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Found 8 results

  1. Can we make it possible to dictate where techs can go in the UI? It would be very helpful (and logical) to be able to place techs beneath the units that they primarily affect. For instance, Rank Promotion techs and "Tradition" techs ("Archery Tradition", "Hoplite Tradition" etc.) can go directly beneath the unit. Example: It could go in the building's template in the productionqueue/technologies component, perhaps productionque/technologies/row. <ProductionQueue> <BatchTimeModifier>0.8</BatchTimeModifier> <Entities datat
  2. ERROR: JavaScript error: gui/gamesetup/Pages/MapBrowserPage/GridBrowser.js line 1 redeclaration of let GridBrowser @gui/gamesetup/Pages/MapBrowserPage/GridBrowser.js:1:1 onPress@gui/pregame/MainMenuItems.js:64:13 performButtonAction@gui/pregame/MainMenuItemHandler.js:77:9 pressButton@gui/pregame/MainMenuItemHandler.js:63:10 ERROR: JavaScript error: gui/gamesetup/Pages/MapBrowserPage/GridBrowserItem.js line 1 redeclaration of let GridBrowserItem @gui/gamesetup/Pages/MapBrowserPage/GridBrowserItem.js:1:1 onPress@gui/pregame/MainMenuItems.js:64:13 performButtonAction@gui/pregame/MainMenuItem
  3. While discussing a quirk of the common AI API on IRC Stan suggested to take a code coverage measurement on the existent simulation components, since I had the toolchain already set up for AI development. I took the challenge and now present first results. However, I decided to not attach this to the already running jasmine-thread since I consider it an independent topic. To reproduce the measurements: Attached to this posting is a zip archive. Unzip it to binaries/data/mods/public/simulation. A new directory CoverageMeasurement will show up. Inside that directory, the subdirectory instrum
  4. I know this may be controversial, but I think the current SpecificName scheme adds a minor amount of confusion, or at least a better scheme may add some more clarity where currently there is little. So, for example: <GenericName>Gallic Champion</GenericName> <SpecificName>Soliduros</SpecificName> This is actually a Swordsman, along with whatever that means to the game, but you don't know that from the name of the unit. What I would suggest is something like this: <GenericName>Champion Swordsman</GenericName> &l
  5. Hi guys, do you know where I should look to learn about the functions that I can call from a map script (.js file)? For example, I have this: let targets = Engine.QueryInterface(SYSTEM_ENTITY, IID_RangeManager).GetNonGaiaEntities().filter(ent => { let cmpIdentity = Engine.QueryInterface(ent, IID_Identity); return cmpIdentity && MatchesClassList(cmpIdentity.GetClassesList(), target_classes); }); Where do I look to find this function GetNonGaiaEntities()? I wanted to include in this filter also the player number. Okay, problem solved... I used eval(
  6. Hi. I was attempting to greatly simplify all of the builder units in the game, namely infantry, by removing their builder components in each individual file, something like 50 files. I then just made one master list in the generic infantry template using the {civ} tag for all, thinking the individual soldiers would just be able to build the buildings they have in their civ. For example. Instead of 50 individual soldiers having this in their templates: <Builder> <Entities datatype="tokens"> structures/{civ}_catapult structures/sele_military_colony
  7. Hi. I see this commit here, which is a good commit for what the game has now: https://trac.wildfiregames.com/changeset/19673 Also, some technical discussion here: https://code.wildfiregames.com/D460 I was wondering if it would be better for the civ.json files to call the templates and auras directly and get the information directly from these files, rather than having to manually keep the civ.json files up to date. Maybe what I am suggesting is too difficult for the benefit, but I think it would simplify things a lot and eventually allow for a better presentation in the
  8. Hi, I am currently finishing up a project on implementing some emotions in the Petrabot to test a library I've written in C++. However I have run into a problem regarding the data transfer between the Pyrogenesis C++ layer and the mod javascript layer. I apologize for the amount of code in advance, but I am completely stumped as to where the error might be happening. In short, I am trying to convert data contained in a data wrapper class I've made to transfer data from the library. As far as feedback is concerned the data seems to be sent properly without any hiccups as the Javascript e
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