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  1. As you know, the Page Down and Page Up buttons rotate entities in the scenario editor. Unfortunately, this also happens even if the scenario editor window has no focus. So, for example, if you are making a map, Alt+Tab to your browser to post on a forum, press Page Down or Up a few times while viewing said forum, and then come back to the editor, the entity will have been rotated.
  2. Farm queues aren't in? Oh darn... I hope there'll at least be an idle villager button. EDIT: Eh, there's filter to replace with "darn"? A bit too much I think, the replaced word is hardly a vulgar one
  3. Indeed, I feel the same way. And saying that higher APM being necessary to play well is something *good* is a bit too much for me as well. The more a high APM is required by a RTS game, the less strategic it actually is, the more it becomes a fight against the interface.
  4. IMO "Population Limit" for A and "Maximum Population Limit" for B work well.
  5. Andrettin

    Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year! Much success with the further development of this wonderful project!
  6. Andrettin

    Terrain idea

    I'm not sure how the Pyrogenesis pathfinder works, but wouldn't it calculate the "cost" of moving through each "tile" (since IIRC it uses an A* pathfinding algorithm)? If it does that, it would just be a matter of changing the "cost" depending on terrain speed.
  7. Andrettin

    ===[TASK]=== Athena Parthenos Statue

    There doesn't seem to be any license attached to it? Under "License", it just says "Free (Personal and Commercial)", which is not really a license. Nor do their terms of use explain much more about that: http://www.cadnav.com/help/disclaimer.html The possibility of that model being compatible with the CC-BY-SA 3.0 seems rather bleak to me...
  8. Andrettin

    ===[TASK]=== Athena Parthenos Statue

    Do you mean the file I linked to, which describes the license of DE's artwork, isn't accurate?
  9. Andrettin

    ===[TASK]=== Athena Parthenos Statue

    All Delenda Est art seems to be under the CC-BY-SA 3.0 license: https://github.com/JustusAvramenko/delenda_est/blob/master/Contributors and License.txt
  10. Stratagus has the same license as Pyrogenesis, so it wouldn't be any different in that regard It does, actually. Stratagus is just the engine, and there have been new, open-source games made with it (Aleona's Tales, Bos Wars, Wyrmsun). But it is a 2D-only engine.
  11. AFAIK it just means you have to credit them somewhere.
  12. Ah, okay. Your original post made it sound (to me at least) like you wanted to take 0 AD itself and sell it, rather than use its engine for your own game. One thing to keep in mind is that you can use an open-source engine, but still have closed-source assets. Games like Frogatto do that, for example.
  13. AFAIK: You could sell the code with the game, but you wouldn't be able to prevent people from redistributing it for free. So effectively it would be free.
  14. Isn't it GPL 2.0? EDIT: It apparently indeed is GPL 2.0, according to this file: https://github.com/0ad/0ad/blob/master/LICENSE.txt
  15. Andrettin

    Gaulish Specific Names in Welsh/Gaelic?

    At present the names are already heavily mixed. The Gaulish Fortress is named "Dun" (a Gaelic word), while other structures/units have Welsh names, and others, like the Taberna and Cavalidos, use neither Gaelic nor Welsh names. I don't think using Gaulish names would decrease consistency, specially since they fit reasonably well with some of the names already used (like Melonas and Amoridas), which are either in Latin or in Gaulish itself. For the Britons, Welsh is a bit too modern IMO, and using actual Brythonic where possible would be better.