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Found 3 results

  1. Hello. To not waste Your time im starting ASAP. For several days im getting new kind of error, I don't know, maybe someone had posted it. I'm adding photo of the error in attachment. What's the most strange in this situation is that error occurs only when some players try to join my host, for example Lord_Commander cannot join and in the other hand Doctor_Organs can. Second thing is that I'm able to join some hosts and cannot join the others(even if there are other players in like Doctor_Organs for example). Need help to solve it cause im 0 ad addict and I suffer when I'm not able to play
  2. Hello dear community, I've seen lately lot of players on my games with lag problems, apparently caused by WiFi connections. WiFi connections are hardly - or never - stable as Ethernet cable connection, so if you ever get a chance: connect your pc by wired connection when playing online games. General Dedicated space for extra tips about WiFi (intereferences and similar). Depending on users. WIP. Windows from XP SP3 until now Long story short: Windows does scan for WiFi networks even if it's already connected to an existing one, which leads in sudden lag spikes. So
  3. My idea: When one hosts a game, he/she should be able to see if that game is reachable from outside the LAN. When hosting in the lobby, a notification should show up immediately. When privately hosting, a messege should show up if the partner failed to connect. How: When a new game is created in the lobby, a bot should try connecting to it and inform the client via XMPP in case the connection could not be established. Furthermore: Quoted from fcxSanya: If we will use ICE for #2305 (UDP Hole Punching / NAT Traversal) (which is the current plan), then I think local
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