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  1. If you destroyed it half way, logically you should get 50% of the complete building loot value
  2. So terrain is just cosmetic, apart from elevation affecting range?
  3. The bonus should be substantial for wheeled units ie siege and some traders, or rather, the penalty for going off road should be severe
  4. Rams should be not more than 50% of the walk speed of infantry, siege towers even slower
  5. So their protection against ranged weapons is too high. The protection against held pierce or hack should be good.
  6. Why is it a problem? It is historically correct. The real world penalties were cost, training time and that they were slow, vulnerable to attack from behind
  7. The catapult or trebuchet were much more expensive and hi-tech weapons The downside of the ram was having to go up to the target, so it needed serious infantry support to survive very long. The 0AD model of a few unmanned rams quickly flattening a fully manned fortress is so wrong. (or unsupported elephants same argument) The catapult mainly damaged with fire
  8. Which makes no sense at all, they should be easily broken by infantry and need infantry protection to survive
  9. Slingers should cost more as training time is higher. Back in the real world slingers can carry far more ammunition
  10. The way that the AI plays large numbers of traders to generate a high flow of resources, when the map has been mined out, encourages this massing
  11. Why do cavalry have such high pierce armour? Foot soldiers, especially Roman, had large and effective shields. Nobody had cavalry with good anti-pierce armour until plate armoured knights in the Middle Ages
  12. It seems to me that which is the best faction is a rock paper scissors choice and the map comes into it a lot too. The AI thrashes me on the high resource maps as it is simply better as gathering than a human. Very limited resources like Northern Island is much easier to win
  13. Chariots were already obsolete tech at 0AD, they belong to a time when horses were too small to carry an armoured man and they had not invented stirrups
  14. Range bonus is only really useful for towers and fortresses. Archers etc usually just attack the nearest units, so their range advantage gets wasted.
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