded properly? I can open it in both CC2018 and CC2019 without issue (well, three fonts are missing, but apart from that ).
  17. Well, if we are to have a ranking system that system should mean something, and if people will just leave the game without consequence if they are about to receive a lowered score - then what's the point of it?
  18. It takes the same amount of time to press the resign button as the exit button, so if you are actively pressing a button to exit the game I don't really see that as an argument. Also, if you really have an emergency, why would you care about a few points in your ranking in a game?
  19. Other people behaving badly elsewhere is not an excuse for allowing people to behave badly here. If you want to argue for a change of rules, feel free to do so in its own thread, but as long as the rules are the way they are please don't derail these threads-
  20. A recommendation: please try and treat each other with respect. Bash the game all you want, but please hold back when it comes to other people. Calling someone sweet cheeks is not necessarily over the border, but it's getting close, so please don't go any further.
  21. I'll leave it to the programmers to say anything definitive, but those two quotes seem to conflict =) It would probably help them solve the issue/find what's the cause if you would include the systeminfo.txt file (see https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/GameDataPaths for more info on how to find it).
  22. Those weren't new civilizations though, just existing ones polished and released to the public. Not saying that there wasn't any work done on them, just that most of the work had already been done. Not sure that has to have all that much relevance to decisions made now as release cycles are longer, but in either case I would suggest not judging what to do based on past process, but on what end result is wanted.
  23. It should just be enough to include the link and the forum software should take care of it automatically. I guess it doesn't work for unlisted videos though.
  24. Looks like a very good start to me Not a hotkey specific one, but there is an Atlas Manual here: https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/Atlas_Manual feel free to help out with improving it as you get more comfortable with using Atlas.
  25. If one wants to read that sentence carefully it can be understood as just be related to work posted in the art development forum. And the icons can be understood as something other than work in this context (as they were not posted as work done for the project, but as references of what you are capable of doing). Either way, the text is mostly so we have some way to show that people are responsible for the things they post to abide by the license.
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