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Found 4 results

  1. I know this may be controversial, but I think the current SpecificName scheme adds a minor amount of confusion, or at least a better scheme may add some more clarity where currently there is little. So, for example: <GenericName>Gallic Champion</GenericName> <SpecificName>Soliduros</SpecificName> This is actually a Swordsman, along with whatever that means to the game, but you don't know that from the name of the unit. What I would suggest is something like this: <GenericName>Champion Swordsman</GenericName> <SpecificName>Gallic Champion</SpecificName> <EthnicName>Soliduros</EthnicName> In the UI, it would show: Gallic Champion (Champion Swordsman) Likewise: Spartiate Hoplite (Champion Spearman) This now gives you a much better idea what "kind" of unit it is. The <EthnicName> "Spartiátēs" and "Soldurios" would show up elsewhere, likely in the Information viewer. Extended, we could give the player the option of what they want to see in the UI and tooltips.
  2. In the 0 A.D. code there are some unit parameters that control the time that passes between two consecutive attacks of a unit. There is a technology that reduces this value by 20%. That means there is 20% less time between attacks, which means 25% higher attack speed (1/0.8=1.25). How should we cover this and similar scenarios in user-visible tooltips? −20% attack repeat time −20% attack time −20% time between attacks +25% attack speed [something else] For background, see the change proposal that triggered this topic. CC: @elexis @Freagarach @Nescio @otero @Palaxin @fatherbushido @mimo @Itms
  3. Currently 0 A.D.'s tooltips display both the armour level x (the internal value defined in templates and modified by technologies and auras) and the effective armour percentage (1-0.9^x). The question is whether maintaining the current situation is desirable: one could argue that the purpose of tooltips is to convey information at a glance, and the more data are displayed, the less visible each number becomes, so perhaps a simpler format for the armour values makes sense, hence this poll. [EDIT]: Also, in which order do you prefer the health, attack, and armour tooltips to be displayed? If you have opinions or suggestions for other options, please post here. Related: https://code.wildfiregames.com/D2247
  4. If you hover over resource icons on top left of the screen in-game you will get tooltip that describe the icons (wood/food/metal or population). While this could be useful for total beginners, I think this kind of tooltip only used once and then I'm sure most players would never needed it again. Besides, every other tooltips in the game never use the resource names, but instead only its icons. I propose to put worker information on those tooltips. So instead of just 'Wood' it would be '5 citizens are gathering woods.' This will be very helpful so we could allocate them more efficiently based on this information. On more advanced example, if it's possible why not make a list? The same thing could be applied to Population icon too. This will be useful especially when the game have limited population caps. What do you think?
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