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  1. Something similar was done in Red Alert and Red Alert 2 (better in the last one). Bridges were neutral, and could be destroyed by anyone (by firing at it). There were little houses by the ends of the bridge you could send an engineer into. If you sent an engineer, the bridge would be repaired.
  2. But if you took that, the woman wouldn't have it anymore, so she would beg you to take her with you. Problem solved. (Assuming she didn't come with two boats)
  3. Thanks, funny thing though, all of the staff members have posts in the thousands, while we mortals have two hundred at most.
  4. That's the fun part! 18 year olds sitting on a seesaw sideways, is there anything that would look funnier?
  5. Anyway, it's not only the avatar itself, it's the shape and main colour used too. I think round avatars are from 0a.d. and the square ones are from TLA(?), but it helps to recognise people.
  6. I've only seen the first two, but the directors have accomplished something that no movie before them has accomplished: I actually hated the way they were directed! Normally I don't care about the way movies are directed, having an acclaimed director is for me just something that shows that it's a good story (especially spielberg), but the matrix I and II made me angry at the way it was directed. I like the camera to not go through everything at 80 miles an hour, I actually want to be able to see a scene. I don't like slow motion, it just looks dumb. Bah, I'll just return to watching Raiders of the Lost Ark on DVD.
  7. All of them combined. I myself have a rather common avatar (there might be as much as three people with the same one), so I watch for the sig too.
  8. It's a pretty though course. Especially middle-egyptian is hard. Everything can mean five things (and twelve more things if it's written another way).
  9. Now studying to become an Egyptologist. Keep an eye on CNN, in 20 years I'll stand in the tomb of Alexander the Great.
  10. It was quite short, but that meant the I got more points than usual. Usually I get 120-135, but now it was 140.
  11. No one got it. If you know the subject of the last book in the list it might make things a bit easier. Just look it up somewhere, it's Baudolino by Umberto Eco.
  12. The Faustian Bargain, the art world in Nazi-Germany, No news form the western front, Baudolino. I'm reading everything at the same time. Ten currency to the person who can name the movie that connects these three books.
  13. When I try to go to the main 0 A.D. site it says it's under construction and redirects me to the forum. Does this mean that the new site is finished and being implemented now?
  14. They made it, you're right about that. (Now if we both were wrong, I'm going to feel like a double fool )
  15. I actually saw these on more (about 4) forums, but they might be linked from one forum. THE FOLLOWING ERROR(S) WERE FOUND You have posted a message with more emoticons that this board allows. Please reduce the number of emoticons you've added to the message
  16. A good thing about Windows Media Player are those LSD-like (I assume) effects you can see while the music is playing. I heard these kind of things are also available for Winamp, but I never bothered downloading them because they were a serperate download.
  17. I think I encountered0 A.D. in some way via heavengames, I don't really remember.
  18. Mmmm, lot of dutchies like me around here. Leiden, the Netherlands is where I currently live.
  19. BPM studio professional. It's a player used a lot in bars for queing music tracks and letting them fade into eachother. For movies I just use Quicktime (for quicktime movies) and windows media player. I will never purposly open a Realplayer window.
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