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  1. Hey folks! I haven't been active here lately, well, since about 3 years now. So some of you will remember me, but there are a lot of new faces I'm sure. It's time for a re-introduction! My name is Ben (aka historic_bruno) and I started with 0 A.D. in fall 2010, because I was bored and wanted to join a fun project. Something bigger than myself. 0 A.D. was first alphabetically on Wikipedia's list of open source games, so I clicked it and fell in love. I mean, I always loved history and Age of Empires. And I always loved programming, so it was a match made in heaven. I started looking at the code, adding a few small features or bug fixes here and there. Started hanging out in IRC and on the forums. It was my first time contributing to an open source project, and really the largest software project I had worked on at the time (right out of college - I had a degree in computer engineering). It kinda came along at the perfect time for me, where I was in my life, not happy with what I had been doing. 0 A.D. gave me a new direction and fresh perspective. Before long, I was working on bigger changes to things like the random map generator, game setup UI, and Atlas, and they invited me to join the dev team! I was incredibly excited to be a part of such a great team. From there, I learned so much about software development from folks like Philip and all the other devs. Eventually I had so many things going on in my life, that I couldn't spend so much time in IRC, and even following the daily logs became too much (for a while 0 A.D. was like a full time job for me). And then I found it hard to keep up with Trac, so I stepped away. But I never intended it to be for years! IMO, 0 A.D. is one of the finest, if not *the* finest open source 3D game out there. Art, music, graphics, and everything is top notch. I've always been proud of our releases, each one an improvement on the last, and even though we may be slower paced than some big studios, there is a lot of passion that goes into 0 A.D. It's kind of a gift to the world and to the FOSS movement in general, and that's a cool legacy for everyone who has contributed and followed along over the years. Anyway I'm glad to be back and can't wait to see what has been happening in my absence, and meet the new folks in this community! And most of all thanks to everyone who has been playing, testing, packaging, designing, creating, developing, and involved in whatever way to making 0 A.D. what it is :-)
  2. I wonder if it's something specific to Windows 10? I've never seen anything like it on Windows 7. The most similar bug I know is pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del to access the login screen while the game is loading -- that happens in Windows 7. What happens when you Alt+Tab in Windows 10, is it different than Windows 7?
  3. Is this reproducible, or did it only happen once? Do you remember which point of the loading screen it occurs on? Can you confirm which version of Windows you are using?
  4. I agree with most of the suggestions. I still think a hotkey for toggling different selection modes would be useful, but hotkey support needs to be improved in Atlas, so they can be customized to the users' needs. Documentation is also something that should be flushed out. About tablet support, I don't think it exists in wxWidgets yet (the library we use for Atlas GUI and input handling). However, I found this discussion on their forum, perhaps that is something we can implement, but I think it's a low priority feature. I'm not sure how many of our devs have a tablet, but I do.
  5. That's the actor editor, which lets you edit visual things in the game: props, units, buildings, flora. I would like that to be integrated with Atlas at some point, and then add an entity editor, which would modify and create new entity templates.
  6. I don't think we'll include a model/animation editor with the game. But data supported by the editor(s), whether actors, entities, maps, etc. should be bundled as XML. We don't have an entity editor yet, but it's a planned feature
  7. I don't think it belongs on the diplomacy screen, we risk crowding it with unneeded information. As Lion says, it would be more useful to have advanced diplomacy actions there, if we have the space. There is a lot of information that could influence diplomatic decisions including tributing, but that doesn't mean they need to be visible there all the time.
  8. Not bad as a proof of concept! I think they need to be grouped somehow, to provide context, instead of one big list. Maybe based on paths for the broadest organization, so that AI, GUI, etc. are separated.
  9. XMBs are just for the sake of efficiency, they are a more compact binary format that's faster to load than the bloated text format of XML. It's a similar reason for converting COLLADA XML files into PMD and PSA files. They are lossy formats though; they don't preserve all the structure and contents of the original source. Plus, if we add something like an entity editor to Atlas, it would be much easier to work with the source XML than a proprietary binary format. The output of such an editor should be XML anyway, so people can share them and see the results in a human-readable format.
  10. The problem has never been lack of desire to improve 0 A.D. unit voices, the topic has been raised many times :-) The problem is finding someone to take charge of that project, and with regards to making the recordings, most people don't have experience or access to quality equipment for that. There may be ancient Greek scholars, native Greeks, and voice actors perusing this forum, but I don't know if anyone meets all 3 roles, maybe that is why there's no progress made. Obviously, if the phrases are wrong, we should fix those before even thinking about how they sound, much less recording them.
  11. Because with an unconstrained camera, it's easy to get "lost' so you don't know which direction the camera is facing anymore. If you notice, most games have reasonable limits on how far you can zoom or rotate the camera, those are camera constraints The sky is only intended to be visible in water reflections, it has never been directly visible except when the camera is at very low angles to the terrain:
  12. Did it work for you before? Are you sure the sky is in the camera's field of view? You might have to disable camera constraints (in the developer overlay) and tilt the camera to see it.
  13. I've always been in favor of such an option I think it would go nicely with a simple/advanced UI option. As to whether I would use it or not... I do like foreign languages and they add a degree of authenticity and history to the game. But I can understand players not wanting to see words in obscure languages. (And I have no problem with hundreds or thousands of options as long as they are documented )
  14. Just note that restarting the game is required for it to work. Although the relevant code could possibly be re-written in such a way that it instantly takes effect. Also the option should only be presented on OS X - not sure if the options menu supports platform-specific settings or not?
  15. There is a "macmouse" option available for exactly this purpose It defaults to false, but you can set it true to get the emulated right-click behavior (Ctrl+Click). See http://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/Manual_Settings
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