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What Is Your Favorite Media Player?

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Well, if I have the urge to watch the ROKT trailer (or any other FTM), I'll DL Quicktime, watch it, then delete it. Repeat as necessary. :D

P.S.: I find Media Player to be able to play Mp3s, although you can't organize your files in a playlist but then again, I don't listen to music that much.

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DivX, though it's limited what it plays... otherwise I like to stick with QuicTime or Windows.

PS: About RotK trailer I thought it was good (no doubt about that) but it doesn't live up to the FotR trailers or the single best trailer I have ever seen: 2nd TTT trailer with the Requiem for a Dream soundtrack!!!!!!!! I still am looking for a trailer to top that one, though Underworld's trailer got close.

But no worries, there's still a second trailer coming I'm fairly sure (both for TTT and FotR it has provent he second trailer is the better one).

PSS: Yes, rating and watching trailers is a big hobby of mine. I have a folder filled with 20-30 trailers for films, and another with 40-50 trailer/videos for games!!! All rated out of 5, well, the game trailers I gotta update a few ratings.

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I like the creative player that came with my 24 bit sound card. It is very good and is able to utilize all of my hardware accelerated affects and such. It has everything in it too and is able to record what you hear which most players don't let you do. Therefore it is the best. It plays videos too. Therefore it is the winner. :)

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