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    Isometric hack? It might have not good consequences for rendering (for ex mentioned real depth option). Why not implement a good solution you may ask. I answer: it requires some refactoring. And it's in process, current patch: D2020, recently committed related patches rP22340, rP22395, rP22404.
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    Hi @gameboy :) At the moment the UnitAI (controlling the unit to fulfill the player's orders) is heavily worked on. From the error message I'd guess it's the serialization of the path of an entity that failed (so something related to pathfinder/unitmotion/unitAI). Maybe @wraitii can tell you something more specific.
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    If you guys want there to be real consequences for these actions post real evidence the commands.txt file for the game in question then ping user1 and Hannibal_Barca who are the lobby moderators and empowered to ban the bad actors. Enjoy the Choice
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    That's one way to look at it, I prefer to look at it as an easy way to add to the conversation without having to clutter up the forum with a lot of posts with three or four letter words (and I'm not talking about bad words here, just things like yes, ok, lol).
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    following this thread . https://forums.ageofempires.com/t/up-to-date-rts-economy-and-base-build-for-aoe4-a-possible-task/42527
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    Oops, basically I think it could be another "local.cfg" type file that doesn't overwrite anything. The user's local.cfg would be untouched and would itself be the "backup" if the custom file is turned off with the mod being turned off.
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    I think it's possible to write into user.cfg using js, that said the way to revert back is still left to the player (either backuping or having regular options in local.cfg and deleting user.cfg ?)
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    I wonder if we can make custom configs into mods somehow. I know we can't currently, but perhaps with some changes. @vladislavbelov @elexis @Stan` ?
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    I think it would be cool to compile a list of wants and needs for an isometric camera option. For example, on the art side, it would increased rendering performance greatly if we disable building rotation (for that authentic isometric feel) and then create isometric versions of the game models, specifically eliminating the unseen backfaces on the meshes. We could potentially eliminate 40% of the polygons/triangles rendered in-game. There could also some custom sound wants/needs depending on how a new rendering matrix affects/works with the 3D sound engine.
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    How do you leave the game? Alt+Tab? Which mouse button do you use? Left, right, together? What's the place you click on? On the "Click to resume Game" text? On the minimap? On the menu/top panel? Outside of GUI?
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    <BuildRestrictions> <Territory>own neutral enemy ally</Territory> </BuildRestrictions>
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    I was member. But @Stan` is one of leaders, there are other volunteers in CoM. @asterix.
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    Any mods enabled? Pressed alt+tab during the 6 minutes? Is it possible to reproduce without 6 minutes waiting?
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    Yes that mod, @nani Mod. You understand me very well.
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    I can't reproduce the issue on Windows 10 64bit. When I click on the game window (even if it didn't have focus) the game continues. Probably some step/detail is missed.
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    New release is available on Moddb: https://www.moddb.com/mods/hyrule-conquest Trailer:
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    Edit: Hello all! I meant to reply to this thread with my repository a long time ago but... Here is my Thracian mod with the thracian units that are already in 0 ad and @Stan`'s thracian buildings from https://github.com/0ADMods/thracians https://github.com/lefty-studios/thracians
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    A question: Will people not just remember who you are and play/not play with you regardless of which account you play with in this kind of scenario? It might take a match or two before people realize, but would that really make enough of a difference to make it worthwhile. It also seems unfair towards the people who might want either a more difficult or an easier match if someone joins who are of unknown skill level and then turns out to either let his team down or crush the other players.
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    Well, maybe where I mentioned the part of your message that I deleted I've forgotten the exact word you used, but it was worse than stupid, so maybe you shouldn't question your own words, but rather try to choose them more carefully before writing them.
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    Well, this being an internet forum I don't think we can require of people to be formal. And I would suggest that if you want people to like you more, the best way is to treat them better than they treat you. Might cost a bit more effort at first, but it will pay off in the long run.
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    "Talking to me without permission"? If you use these forums you have to be prepared to have people reply to you and mention you. There is quite the difference between him saying that what you said was humourous but underappreciated and you calling people stupid (but with less polite words).
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    This is serious... I could have 50 more prints on jc being racist, among other things. This happens routinely, and nothing happens, unfortunately.
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    I was spec for the first ten minutes of that game, I left when snelius stole PoZ tower thinking that this game was already over... OP trick indeed
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    Upon a request, I upload this here. commands.txt metadata.json
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    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C-D_CwlTBtY Video version commented by @ValihrAnt
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    Good to see you around Enrique, even as a lurker! Another set of creative eyes never hurts
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    Here's the cavalry animations... I know it is quite late, but better than nothing: https://a.uguu.se/IP7Ov5YBmDhO_cavalryanimations.rar (seems it expires in 24h), I could upload somewhere else. Also attaching a .blendfile with a setup to record cavalry (and unit) deaths using ragdolls, in case you want to investigate further into simulation (can be recorded in bones animation). avalry ragdoll.rar cheers! IP7Ov5YBmDhO_cavalryanimations.rar
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    Most Realistic game answer this question even more simplistic way... using icons easily to distinguish
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    At the end was a fallacy. isn't the graphic... is the pose and equipment.
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    It should be about 1 and a half hour left (from when I'm writing this) before it's over according to the time mentioned in the ban message.
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