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  1. What's more, he's using them with my full consent
  2. Cool, happy birthday. I'll be sure to give you $5 or something if I ever happen to meet you edit: 8 points should be good for now, eh?
  3. It is true, but not entirely. You can replace the battery, but it requires that you take the ipod apart yourself and buy a new one from a 3rd party company (for ~$30)
  4. Thanks, guys Wijit, I hate you man, it's been a long time!
  5. Very nice. Looks dead sexy in the dark like that
  6. !!! Nice work man! *goes back in time to see the reuploaded images*
  7. - making usable graphics from hyborian's roman sketches - rushing to finish an overdue art project - reading sparknotes for jane eyre, for i don't have the time/energy to read my assigned chapters tonight :asleep:
  8. These are my notes (90% of them) from our first history unit in Latin. Warning: big file. small notes. http://www.wildfiregames.com/users/ryan/la...latin_notes.gif
  9. Tim, you giant! It's been long since I last measured, but 6'1" sounds reasonable.
  10. Typo is "descided" in the rightside box. All these scans are very nice, but wouldn't it have been more efficient for them to be in just one thread?
  11. Oh.. think I saw the wrong part of the minimap Marathon?
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