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  1. I always liked the idea in games like Command and Conquer, I think it was also in Starcraft. When a unit had experienced enough battle, he was upgraded to elite/veteran etc. At this point he had increased hit points and better defense. The main thing about these experienced units was their ability to heal themselves over time. As a bit of a side point, that to me is a very valuable feature, is the ability to heal a unit. B it with a monk or hospital, or even self healing. Weaver
  2. Quick thought: I have been told that the original AOE had an upgrade option for 'salvage'/'cannabalize'. Basically destroyinfg a building and recovering some of the building materials put into the building. That is a feature I would like to have seen in the AOK. Perhaps 0AD could incorporate such a feature, altered by the amount of damage to the structure, etc.
  3. I have this idea in my head for a new way oif thinking about a game and the scenarios/missions within the game. Many of tehRTS games I have played basically let you play each side of a conflict and label them campaigns. Usually the only change is that the characters that you control are reversed, the player has a new mission and a new set of maps to play on as the new race or breed depending. I will take the example of the command and conquer games with the russians and the americans. What if you could play a campaign thru with the americans, defeating increasngly difficult missions and scenarios, etc to a goal like spreading democracy across the globe. Basically some cheesy reasson for fighting the enemy. The new twist comes in when the player wants to then play the russian side against the americans, ie to spread communism across the globe. Usually the player is facing a preprogrammed AI for each of the missions. what of the new campaign adapted itself to the playing style of the user from each of the levels. For instance, if while playing the americans, the player built up a quick army and rushed the opponent, when the player played the russian side for that same level, he would have to defend against an enemy that rushes him early in the game. This would be more of a philisophical change in the enemy for the level. if the enemy were to exactly mimic the original movements for that level, that player could predict the play. But if perhaps there were several AI scripts describing different player types that the program would pick based on the style of the player 9ie aggressive, defensive, seige based, sneak attack, hit and run, etc). the map would also probably be different to change to the mission so the play would not be predictable. Basically the player would advance in skill as he/she played the computer ai through the first campaign. and then would have to leap frog over his own skill level to defeat 'himself' when he/she played the other side of the compiagn. this idea could be adapted for an entire game to as small as a twist at the final mission that you could conquer a stronghold, and then turn around and defend against you own original advance. Let me know what you think of this idea, i am interested in hearing some feedback about this.
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