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  1. i really wanna help but i dont know how! i don something white blender and something else... but in programing case i really dont know.... im kind of python programer and c , c++ but they can not help!
  2. did any one think about fixing this? i really want help but i don't know how i have to do!! how we can make a mod?!
  3. u think its my sys? i can not fix it?
  4. werry well! i will start very soon! persian thank: mamnoon!(ممنون)
  5. you know ! i 'd love to build a mood to add two or three civilization , but i 'm not sure i can . i 've got lots of paintings(artist) , but i 've worked pretty Amateur to design characters. cilivs: 1.parthians 2.sarmats 3.cerete 4.japane
  6. hello there guys! im a new member of this site and but i 've been playing 0ad . i want to know if someone want's to develop a mod for this game what kind skills have to lern?! what app i need ? (i'm biomedical eng. pythone,c++ )
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