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  1. How to download this mod for testing ? I cloned the repo from github in ~/.local/share/0ad/mods but its not showing up in game
  2. So we should just leave them like this ? That is overall bad idea to begin with. Your opponent have to stupid. 3 Archers are so much better than 3 pop elephant archer which dies easily by Javs who can outrun it. Also enemry also have spear/pike mans who are protecting javs. That is not the answer. it does not collect resources like Javs and its also very expensive. It not infantry. Yes they are useful but thats not the point cause we are talking about archers and javs. Pls fix archers. Also Persians have access to Javs so why only Kush and Mauryas dont ? Maurays historicaly did used Javs more than archers In reality, Javs only used to throw 3 or 5 javs and retreat quickly or became meele fighters while archer troops used to carry load of archers with them. Also archers were/are more powerful than Javs in reality.
  3. Archers are basically useless. They are outrun by Javs and they do very little damage. Elephant archer is pure wastage of resources. Please balance these Units
  4. I played few matches against kush and persians as maurays. My opponent was using good combination of archers and spearman. I sent my ~30 sword cavs in middle of them and then press H to stop them so attack whoever is near. I micro my cavs to kill archers only by ignoring spearmen. These were not normal archers. They were champion nobel archers. if game is lagging then its more easier to micro like this. then I sent all my sword cavs in temple to heal them (they are upgraded cause of killing archers) and now they can even take out remaining spearmans. Also u can use RAM to fill swordsmand (normal mauryan swordsman are useless. I let them stay in barracks until they become level 3. level 3 maurayn swordman can takeout skiritai commandos) and go near the mass archers and surprise ur opponent.
  5. I use H heavily. I make my meele cavs go into enemy troops and then press H. Also in battle, I noticed that some units instead of attacking chase some particular units. by pressing h they immediately attack on whoever is near them.
  6. Respected @user1, Why can't we just ban this player yet ?
  7. In this match Maurayan player was heavily relying on jav cavs which are common to nearly of civs. I also tested spartan jav cav vs mauryan sword cav and spartan jav cav always win with 1 hp remaining. Isn't it fair to say that maurayas needs buffing in Alpha 26 ? It seem Maurays has only one advantage which is worker elephant. Imo worker elephant should be removed or its equivalent should be given to all civs and Maurays need to get access to better infantry like javs and better hero. or their archers should be buffed or sword cav should be buffed and make it champion and remove useless chariot
  8. No. They cannot. swordcav.mkv I did micro them but my opponent also knew how to micro. Its very hard to micro against pike/spearman+ javs . If I stop to focus fire javs then pikeman kill chariot I don't know what skirmishers mean but It does dies to 10~15 javs. Its slow and javs just run away from it. They can outrun both archers and elephant. also current pathfinder of the game makes it so difficult to effectively use elephant
  9. what CS infantry mean ? It is very easily killed by pikemen/spearmen and spear cavs. Also they can't collect wood, stone and metal unlike skiritai comandos who are basically champions. Also I played 2v2 match today. made bunch of champion chariots. They so useless. They die very quickly to normal infantry javs There are no other better units available. Most of the time, I don't even get chance to go into phase 3 when lots of ptol pikemen supported by slingers shows up.
  10. I've been playing some 1v1 matches and it seems that my chances to win are high when I pick spartans and zero when I pick Maurays. My Archers slaughters by Javs and Spearman and swordsman are slaughters by Skiritai commandos. Maurays also dont have access to infantry javs. Their archers are basically useless against javs. They have more range but they can't outrun enemy javs Elephant archer is also useless. Its a waste of resources. its slow and dies very quickly even by Persian/Kush archers. Its also hard to mass produce them. They are also marked as citizen which is confusing as they can't collect any resources or build anything. It just gets in way when I press alt+. to select all idle units. Champion elephants are somewhat good but they are too expensive and they die very quickly by mass javs and slingers while my support archers do very little damage. Also they are only available in phase 3. Until then, I'm basically defenseless against Javs+Skirtai commandos. Can't say anything about Champion chariot as I never even got to use it. mass producing maiden is also hard. They are slow and can't collect resources like skiritai commandos. Also they only available in phase 3 with special building Maurays are dont have any strong hero. hear hero is somewhat useful but its so easy to spot and kill him. Am I using Maurays wrong ? Does anyone have a25 replay of two OP players in which one is using Maurays ?
  11. tried this evening and it seems to work. can't reproduce this bug anymore
  12. I can't connect to lobby. sometimes it says I/O Error. sometimes it says stream error. My internet is fine. I was able to play just fine two days ago. problem started happening yesterday night. I was able to connect to lobby which also took more than usual time. After connecting, I was keep getting disconnected from the lobby. My messages were also being delayed by like ~30 seconds. If connect to the game, I my messages were appearing just on time but not in lobby. So after fresh boot this morning, I'm now not even able to connect to the lobby. can't log in into existing account not can create new account. 0ad's terminal output also dont show anything useful information in terminal nor does mainlog.html
  13. @user1 My lobby name:- UltraMan Offender's lobby username:- TanMo Host rage quited commands.txt metadata.json
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