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Some feedbacks:

  • Nice balance between civs
  • Weaker jav cav - good. 
  • Spear dancing and ranged dancing are no longer possible. Hero dancing is risky. 
  • No more firecav spam

Infantry and melee cavalry's low turn rate and acceleration causes their motion to be particularly jerky when lagging. All you can do is watch them standf there and get shot - retreat is impossible. If you are overwhelmed in a battle, you are dead. 

In earlier alphas, if you are sandwiched between two players, you can always choose to not fight and run. You would only lose 40 units at most. But now you lose 100. 

Also you can't rush and escape without losing something. 



  • Let turn rate be almost instant - 9999 radians per second (except archer cav)
  • Only archer units get acceleration. Everything else reach top speed immediately. 
  • Decrease damage of all units, especially ranged. 
  • Don't let units squeeze together or overlap. Give everyone some personal space!
  • Decrease the effective size of rams so that they can pass through units easier, instead of getting stuck and causing lag. 


I will attach a mod which fixes these problems later


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8 minutes ago, Atrik said:

I think this happens when you change rally point, same or previous tick of units spawning?

Hmmm. Maybe that was the case in this instance. (How long is a tick?)

As for earlier occurrences I don't remember if I set the waypoint just immediately before the units came out.

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30 minutes ago, Gurken Khan said:

Hmmm. Maybe that was the case in this instance. (How long is a tick?)

Depends how laggy is the game at this moment? :sweatdrop: I could be mislead, and the bug occurs only on foundations entities. But I think I remember it also happens to me on other entities (resource etc.).

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