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Problem exporting animations


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Apparently when I export rider animations it causes this error


ERROR: Could not load animation 'art/animation/biped/rider/mount_rifleman_idle.dae'
ERROR: CSkeletonAnimManager::GetAnimation(art/animation/biped/rider/mount_rifleman_idle.dae): Failed loading, marked file as bad
ERROR: Could not load animation 'art/animation/biped/rider/mount_rifleman_attack.dae'
ERROR: CSkeletonAnimManager::GetAnimation(art/animation/biped/rider/mount_rifleman_attack.dae): Failed loading, marked file as bad


I do exactly what the wika says


animation error.zip

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1 hour ago, m7600 said:


Tanto mount_rifleman_attack.dae como mount_rifleman_idle.dae tienen un material, recuerda que debes borrarlos. No deben tener ningún material cuando los exportas como archivos Collada para el juego. Borra el material e intenta de nuevo, si éso no lo soluciona, comparte aquí los archivos .xml correspondientes.

Tu tienes esto:

Pero debes tener esto:


Ya lo intente y no, haci que aqui estan los xml

cavalry_dragon_m.xml cavalry_dragon_r.xml base_mounted_rifleman.xml

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1 minute ago, m7600 said:

Considering the fact that I just gave you completely wack advice (considerando el hecho de que recién te aconsejé un completo disparate), take this with a grain of salt (tomá esto con un grano de sal): I just opened your mesh and one of the game's rider animation. Yours seems to be too high, I should be in the middle of the plane. Let me post an image:



Its all ready in the middle

I was looking and it turns out that it does not save the positions of all the bones (only  the arms)

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