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===[TASK]=== Crowd Sourced - Garamantians (Faction)


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EB2 Garamantes units




Maybe chainmail for hero.

Apparently there was a find of Roman armor as far as Burkina Faso (presumably traded across Sahara.)



Early imports of merchandise produced in distant regions are also indicated by fragments of armor and weaponry. Several small cuprous rings, probably part of a chainmail, closely resemble comparable 3rd-century Mediterranean armor.  Chemical analysis confirmed their foreign origin, for the metal alloy of the rings had been produced in the western Mediterranean. Isotopic analysis shows a strong correspondence with Spanish ores, although an origin from Sardinia and even Britain cannot be ruled out.


Additionally two iron swords were found in 5th–7th century graves, which, although the exact location of
production is unknown, were either imported or produced locally with previously imported swords as prototypes. At any rate, the chainmail and swords can easily be identified as foreign decorative or status objects, demonstrating the prestige and wealth of their possessor. The fact that trans-Saharan merchants were well-aware of the potential value of these exotic goods may stress the regularity of commercial contacts.


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