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  1. E: DMW and the RoN expansion i guess. Oh and Hitman Contracts when i comes out
  2. AoM by far, that storyline had me hanging for more:) although the last mission needed a bit more to it i think, but it doesnt bother me its my favorite single player campaign
  3. i remember seeing a similar model behind a indow at the colosseum when i visited there
  4. okay cool, might try and find it if its still on sale
  5. that size is pretty good if its gonna be like that in 0ad, its a good size. Not too big that the screen is covered but big enough to see your units on the boat...not bad at all
  6. You'd need a masive map to play on if u wanted everything to scale
  7. i gave it a 9, good goin with those new pics, tho my brother says that the forests have to be more dense if you're units arent not allowed to walk through them
  8. I was looking at the concept drawings of the buildings and i took look at the resource centre one..It just didnt look like it to me. The design is perfect but i think it needs a little more detail because if it supposed to be a drop off point for ore, wood and stone at this point, I think you should add a little crane to if for stone(they had cranes back then right, i cant remember), and a smelter or 2 at the back for the ore. And maybe some details like some bars of copper or iron would look nice. so yeah, thats all i gotta say. Oh and good goin with that interveiw and those new screens
  9. it kinda reminds me of ut2003 where u can choose to have the difficulty stepped up a notch each time u won
  10. yeah, that idea isnt bad, shouldnt be too hard to do...but i wouldnt know, im no expert
  11. if the game doesnt have a 24/7 server running, will there be multiplayer thru IP?
  12. the ability to record your own voice into a senario would be nice, and trigger them off during cutscenes or key moments
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