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  1. 【Fixed】Map error!

    It could be that your svn is damaged (happen sometimes). Try removing the binaries/data/mods/public/simulation/components directory, and then svn revert.
  2. 【Fixed】Map error!

    That error is what i would expect if reading a game saved before r20276
  3. Really?

    You've just discovered an important point: people have another life than 0ad, so the time they spend on the game is limited. Nice progress! All this part just does not make any sense, and you'd better put back things in their true perspective before saying even less sensible words: - the purpose of the speed change was to ease future changes or mods, and it was a good move (imo same thing should be done for vision). If that would have caused a problem to existing mods (which was not the case), then the forum is here for discussing how to solve it. - balance change? i don't see what's wrong with them. Although i agree some of them are still premature, it doesn't hurt to already have them as the people involved would generally not work on other aspects of the game. - fixing missing brackets? that just mean that you don't understand coding, and it's usually better to not talk about what you don't know. - removing random maps? lol, and we could even push that brillant idea farther, removing all maps to remove all gameplay problems. More seriously, same argument as for balance. people are free to work on what interests them, even if not the most urgent problem of the game. And personnally, i play almost exclusively on random maps! Thus, instead of grumbling against missing core gameplay, you'd better take a good JS tutorial and learn how to program (that's how we've all started), that would be more constructive. But for me, the current weaker point of the game is not so much gameplay, but performance. That's something far from trivial and needs somebody dedicated to it during several months, which nobody does currently. Another weak point of the game is missing animations, and that's also something you could try to learn doing instead of complaining that the game won't be finished before years
  4. 0ad bug with firefox 55?

    Seems to be fixed with firefox 56 update!
  5. Hyrule Conquest

    I'm not sure the previous answer was clear enough if you are not used to the way it works So to take an example, in your gerudo barracks, you have in the ProductionQueue units/gerudo_sandsniper_b That means that all civ capturing that barracks will be able to train a gerudo_sandsniper_b To prevent that, replace it by units/{civ}_sandsniper_b (as we usually do in vanilla 0ad) so that when a civ captures that barracks, it will only be able to build its own sandsnipper if it exists ({civ} will be replaced by the name of the civ owning the barracks)
  6. Hyrule Conquest

    I think LimitRemovers is what you were looking for. Chek in special/player_ptol.xml how the civil centre limit is removed when a hero is produced.
  7. How to start modifying?

    In fact, there is a high chance that your bug is https://trac.wildfiregames.com/changeset/19981 and is thus already fixed in svn. Are you sure you also reproduced it in svn?
  8. How to start modifying?

    I've no idea what is done in the mod (and don't have time to try to know), but just load a few maps with vanilla game and with your mod and you will see the difference No because this new error you get has nothing to do with the previous one. Are you sure you don't have a JS syntax error when adding the warning? Otherwise, I've just tried a game between AIs with your mod and did not reproduce the error.
  9. How to start modifying?

    I don't think it is the map generation as this is much worse that in vanilla game. It should be something you do during initialization.
  10. How to start modifying?

    I've not been able to run your mod: I first selected a skirmish map, and there were a lot of errors linked to skirmish templates. So i tried a random map, and then the game froze at startup. Have you tried to run it using the zip file from your git repository? Anyway, can you add in line 312 of ai/common-api/entity.js (i.e. just before it crashes in your stack) if (!bonusClasses) warn(" Template " + this._templateName + " with Attack " + uneval(this.get("Attack")) + " has no bonus with type " + type + " bonus " + b); And copy here what is printed. That should help understand what happen.
  11. How to start modifying?

    and where is your version of the mod compatible with svn?
  12. How to start modifying?

    Yes, can you give more details: A22 or svn? only when loading your mod or also in vanilla? if only with your mod, have you added some attack Bonuses?
  13. Monkey Wrench Balance Mod Alpha 22

    Yes, i think we all agree on reducing vision ranges. I had also an attempt already at https://code.wildfiregames.com/D76 But from these trials, i think that: - we should change ranges of range attack accordingly (except maybe for catapult, no units would have range exceeding vision at that time) - we may have to decrease a bit walkspeed, otherwise reducing their ranges will make ranged units more vulnerable And i now believe it would be much better to first start with a "cleanup patch" which would not change any values, but replace them all using relative templates: choose a basic Vision and RangedAttack Range (possibly different for Units and Structure, i don't know) and make all changes in the templates relative to it. Then we (or mods) can easily play with different settings and understand the changes, while currently everything is dispersed in tenth of templates files.
  14. AI trading vs. diplomacy

    was fixed in https://code.wildfiregames.com/D858
  15. Hyrule Conquest

    yep, seems that there is a missing protection in that function when the field template does not exist. You should add if (!gameState.getTemplate(gameState.applyCiv("structures/{civ}_field")) return false; before the line let maxGatherers = ... That should be enough