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Wording: Attack Repeat Time vs Attack Time vs Time Between Attacks vs Attack Speed

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In the 0 A.D. code there are some unit parameters that control the time that passes between two consecutive attacks of a unit.

There is a technology that reduces this value by 20%. That means there is 20% less time between attacks, which means 25% higher attack speed (1/0.8=1.25).

How should we cover this and similar scenarios in user-visible tooltips?

  • −20% attack repeat time
  • −20% attack time
  • −20% time between attacks
  • +25% attack speed
  • [something else]

For background, see the change proposal that triggered this topic.

CC: @elexis @Freagarach @Nescio @otero @Palaxin @fatherbushido @mimo @Itms

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As a purist I would say: "−20% attack repeat time", since that is unambiguously what the modification does.

For the general user, however, I would go for "+25% attack rate".

(Another suggestion, not necessarily a good one, is "-20% attack interval", which sounds odd but I wanted to throw in the interval ;) )

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