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Frame Rate on A24 vs A23

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Not sure where to put this, mods can move to different section if appropriate. I just want to share the different frame rate I am experiencing on A23 vs A24. This is partly because  @Stan` asked me about why this might be happening on my machine. I don't know, I am just here reporting that it does.

On Acropolis Bay, I get 16ms / frame on A23, but 50ms / frame on A24. One idea I can think of is that perhaps the Snap version(which I use for A24) is slow because of the way it manages it's data.



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rendering went up in 4 ms, do you have the same graphic and game settings for both games?

can you open map without setting petra as ai and then compare the results as replays are unusable in this case? 


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It would be nice if you could also show the other panels from the in-game profiler, such as the Draw calls one.

I agree with Vlad that you appear to be using quite different graphics settings.

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