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Sacred places / Sites [ Gaia - Neutral stuff]

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14 minutes ago, Radiotraining said:

Right!! This was a very cool concept! :)

I can definitely try out some proposals. In case DM me if you have already a couple of ideas that you just wanted to visualize ;)

imagine an abandoned Greek sanctuary in the middle of the forest.



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Just now, Radiotraining said:

For Celts/Germans I was thinking about this shrine here, but I don't know if it's accurate for those civs


Genava will guide us.

I'm trying to think of the Mesopotamia area I can't think of anything small in that area.

I can only think of little Ziggurat and Winged Bull statues.

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I'm tempted, it doesn't just show up in Israel and Egypt (Calf)

The cult is in all Indo-European cultures and around the Mediterranean.





Statues of geniuses are important too.


"Aside from their wardrobe, the genii were created with several different functioning symbols. Several genii are shown carrying a small quadruped. This small creature, possibly a fawn or gazelle, had been interpreted as being a representation of a scapegoat. This creature was used to contain the spirit of an exorcised demon. The genii would hold the quadruped to show its supernatural protective powers for the king and his people. The other interpretation of this symbol lies with it association with abundance. The genii shown holding the quadruped represents the divine reasoning for the kingdom's abundance and protection over said abundance"

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Shrines are found in many religions. As distinguished from a temple, a shrine usually houses a particular relic or cult image, which is the object of worship or veneration. A shrine may also be constructed to set apart a site which is thought to be particularly holy, as opposed to being placed for the convenience of worshipers. Shrines therefore attract the practice of pilgrimage

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1 hour ago, Radiotraining said:

don't know if can be related, but I got this video suggested on youtube, and is a pretty good inspiration for making ancient ruins :)


I've been reading possible generic places.

Places to burn incense.

Places for animal sacrifice (altars).

Sacred trees.

Rarer but not scarce, places with curative water, thermal water or hot springs.

Places to consult oracles or seers.

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48 minutes ago, Gurken Khan said:

Good choice. Perhaps a "Wonder of the World" for "Capture the Wonder" game mode.

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