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  1. Citizens

    Yes, as you said, i've not enough time to support mods. But this feature looks simple enough to implement, and here is a patch which should do that. It is basically untested (i've only checked that it compiles), but can be a starting point if you or somebody else want to fix/improve it. Also, as i've no idea how many statues are enough, and i've put a max of 5, but change it to an adequate value (that max number is not used when phase requirements). cultStatue-v1.patch
  2. Gameplay Feature: Mercenary and Mercenary Camp

    Then isn't it enough to add in ProductionQueue kush_merc_camelry_... {civ}_merc_... so you seleucid player, after capturing it, will be able to produce both mercenaries. No need for {native} as long as you only deal with final templates ({native} is only useful if you want to take advantage of template heritance).
  3. Stoas and champions

    It looks like you want the {native}_ replacement D1084.
  4. I quite agree with the word "selfnishness" that you've used I think what most players would love is a better pathfinder and less lag, much more than a new civ or some new buildings. Does that mean we should delay the release until we have them? And even without going to that extreme, there are always some improvments (a new animation, a new feature, ...) which would be nice to have and with somebody thinking it would be a good reason to delay a release. Futhermore, even with several major changes, people will talk on the web about a new release for no more than 2-3 weeks, and then switch to something else. So, to maintain the interest on the game and attract more new players, I think it would be much more efficient to have a short release cycle (six months looks good) rather than indefinitely delaying releases.
  5. Yes, the AI is more or less able to cope with them, although some final tweaks will be needed when these structures are really in. But more globally concerning this thread, we agreed in the team some time ago to wait until a23 is out before enabling these structures, and i don't see any good reason to change that decision and delay more the release. My motivations to support this decision were: - only enabling the existing structures is not enough, we should take this opportunity of new available structures to give more diversity (based on history) between civs, and not just adding what is available. And that will take time. - that will inevitably require some balance, which will also take time to have it right (even if some people here seems to think it is useless for an alpha, i don't see how it can help the fame of 0ad to release something unbalanced). - A23 is already quite late compared to what we wanted (we were aiming at beginning of february) and staying in a pre-release state for too long does not help development as it prevents the important changes that people don't dare to do before a release. - A23 has already a huge highlight, the kush, and most of the other changes may go unnoticed in comparison. I'd much prefer to have a short A24 in a few months highlighting these new structures with possible improved diversity between civs.
  6. Hyrule Conquest

    all playerData are reloaded from simulation every turn (as they could changed), so modifying inside petra won't have the desired effect and should not be done. If you want to disable something, you must: - either set the disabled templates directly in the simulation - or create your own list of disabled inside the ai, and change the gameState.isTemplateDisabled function to do an OR of your own list and gameState.playerData.disabledTemplates instead of only using gameState.playerData.disabledTemplates Concerning the corral itself, you may force its construction by setting the HQ.needCorral = true during HQ initialisation. Nonetheless, in the case you described, i think the simplest fix is to test on the field existence, that is replace in baseManager.js gameState.isTemplateDisabled(gameState.applyCiv("structures/{civ}_field")) by gameState.isTemplateDisabled(gameState.applyCiv("structures/{civ}_field")) && gameState.getTemplate(gameState.applyCiv("structures/{civ}_field")) But once again, that problem is already fixed in a23 and i'm afraid the work you are doing will have a very short life-time: hopefully a23 will be released before two months from now, and the mod will certainly switch to it soon after that, and everything will have to be redone. I already said that, but better say it again: it would be much more useful (in the interest of that mod, but also for 0ad and petra) to switch to a23 now so that it is ready to be released with a23 when this happens and that all ai adaptation that may be needed are commited directly in svn.
  7. Hyrule Conquest

    If you are adding some own stuff and don't follow what petra expects, you can also replace that line if (template.hasClass("Storehouse") && this.metadata.base) by if (template.hasClass("Storehouse") && this.metadata && this.metadata.base) So that petra works even if you don't fill the metadata it expects (in fact i should add that protection in the svn version).
  8. I think adding the preview in public/art/textures/ui/session/icons/mappreview should work
  9. bug in imp phases

    @wowgetoffyourcellphone phase_city_imp should supersedes phase_town_imp and not phase_town_roma (same problem with phase_imperial_imp). That prevented the ai to update to these phases in some tests i was doing.
  10. Alliance issue

    You should go to the diplomacy panel, and change your diplomatic stance to what you want. If your change it to what the ai asked you, that mean you accepted the ai proposition. Otherwise, it will be understood by the ai as a request for an alliance.
  11. Hyrule Conquest

    yes, good catch. I've added a fix in svn https://trac.wildfiregames.com/changeset/20658 But i encourage you to report such issues either on trac (if you only report it) or phabricator (if you also provide a patch). Forum posts are not always read (at least by me) and it would be a pity to have to rediscover all these issues in the next version a few months from now.
  12. Can you be more explicit? The AI uses GetIdentityClasses from globalscript/Templates.js which is a concatenation of Classes and VisibleClasses (which it calls internally Classes). If you have examples where this is not the case, it's certainly a bug and you should report it either here or on trac.
  13. More details of what you want to do and where would help: All entities including gaia ones as trees? and inside petra? If yes, you can simply do something like for (let ent of gameState.getEntities().values()) { if (!ent.position()) continue; let distSquare = API3.SquareVectorDistance(yourPosition, ent.position()); if (distSquare > yourDistance*yourDistance) continue; ... do what your need with this entity ... } You can even create your function getEntitiesAround using this loop. But note that there are a lot of such examples inside petra, with such a loop used with all kind of entity collections (if you are not interested in trees, you'd better use another much smaller collection).
  14. AI ERROR!

    I've stopped caring about it. But if you want to try, basic trade serialization of course works (otherwise we would have much more errors like that). I think it must be linked to the fact that the AI is run only every 8 turns, and if a market is destroyed between the last AI turn and the serialization, this could maybe do some errors. But as long as we have no answers on when and how the error occured, we are loosing our time.
  15. AI ERROR!

    Any problem understanding "describe exactly what you did." in order to reproduce the error? and why put 3 games in a zip file when we need only the one with the problem.