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Found 2 results

  1. Github repo: https://github.com/Mare-Nostrum-0AD/popup_choices Zipfile: popup_choices.1.zip Hey everyone! Here's a new feature I've been planning to create for a while. It allows Scenario designers to include "popup choice" menus in their trigger scripts. These popup choice menus can have up to three buttons, with each button (optionally) triggering a function when it is clicked. This allows you to create scenarios with storylines and more interesting scripted events, and also to display information to the player during gameplay (i.e. a "Historical Background" blurb at the beginning of the scenario). The instructions for how to use this are contained in the README.md of the github repo and zipfile I linked to above. I included an example script at maps/scenarios/demo_popup_choices_triggers.js. To try out the scenario, go to the Scenario selection menu, filter by Demo maps, and look for DEMO: Popup Choices. You'll have to know at least a little JavaScript to use this feature, of course. I know a lot of you here aren't coders, so I'll try to build a "template" scenario script and a library of functions for simple use cases to make this as accessible as possible to everyone. I'm also willing to help people build their scenarios, as long as it's just a small or medium sized project. I'm also including this feature in my other mod, Mare Nostrum, from now on. I hope y'all can make some interesting scenarios with this!
  2. Hi guys. Would an aura script like this work? Thanks. { "type": "global", "affects": ["Warship"], "affectedPlayers": ["MutualAlly"], "modifications": [ {"value": "Cost/BuildTime", "multiply": 0.75} ], "auraName": "Delian League", "auraDescription": "Allied warships -25% build time as long as the Athenian player has a shipyard." } Should use MutualAlly or just Ally? Thanls.
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