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  1. Sorry If I didnt explain myself, I was pointing that it would be cool to have different breast sizes for all female units.
  2. Would be cool also different breast bodies for all female units
  3. Now that I seen that slingers use a spread factor, that opens new gameplay design possibilities if formations are well implemented. What are the current formation implementation? grouping/ungrouping is supported? Stats formation modificacions are supported?
  4. I dont remember a particular one, but Borg patch was an intersting change in gameplay. I wanted to retake the multiplayer, but seems that the process of implementing its stalled. I'm happy with whataever the devs have after 2 years of work
  5. I was very vague. What I mean it's that maybe there will be more devs or devs with more time now that there's a lot of people staying at home, but for sure there will be a lot of people that would play tha game. Also releasing a new Alpha would be thanked by a lot of people in those stranges times. I mean, 0 pressure for you, because you're doing a great work and lately I've seen that you are adding nice new features that aren't specifically for 0 a.d but for the engine (and modders will thank) ¡, like building sockets and status effects. IDK if there's like a long special feature waiting for be finished, or a release blocker that can't be solved, or you are just waiting for an huge step to go to the Beta, but I was just pointint that: more free time for people means that maybe a lot would be happy for a new alpha.
  6. IDK about the devs, but there will be a lot of people with more time. It has been also like 2 years, maybe it's a good present with all tje things that are happening now.
  7. Well, I would differentiate between having a low budget and working with an old engine (aoe 1 DE), having and old engine, but more budget and will to support (aoe 2 DE), and stoping the budget at the middle of the developement and sell and unfinished buggy mess with not a half of the promised features (Warcraft Reforged, AoE HD, AoM HD...)
  8. Well, I'm not very fond the over-criticism that sometimes you show here, @Lion.Kanzen, but this time Blizzard-Activision have screwed all way down hard. Poor Warcraft....
  9. Just showing randomly to say that would be cool that the engine could support both armour calculation designs (not at the same time). But maybe is a hella work (classical AoE armour and exponential levels)
  10. In the original DD this was planned IRC. I think for Spartans
  11. Didn't Garamantes seemed more singular? (Chariots)
  12. At last, the last units that were placeholders: judean slingers are commited? With arab javelineers and variations for nabatean camel archers, the entire roster should be done
  13. =/= es un igual tachado, o sea, no igual. Differentiating every tribe on the broader cultures that we have now doesn't have sense, when more diverse civs or with unique gameplay elements could be added (Germans, Scytians, Han, some desert North Africa civ, an Arabian one..) but devs have said that there won't be adding more civs. But my point is to make proper Iberians without mixed celts or Lusitianian features. to avoid this common misrepresentation, all the guerrilla warfare should be kicked (and maybe given to Britons) because was a Lusitianian thing, while Iberians have a phalanx style warfare, supported by light cav (there was a topic on that in the forum). The master elite slinger cliche also seems that should go with balearic units (not Iberians)
  14. - When is the aim of the release: with a beta status, finished product, or it will be some alpha? - What about the gameplay design. It's very different from 0 a.d? There's a redesign? - Engine features highlights - Fork A.D is the final name? seems nice as a project name, but not very attractive from a general public pov.
  15. Art style from Beyond Earth, the three affinities:
  16. If you want more inspiration from a lore pov, Civ Beyond Earth have also nice ideas to the question, how the humanity would adapt to the future in a new colonized planet: -"Stay human" civ: bio and mechanical tech to enhace the humanity, but clearly separated. Adapt and change the environtment (Terran) Ethos: Human problems, in the space. Dictatorship, corruption, but also freedom fighters, in the space. Gameplay: Standart. Adaptability. - "Cyborg" civ: replace every possible part of the human body by tech to bypass biological limitations. Adapt the environment to humanity and to a computational net. (Protoss). Ethos: Efficiency and egalitarian by the mathematic decisions, but the inflexibility can bring unappealable bold decisions Gameplay: Expensive, Hit hard. - "Gaia" civ: chage the biology of the humanity to match the environment and to perfect itself. (Zerg) Ethos: playing with bioengeenering makes them defenders of life and environment, but also egocentric mind that plays to be God, sacrificing lives contradictorily without caring at all.
  17. https://starcraft.fandom.com/wiki/Protoss_Civil_War IRC, there's a conflict between Tassadar helping and being curious about humans, and Aldaris that don't give a nut and he doesn't care about "purify" all life in the infested planets. I supose that the interesting thing about the last discussion, it's how every faction can have it's shades, giving a more complex factions, instead of the bad vs good guys. Heart of the Swarm kind of try to give it a light/grey shade to the zergs, the ones that lacked colour in the original Starcraft. from a gameplay pov, that also justify conflict inside factions. Star Wars also kind of done this between the new films and the original movies. Seems a general direction of the narrative in the last years
  18. Maybe names could be found after a incial design?: Terran are human (we), adaptative, mechanical, cowboys in the space, with autoritarian dictatorships, but also freedom fighters (even terrorist) Protoss are tech aliens, hit hard but fewr and expensive, saviours but sometimes racist and apply genocide, mix of native american and orientalism. Rounded shapes Zerg are the very bad mindless guys, win by swarming and even suicide units. They want to consume everything, but no individual will, organic shapes. "Revolutionary" tech tree were larva morph intro structures or units, that can even morph more Tvtroopes is a good places to brainstorm stereotypes
  19. Air movement it's already possible. An SWGB spiritual succesor would be cool, but a lot of work
  20. Always thought about having a decent RTS game of our Spanish Civil War. - A lot of ideologies clashing in two sides (fascists, nazis, nationalist, monarchist, conservatives vs republicans, anarchists, communist, stalinists, socialist, liberals...) - Can be seen as a start of the WWII, almost caught by months. Some techs and strategies (tank battalions, heavy air bombings) were tested for first time in SCW. - A lot of foreigners participated in one side from a lot of countries, as a undercovered allies or individual civil volunteers. - Late WWI tech with early WWII tech. Some trench warfare, but also effective tanks and jet aircraft. Mostly bolt rifles, some few SMG.
  21. Thats a nice roadmap and and seems a hell of work. IRC correctly, turret feature have been given a lot of effort But think about releasing the new balance asap, so it can be tested while the other features are being worked on. Releases also refresh interest on people and in the media, atracting potentially new devs
  22. Well, roadmap stopped to be a trustable clue of how everything it's going. If finally Borg mod it's implemented, It would be nice to test it by the main playerbase. I mean, a release always it's a lot of extra work, but 1 year it's a understable time period to justify a release. If I'm following correctly, there's not a big feature half implemented that needs to be finished, or I'm wrong?
  23. What did you expect? It's just a remaster. We have to acknowledge them that they have make a lot of new models for units that shared the same one. Also creeps that have a different level now have also new models
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