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My and my buddies love the game, just 1 thing sours us on it.


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11 hours ago, Donair said:

Siege, they're a bit to fast, infantry struggle to keep up and attack them and they have waaaay to much health.

Any melee unit will deal significant damage against siege, even women. Slingers can also damage siege quickly. Elephants and your own rams are deadly to your enemy's siege weapon.  

If you know that your enemy will flood you with rams, the prepare a significant number of melee infantry (swords, spears, clubs, mace, axe) or melee cavalry (spear cavalry, sword cavalry). First kill all of their exposed organic units using your ranged units, then focus fire on siege. They will have a weaker army than you because they invested their population space in rams, so you will win the fight if you just ignore the rams for a moment. 

If you see your enemy using catapults or siege towers, prepare slingers or sword cavalry. Spear cavalry can also damage catapults. Alternatively, you can use a large crowd of infantry or your own rams or elephants to take out catapults instantly. 

The conclusion is that siege weapons are not overpowered at all in A25 release; they already suffer greatly from clunky pathfinders and low accuracy. You should also scout your enemy to see what they have so that you can prepare promptly. The best way of defending is to have as many units as you can of all types. 

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you will start loving the game even more once you understand the abilities and weakness and counter units for each units of 0AD. also being able to execute them effectively will make you a greater player, I am still figuring out and exploring. Also don't forget the military techs to make your units stronger, even with anti-rams if your opponents have better tech than you, it will be difficult to beat them.

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